Date: 7/13/2001




Sources said (at the Indo-Pak summit in Agra, India, July 2001) Mr Advani (India's Home Minister) may also raise-

The IC-814 hijacking case. The accused in the case are allegedly hiding in Pakistan.

He will also talk about top militants being sheltered and patronised, by the ISI.


Advani, once an unfortunate refugee from Karachi and Musharraf, once a wretched refugee from Delhi, both wayward pygmies in global terms, ought to talk to each other like stalwarts-

about their country's bleeding disunity;

about the highly undesirable presence of Muslims in post-Partition India;

about the ongoing persecution of Hindus in Pakistan;

and about the perennial ideological Hindu-Muslim enmity based on the teachings of KORAN, an unwelcome destructive import from Arabia that will keep all the Muslims in India in a state of limbo, insecurity and mutual throat-slitting hostility that is holding back all the three artificially created countries from economic progress, that comes from a common market.

Pakistan is the perennial shadow over the Indian Muslims, and India, because of Partition, is the perennial enemy of Islam that will invite confrontation!

These "men" ought to talk about bigger issues than the militancy here, the hijack of a plane there, and the threat of Taliban from Afghanistan everywhere.

They ought to talk to each other like free MEN. At present they are both puppets of the real big super powers on globe who can pull their strings any time, encouraging one, restricting the other- the old Western imperialist game!

In 1972 at the slightest prospect of EAST Bengal reverting to WEST Bengal under decent Secularism, the United States warned India against entertaining any thought of bringing the CONQUERED territory back under Democracy or Secularism. India obeyed like a good bitch.

Hence EAST Bengal (BOGUSdesh) went DOWN along the despicable separate "Islamic path" of poverty and 'rabbit breeding' that ensures yet more poverty and deprivation- but is considered perfectly desirable and in order by the United States of America.

If one is a morally superior Hindu and the other a treacherous Musalman, the talks will bring forth nothing apart from smiles now and the ongoing one-sided bleeding in South Kashmir, for ever here-after.

A Musalman in his own Islamic world is the "Lord of Women" as in Afghanistan. In the "NON Muslim world" he is the master of the art of hiding his immense HATRED of the others around him.

He is "social and sociable" and quite "normal", but wait till he gets his chance.

In two nights of "Direct Action" in Noakhali, East Bengal, in 1946, they slit the throats of thousands, raped and mutilated hundreds, and yet, only one day earlier, they had been "peaceful law-abiding" citizens, living and working normally like you and me.

It is the Hindu's biggest SELF-INFLICTED tragedy and his promise of DOOM on his own territory, that he does not recall his past defeats and massacres nor does he draw ANY conclusion there-from.

You can see Hindu Prime Ministers, including the one who was ignominiously KICKED OUT of Jehlum (IK Gujral, the ‘son of a goat’, who could not find a single Hindu among one billion, but sent a MUSALMAN, Salman Haidar, as his high commissioner to London), eating "Iftar" with their "Muslim vote bank" in BROKEN Bharat (Partitioned India).

To the whole world the Hindu is an entertaining two-legged creature, walking upright, but with the sense of awareness of his tomorrow like any chimpanzee.

The Muslims (not all) suddenly rioted in Bradford city in North England (7-8 July 2001) and caused £25 MILLION worth of damage and injured some 130 policemen trying to contain them. One of the rioters was wearing a T-shirt with the picture of Osama Ben Laden on it.

Ben Laden, one of the “Lords of Women” in Afghanistan, the man out to kill the Americans and the British, is the hero of this British Muslim. Similarly, in India their heroes are invader Babur and tyrant Aurangzeb, even Mud Ali JINN, the "Killer of Secularism" in Karachi.

Prior to 1947 the Muslims in West Punjab and EAST Bengal were gentle and docile like doves, and all were law abiding "good citizens" like those in Bollywood, West Bengal and EAST Punjab today.

But when the opportunity came, they created mayhem, slaughtering their Hindu neighbours and Sikh fellow citizens like the sheep at Id.

A MILLION innocent lives were lost. Since it came "naturally" to them, not a word of apology! They dismembered their own country. But again, since it came "naturally" to them, not a word of apology.

Now Gen. Musharraf will demand MORE territory, to 'reduce and encircle' the Hindus still further. On his newly acquired territory Secularism will be killed along with the Hindus! How many Hindus live in North Kashmir and West Punjab today where Islam prevailed and General Musharraf, the Mohajir from Delhi, is the Lord?

A Muslim regards the Hindu (Pagan or Kafir) as his legitimate target. It is amazing to see their bestiality and savagery that are so perfectly concealed in them everywhere. The post-1947 Muslims are the same as the pre-1947 Muslims. Ignoring this vital bit of awareness is the Hindu's DEATH WARRANT.

The KORAN maintains a Believer's 'strong tendency' to turn him into a BEAST in a second, lash out, hit hard, KILL and rape a NON Muslim- even a Christian and a Jew. But God help the HINDU who is perceived to be a gentle 'cow' or the follower of the 'apostle of peace' Gandhi!

The Muslim in the sub continent is, therefore, bound to get another opportunity, to STRIKE, since he is always looking out for the opportunity, while the Hindu went to sleep the very second when their treacherous Pandit (NEHRU) rose to speak of Independence from the ramparts of Red Fort in Delhi on August 15, 1947.

By the way, it is the INDIAN Muslim, a very degenerated INFERIOR human specie, now spread across BOGUSdesh and Pakistan, unstoppably overflowing into Europe and North America, who is a real menace to the Hindus of India since he closely 'relates' to the Hindus and shares the same roots, ethnicity, blood, culture and LANGUAGE.

It is the despicable INDIAN Muslim, equally loathed by the Arab, the Afghan and the Turk, who is the Hindus' bitterest enemy because the Hindu was once (as the damn fool perceives it!) his slave. For the INDIAN Muslim, the Hindu is the diseased part of the body (of his land) that ought to be chopped off.

Not surprisingly then, Muslims in the rest of the world have little interest in this filthy stinking 'INDIAN' scene where the Urdu speaking Muslim has ‘locked horns’ with the Hindi speaking Hindu in an ongoing war that flares up, then dies down, then rises up again, to go down in winding loops, before crashing down to earth and rising again!

Does anyone know when this war will finish? YES, WE KNOW.

There is a small country called LITHUANIA. It lay along the route of the Crusaders marching/riding down to the cursed Middle East to eject the hated TURKS from the Christian holy city of Jerusalem. The Lithuanians were PAGAN and PEACEFUL, people of free thought and way of life, in love with nature and their own gods and goddesses. They were in an advanced stage of civilisation, higher than the Germans at the time.

But unlike the Hindus in Hindusthan, the Lithuanian Pagans were ferocious Defenders of Faith and families, and their TERRITORY.

The crusaders were so infuriated with the spirit of defiance of the brave Lithuanians that they decided to vanquish them (the Lithuanians) totally, or CONVERT them to their own CATHOLIC faith in order to buy their loyalty.

They came in waves, year after year, when the weather and fodder permitted, and fought the natives. The bloodthirsty Cross bearing Teutonic Knights, mostly from Northern Germany and Denmark, burnt the villages, flattened the towns, killed the men-folk, raped the women, and this went on. The Popes of the time sanctioned this onslaught against the peace loving Lithuanians by describing them as an inferior race of mankind, fit to be obliterated from the earth.

The Christian invasions of Lithuania went on and on, NOT for a year or a decade, or even five decades. They went on for ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS till the badly mauled Lithuanians, reduced to starvation, utter misery and poverty, decided to save their race by embracing the religion of their hated invaders!

Even today tourist literature in Lithuania boasts of the fact that she was the LAST country in Europe to accept the Cross as her saviour.

And what did the ‘holy fathers’ do to the vanquished land? They razed the grand Pagan temples to the ground, destroyed every object and relic of Pagan worship, burnt every bit of paper bearing Pagan Scriptures, and slaughtered the priests. The grand cathedral in Vilnius is the site of the original Pagan Temple. Not a word of apology from the Pope yet!

The ignorant Hindus and even more ignorant Sikhs, have NO idea of the ‘hand over’ or ‘carry forward’ phenomenon of the Christians and the Muslims whereby they will inflict maximum damage, death and destruction upon the HINDUS (opportunity permitting!), generation after generation, century after century, till the victim (THE HINDU) is thoroughly demoralised (as he is right now), bled to death, and his resolve to stand on his own two legs completely breaks down and he cries out for the DOG COLLAR of slavery to be put round his neck!

The ignorant Hindu’s perennial self-destruct tendency REGARDLESS, is to embrace one and all (chanting, ‘Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai!’ while not one mosque or church anywhere on earth echoes that), and the Simpleton Sikh's permanent ‘self destruct’ tendency, REGARDLESS of the countless past massacres, is to continue doing ‘nishkam sewa’. See him sweeping, cleaning, washing, painting, decorating, hugging and kissing the wooden floor of the ship at his own end, while it (the ship) is ON FIRE at the other end.

Both Hindus and Sikhs have NO clue as to what is going on in the North, South, East and West within India, and WHY in countries like BOGUSdesh, Uganda and Fiji they were given a BOOT.

In Nepal Hinduism is being drastically REDUCED right now.**


** News item today, July 13, 2001: (quote)


Nearly 400 Maoist guerrillas attacked a remote police post in Nepal yesterday, killing one policeman and taking 71 hostage. The attack happened at Holeri, 30 miles north-west of Kathmandu.

(NB: Near the PAKISTANI border, so one might guess whose BOLD INITIATIVE and STATE POLICY it is, to supply these 'Muslim/Maoist' guerrillas with weapons!)

Another policeman was killed in a separate attack at Baglung, 190 miles west of the capital. (unquote)


How amazing, the doped mutilated Hindu giant BHARAT next door hasn't got a damn clue as to what is about to happen to Mr. Advani's Hinduism in Nepal soon!

And here is another ‘politically correct’ statement: How amazing, how unbelievable, that Mr. Advani on the perennial DEFENSIVE, facing Gen. Musharraf on the permanent OFFENSIVE, will not have a clue to the Sword of Islam poised overhead (Kashmir and Nepal) NOR to the long and thick ‘Muslim Finger of Mischief’ up his own back!

What is the calibre of a goat who disregards the whole weight of history, observation and experience, to shake hands with the wolf?

For the goat to gain an upper hand on the wolf, it has to say, “Come brother, let us discuss Partition!”

Is the goat still breathing?