Date: 7/11/2001




Impossible! One would say.

But look closer.

Bharat (PARTITIONED India, or BROKEN BHARAT) is neither secular, nor Hindu, nor a democracy. The damn thing is NOT even a whole.

Partitioned India is an insulting joke- insulting to common sense. She has NO identity. She has concealed the surrender of five provinces to Islam in 1947. And she has concealed the massacres of nearly ONE MILLION Hindus. She has not held an enquiry nor erected a Memorial. She is a mongrel BITCH without pedigree. After the surrender of Lahore India became a mongrel bitch. Its secularism, to be meaningful in Delhi, had to be a FORCE in Dhaka. She has NO voice of her own. Her disjointed pleas for ceasefires and “leave me alone,” and “spare me” kind of pathetic calls are Her Master’s Voice.

Observing her for over half a century the experts have FAILED to identity her Master. Is it the Pope who has visited his spiritual coolie COLONY twice in as many decades? Is it the Imam of Delhi who can unleash Direct Action (Noakhali style) or a bloody civil war any time? Is it the “White Elephant” from Italy who occupies front seat in Parliament in New Delhi and is housed and protected round the clock at State expense?

Is it the ghost of autocratic arrogant Empress Indira “Gandhi” (in reality KHAN) who could conquer and then RETURN territory at Will- as it pleased her? Is it the ghost of BOFORS CHOR who was a “Mr. Clean”? Is it the ghost of Babur who is still INVINCIBLE on that patch of Land in Ayodhya?

Or, is it the ghost of the last British Viceroy, Lord Louis Mountbatten, who forced Partition down everybody’s throat within days, rewarding the Muslims, punishing the Hindus, decimating the Sikhs?

To make the weird, disorderly, wild and weed-infested HINDU “jungle” simple to understand, we need to visualise a man with a cow.

The man and his cow are going through a forest. The cow is of great interest to the wolves for its FLESH and the poor family man for its MILK. The cow becomes a highly desirable object for the beast and the man.

The wolves’ chances are bright since the owner of the cow is an emaciated fellow, sparsely clad like Mahatma Gandhi- just a loincloth, sandals, stick and spectacles. The Hindu and the cow walked on

When dusk fell, a couple of wolves spotted them, and seeing the man resting nearby, came over and quickly jumped on the cow. One tore away its front shoulder the other its hind leg.

The owner, disturbed by the commotion, saw the wolves, but ran away as fast as he could to save himself. The cow fell, bleeding, dying. Overhead vultures started circling in the sky.

The Hindus have given leave to their senses who believe that theirs is “India” without ever wondering where Lahore and Karachi are. (Simpleton, dull and duffer SIKHS believe theirs is “Punjab”!)

The Hindus have given leave to their senses when they say they live in a secular country without wondering why there is NO secularism in Lahore and Dhaka, or why there is Sharia Law and no family planning for the Muslims in their secular India.

The Hindus believe theirs is a democracy without wondering why Broadcasting is state- controlled and how a father (Nehru) could pass on his chair to his daughter, and she in turn to her son and he in turn to his widow, an ITALIAN who perceives the Hindus as devil worshipping doomed Pagans, and the Sikhs as terrorists, and loathes them BOTH from the bottom of her heart!

To what more depths of degradation is the Hindu prepared to sink before he wakes up to find a gun pointing at his head and the Sikh eliminated?

Under a grand design the contemptible Hindu is meant to be impoverished, intimidated and enslaved, to be slaughtered or converted eventually.

By upbringing the Hindu is detached and secular. Through brainwashing he is trusting and gullible. Since India has had NO Hindu ruler in the last one thousand years, a Hindu does not understand the mind of the rulers.

At present, the ruling BJP is NOT Hindu. It is more secular than Congress Party. It cannot ensure safety of the Hindus in South Kashmir. It cannot abrogate Article 370 of Constitution. It cannot change the demography of South Kashmir nor recover North Kashmir. It cannot go for the terrorist bases in North Kashmir and Pakistan. It cannot counter attack. It cannot reject Partition. It cannot declare PARTITIONED India a “Hindu Rashtra” though it would be the most desirable step to take so long as Lahore and Dhaka remain treacherously out. And it cannot bring the trial of the BOFORS CHOR to a conclusion nor put a stop to corruption fanned by Dynasty and Congress.

The Hindu has NO proper institutions to raise awareness of masses. We have NO COLLECTIVE head and brain. The Hindu mass is wandering about and meandering aimlessly. When SEVENTY MILLION Hindus, gathered at KUMBH recently, an unkind fellow called them “70 million bags of sh*t”, seeing that not one million marched together on to Ayodhya to liberate the Temple of our Lord, the Lord of Hindusthan, Lord Rama.

The Hindus have NO watchdog to understand the nature of the ongoing DECOMPOSITION and DISINTEGRATION of their country and the hidden and secret forces that are unleashing a reign of terror against the Hindus. It is mildly termed as “Hindu bashing”.

But WHY should the wretched Hindu be BASHED while the Muslim is REWARDED with East Bengal, North Kashmir and five more provinces of India?

Why should the Hindu be forced into “family planning” while the Muslim is exempt?

Why are all the Hindu-Muslim mixed marriages ONE-WAY traffic?

Why are all the MASSACRES, assassinations and loss of life ONE-WAY bloodbath? How many Hindus versus Muslims have been KILLED in India, including the time of Partition, since 1947?

Are Hindu mothers producing daughters only to be abducted, seduced and “nikahed” by Mohammedans? Are Hindu mothers producing sons only to be killed and assassinated by Mohammedans? Are Hindu mothers producing sons and daughters to lose their souls to missionaries from abroad? Who will put a STOP to all these killings and conversions by the Mohammedans and the missionaries in a land which is called Hindusthan?

What is going on in PARTITIONED India? Why is the Hindu still held back and bleeding, instead of leaping forward towards progress, to show world-class achievements? How many gold medals has Bharat bagged since 1947? Why is the number so abysmally low? Who in India has been dispossessed of his LAND and property more often, and to a greater extent?

While the Pope and the World of Islam can IMPACT on a tiny household in a remote village in Kerala or Tamil Nadu, the Hindus even at home have NOTHING to link them with one another. This state of affairs is undesirable and UNACCEPTABLE any longer. The (damn) FOOLS who wish to survive, have to know a thing or two about laws of survival, too, otherwise they will simply be “bagging” massacres like the Sikhs, instead of victories like the Muslims. (The Sikhs used to be seen in Lahore once!)

The founding of Aligarh Muslim University in 1875, exactly two hundred years after the beheading in public of Guru Tegh Bahadur, was the promise of PAKISTAN 70 years later. Such is the tendency of the Muslims to remember and to build upon their victories and successes, and such is the tendency of the Hindus and Sikhs to forget and perish!

When the Hindus go abroad, they see memorials to the dead of the past in every major capital and city of the world. But on return, they find nothing like that in India. All our ancestors seem to have perished in vain, just like insects and rats and vermin.

There is Srebinica in Bosnia Herzogovina where they erected a memorial (July 11, 2001) to the 6000 Muslims killed in 1992. Now that “NATO sponsored” memorial is like an ISLAMIC pillar dug in earth, and the World of Islam will be motivated to DEFEND it at all costs from the future Serb inroads. The same goes for the “British sponsored” ISLAMIC BOGUSdesh (EAST Bengal), the Immovable (“poison oozing”) Rock of Islam, placed in the middle of vast Hindu-Buddhist world. The Hindus (and SIKHS), without such memorials, are like the shifting sands in a desert. They are here today (in Karachi and Mymensing), GONE TOMORROW!

Where is the memorial to the 6000 HINDUS killed in Lahore and the 20,000 SIKHS massacred in Rawalpindi in 1947?

Only a Hindu “cuckoo” is entertaining the futile fantasy of “Hindu-Muslim bhai bhai”. We have NEVER heard such “buck-waas”, either from the mouths of Christians or the Muslims. Given their higher motivation, UNITY and Spirit of Jehad, and given the renewed surge in MUSLIM population, the Hindus in India should realistically be entertaining the prospect of being frog-marched to their doom.

Does anyone know how the present trend could be reversed, how the Muslims could be persuaded to go to their Homelands, or dump their separatist Koran, or even dump the Arabic language during namaaz?

If we are not engaging ourselves in a serious debate at this time, then all will be lost. The Hindu in Hindusthan will soon be like the Red Indian in North America- packed off to reservations, to be seen by curious tourists and serious anthropologists.


Let us now turn to India’s Armed Forces, a formidable FIGHTING FORCE at the time of British departure in 1947.They were soon to become the world’s worst.

Pandit Nehru knew that he had committed HIGH TREASON by accepting Partition without referendum, and without ensuring a peaceful exchange of population between India and Pakistan. Thus being a CRIMINAL, he was afraid of public opinion and the Army.

To control “public opinion” he unleashed a great propaganda barrage to lift him above the ordinary, portraying him as a super man. Everything in his India moved according to Pandit’s wish and command. The whole race of Indian coolies was further degraded.

Then he turned to the Armed Forces. He drastically cut their salaries, forcing the officers to ride rickshaws or third class by train, wear darned socks and eat cheap food at “dhabas”. He reduced the defence budget drastically, forcing the soldiers to wear torn boots, jerseys and socks for months. He curtailed fire drills, exercises, manoeuvres, field camps and training. He cut the establishment drastically so that junior subalterns were commanding units instead of majors and colonels. He appointed defence ministers who had NO education, decent background or an understanding of the role of Armed Forces. Invariably these “rats”, without any clue to strategy or tactics, were the staunch devotees of the “Apostle of Peace” and were prone to order a ceasefire on hearing a pistol fired half a mile away. The officers and jawans often saluted these clumsy “dhoti clad” physical wrecks and clowns, while in their hearts wishing to SPIT on them, even shooting them DEAD.

Men in uniform, taking part in fly past and march past, were often seen murmuring something hardly audible- obscene ABUSE at these native “VIPs” who were perceived to be “Dogs of Dynasty”.

Whereas earlier the Army was a noble career, now it became “ordinary” like any other profession, even more undesirable due to constant ONE SIDED deaths in Kashmir.

The Indian politicians, the most useless on earth, will never be able to settle the Kashmir dispute or overcome the stalemate. Natives are quite used to “eating muck” for centuries.

Indians now contemplate whether to let their sons go to army for a commission or take up a job in the street. They often prefer the latter option.

Until recently, all the prime ministers in DEMOCRATIC Britain, and all the presidents of the DEMOCRATIC United States, had worn military uniform and even served in wars, while all those in India were only out to make money through corruption, bribery, *rse-licking and fraud.

Only after a coup d’etat or REVOLUTION will the Government of India set up a commission to enquire as to how much money was deposited in Pandit Nehru’s secret bank accounts in Europe in order to get him to sign the Act of Partition, 1947 without raising any objection.

Our Pandit was thoroughly dishonest and corrupt, yet he passed off as a great patriot- thanks to his vast PROPAGANDA machine and the RULING ESTABLISHMENT, both firmly under his foot.

Only after a coup d’etat or REVOLUTION will the other members of his dynasty, too, be investigated for getting so rich so quickly.

What money is to a “bunya”, victories in battlefield are to an Army. Nehru, the s.o.b., set about destroying the spirit and morale of the Indian Army by ordering them to CEASE FIRE, and return the captured territory in Kashmir to the enemy, in January 1948. Thus he covered his armed forces in SPIT.

The Indian generals had showed their true “bunya” colours for the second time. The first time it was just after Partition which was a grand DECEPTION since he kept all the Muslims back in his India, while passively watching the Hindus in Pakistan being exterminated in bloodbath.

His daughter covered the Indian Armed Forces in MUCK when she returned EAST Bengal after its capture in 1972.

She then covered the Indian Armed Forces in “SH*T” when she ordered them to attack Golden Temple in Amritsar although the Sikhs had been the backbone of the Indian Army for over a hundred years. Prime Minister Indira KHAN (known as “Gandhi” to fool the Hindus!) deliberately overlooked her primary task to recover North Kashmir with the help of SIKH troops!

His grandson (Rajiv KHAN, later turned CATHOLIC prior to his marriage to Italian born Sonia) covered the Armed Forces in SPIT again when he sent them to Sri Lanka only to get a “bloody nose” and come home disgraced.

Mr. Vajpayee, whose chair rests on Congress shoulders, covered his Armed Forces in MUCK in the Battle of Kargil by insisting on frontal attacks up those murderous steep slopes at Kargil, instead of approaching the enemy from behind. Indian Armed Forces being “expendable gun fodder”, NO general went ahead with the encirclement of the Pakistanis holding those heights. The whole world was laughing at the unprofessional “bunya like” generals of the Indian Army. One can only feel sorry for them.

Now there are TWO options before the nation in order to save India from further decomposition and disintegration. One is MILITARY and the other DEMOCRATIC. The latter can be discarded straightaway.

For the democratic option a nation has to have first class EDUCATION, free Broadcasting, memorials to the dead all over, state celebration of victory days, hanging for serious corruption and fraud, and patriotic politicians. India has NONE.

If the crushed Indians, despite more than HALF A CENTURY after “independence” were anywhere near the Europeans in their political awareness, then it could work. But if the Indians are deliberately IMPOVERISHED, INTIMIDATED and kept IGNORANT at the level of the cattle, then the process of recovery will take “centuries”.

Since the enemies, too, are working full speed against the Hindus, India will only go downhill and PERISH. She will be overwhelmed by the FORCES of Islam and Italy which are relentless and ruthless in pursuit of their goal of converting or killing the Hindus and to reduce their territory, whatever it may take.

The only way left now is for the Army to take over. If Pakistan has done is umpteen times, there is NO harm in India having a go just once.

By the way, none in the world, including the UNO, has ever boycotted Pakistan. Even General Musharraf is acknowledged as a legitimate ruler of Pakistan by none else but INDIA!

In those years when things were really bad (1967), there was talk of Army take over but many senior generals saw two obstacles. First was the Dynasty’s stooges and lickspittles in top key positions, and the second was the nightmare, “What shall we take over? A BUCKET OF MUD?”

Yes, as early as 1967 India was so run down, degraded and devastated as a state that it seemed to be a “BUCKET OF MUD” to the army generals then. Today it is more like a BUCKET OF MUCK.

But whether India is a bucket of mud or a bucket of muck, she has been run down by design and through default. The native Hindu is not a factor in its destiny any more and there is a long struggle in the offing between resurgent Islam and dynamic Christianity for the “golden sparrow”, the Territory of the (passive) Hindu.

Though the Hindustani sparrow is minus its head and two wings (devoured by Islam) its rump is still worth FIGHTING for by the predators, given that the native Hindu is so disinterested, detached and submissive, ever ready to be a servant or slave, “dying” for that dog collar. So far only the Taliban in Afghanistan have met their secret death wish by ordering them to wear yellow badges. Idi Amin of Uganda and Col Rabuka and George Speight of Fiji, also did what pleases the Indians- a kick in the back!

THIS IS THE TIME for a military coup d’etat in PARTITIONED India to set her on a new course. God will never offer another chance to the native Hindus (the majority community who are shivering in terror of the minorities) to recover their smashed destiny from the bandits and predators.

The first act, after the army take-over, ought to be to proclaim India as a HINDU RASHTRA as long as Pakistan and BOGUSdesh remain unashamedly provocative ISLAMIC.

The second act needs to be to punish the corrupt by hanging or imposing life imprisonment.

The third step needs to be an investigation into the wealth of the “BANDIT” Dynasty in all forms, and everywhere, going back to 1947.

The fourth act needs to be to declare the Muslims “PERSONA NON GRATA” so long as their separate Homelands on either side of India remain.

The fifth act needs to be to abolish the Constitution of India that was written up by the stooges of “BANDIT” Jawaharlal Nehru after Partition, and write up a new Document that INTEGRATES South Kashmir in the Rest of India, and grants dual nationality to the sons of soil living and toiling abroad.

Now the eyes of the nation are on the HINDU generals at the top and they all want them to STRIKE.

A coup d’etat in perishing, decomposing and disintegrating PARTITIONED India is of NO concern to the world just like those umpteen military coups in Pakistan, Bangladesh and elsewhere!

It is an INTERNAL correction of course where the aberration has gone too much off the normal limits of tolerance and a corrective action now is the highest PATRIOTIC act, meant to save the nation and its democracy.

Any idea of the disasters to come should Congress Party win the next elections under Sonia KHAN? The bedevilled Hindu will be made to run for life, and the Pope will be in Hindusthan for the THIRD time. Native religions will be the object of derision, ridicule, even contempt. The Hindu will be a slave, watching his daughters going off with Khans. Half the Sikhs will be “NISHKAM SEWAKS” and the other half TERRORISTS.

The time for the ultimate coup d’etat by the Indian Army, in order to save India and her Hinduism, is NOW. If this opportunity is missed, then REVOLUTION or CIVIL WAR will sort things out which are now at a deadlock- and rapidly deteriorating.

Quite often in the free West, when someone suggests making a spirited input into Hindu politics back home, he is silenced by the remark, “Let the sleeping DOGS lie!”

How long MORE will the generals, air marshals and admirals of the Indian Armed Forces be quite happy living in their DOG’S world after giving a General Salute to General Pervez Musharraf of an illegal, illicit, unconstitutional, undemocratic and Islamic “republic” that was established over the blood and bones of a MILLION DEAD innocent HINDUS as a result of an illicit affair between Britain and Islam in 1947?

It is preposterous of the Government of “Donkeys” in India to expect their top professional generals to line up and salute the impostor from Pakistan, who only two years ago was overseeing the brutal mutilation, torture and bloodletting of the captured Indian soldiers in Kargil. The humiliated and degraded Indian Generals might well turn around and SHOOT.