Date: 7/14/2001




There was a (damn) fool going through the jungle carrying his merchandise on his head. The jungle was known for its wolves and hyenas but the (damn) fool thought he was safe since he saw no wild animals around.

At night he lay down to rest. He watched the bright stars and the shining moon above and went to sleep in gentle breeze. The next morning there were only bones and some blood-stained clothes.

The (damn) fool is the HINDU in Hindusthan whose Constitution does not mention PARTITION at all.

Now if PARTITION was a non event, unmentionable in the whole of Hindusthan, then why is that “tourists paradise” of Kashmir echoing the sound of gun fire and brusting grenades and rockets? Why is the beautiful Valley of Gods saturated with armed forces personnel, and what is this militancy in Kashmir all about?

Why is General Musharraf’s visit so controversial? Why is he being moved around under heavy military escort? What is going on in PARTITIONED India? MOCKERY of history? SELF-NEGATION of Hindu? DENIAL of history and REALITY? SUPPRESSION of free thought? Decomposition and Disintegration of BROKEN Bharat, and the ONSLAUGHT of Pope & Islam?

In the jungle called Hindusthan, the predators are roaming free and at large. They are “going” for the Hindus here and there but according to the CHRISTIAN Dalit President of the country called HINDUsthan, there are still a BILLION of useless HINDU “sh*t bags” around, that is, plenty of soft & sweet human flesh to keep the WOLVES safe from hunger for the next seven centuries.

So sleep dear Hindus sleep! YOU, my dear, are quite safe in the human jungle, and so are the SIKHS under your protective umbrella which once got fractured above Lahore and Rawalpindi.

PARTITION, dear dying Hindu patient, is synonymous with DEVIL as far as YOU are concerned. Don’t mention it or God and Holy Spirit will SMITE you, and Pandit Nehru’s ghost will pursue you to Hell.

But hide and run my chickens, as much as you wish, the dark shadow of PARTITION is lengthening over you and covering your landscape all the time because the MOHAMMEDANS are breeding much faster than the Sikhs on your territory. The next big SLAUGHTER of Hindus and “ghalooghara” of the Sikhs is just round the corner since there is NO memorial to the ONE MILLION killed in 1947 alone.

You will soon see the Devil. You need not walk towards it. It is coming towards you, silently and relentlessly. Close your eyes if you wish but the whole world can see you going down under, and vanishing.

If there was NO partition then what is General Musharraf talking about? What was that UN Resolution about which Pandit Nehru got passed in panic and posthaste when our troops were advancing? Did the “basta*d” see the nightmare of his SIKH troops advancing and recovering the whole of Kashmir from his Pakistani cousins? having to award medals of gallantry to some SIKH officers and soldiers?

O yes, one more word the treacherous alien Hindu-bashing Nehru Dynasty would wish to banish from the language. That is “SIKH”. They have studied the history well to know that only SIKHS will eventually put an end to the Hindu bashing Gandhian basta*ds. You get the strategic idea? That is why the Bandit surrendered Lahore so quickly and that is why he begged the UNO for that Resolution to IMPOSE cease-fire.

Now obviously the Hindus were too ignorant and divided to hang the damn PANDIT from the nearest tree. So they went for the optioin that guaranteed safety from Pandit’s whips and torture cells. They banned the word “Partition” from Constitution but ACCEPTED the immoral, undemocratic, unsecular and BOGUS Partition of India as final and irrevocable!

You get the idea of the “moral superiority” of the despicable HINDU leaders since 1947?

No, dear chickens, rats and sheep, and all YOU survivors of umpteen massacres through ISLAMIC centuries, the Muslims in Kashmir want the plebiscite because your own BANDIT (Nehru) had not asked for one over LAHORE.

Now you do know why the genetically inferior Hindu leaders, so detached from TERRITORY, have abolished the word “Partition” from their language, while the other side, fired by Islamic ZEAL, encouraged by force and weight of history, and imbued with love of TERRITORY, has NO such inferior slavish genes to turn them into eunuchs.

For the OTHER side, PARTITION was, and is, No. 1 issue of life and death.

Unlike you Hindus the other side will NOT forget Partition, its motivation, its raison d’etre and its final goal. Those with memory cells acquire a force and momentum of their own to go ahead. Those who forget their defeats, are given a shove from behind with a long pole.

This language for all the Hindu “netas” is politically correct since the cowards are also criminals.

Those who have dumped the word PARTITION through cowardice have also committed another crime.

If there was NO Partition, then there could be NO Hindu or Sikh hero who stood up and opposed it tooth and nail. One didn’t have to erect a memorial to his memory, one didn’t have to teach the school kids about his courage and bravery. Thus none could belittle the courage and heroism of Pandit Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi, the two stalwarts who won us our INDEPENDENCE.

You see, we DON’T mention Partition because those who opposed it will become interesting to the nation. People of India will want to know about THEM more than about the BANDIT and MAHATMA who collapsed instantly and accepted Partition!

So we will smash the Complicity of Cowards and mention PARTITION, as well as some great HEROES who opposed it tooth and nail during 1947. If you know of any, do let us know. Let this web site be full of stories of courage and heroism in every town. city and village in Sindh, West Punjab and East Bengal where a Hindu or Sikh resisted or FOUGHT the enemy who had attacked our United India.


Mr. Advani, the good Hindu, serving his gentleman prime minister to whom ‘Forgetting is Godliness’, needs to be reminded of his own history. He is honouring the MOHAJIR from Pakistan simply because he does not wish to recall PARTITION and the history of Islam.

Islam dominated the territory of the Hindus for SEVEN centuries in which it tried its beastly worst to crush the Hindu spirit. It succeeded in turning the Hindu into a sub-human specie, a spiritless dull MORON, by deteriorating his genes.

Today (July14, 2001) Advani will look at GENERAL Musharraf, through the eyes of a goat, perceiving the visitor as a TIGER. This is GENETIC CONDITIONING, since the MUSLIM tiger has indeed devoured not hundreds of thousands, but MILLIONS of Hindus in the past, one million in 1947 alone! That is what has conditioned Advani and his entire Hindu Parliament to perceive Musharraf as their Nawab.

The onslaught on the Integrity of India originated only because the Hindus perceived themselves to be ONE THOUSAND equal to one Mohammedan. In a democracy the ratio is one to one.

Among the many great Hindu WARRIORS, who were exception to the rule, was Guru Gobind Singh ji. He understood the reasons for the NATIVE collapse, and accordingly, declared, “My ONE Khalsa will prevail upon 125,000 enemies!”

Who was the enemy then? Of course the “BL**DY BAST**DS” from Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, even Turkey, who came in uninvited, yelling “Allah HOO Akbar” with the KORAN in one hand and the sharp and long blood thirsty SWORD in the other. Now due to Hindu Disunity, Ignorance and Cowardice, the “bl**dy bast**ds” also include the Italian “BITCHES”.

Most Hindus today acquire the very INFERIOR genes through their centuries-old inheritance, and the milk from their mothers’ breasts.

Advani will accordingly receive the GENERAL with redoubled awe since India has run down, degraded and disgraced her own generals under another BAST**D’S legacy. “BANDIT” Nehru quite happily conceded SOVEREIGNTY to Islam in one third of India (Pakistan) and at the same time, put his foot down on Hindu aspirations to small liberties that were reflected in “Anandpur Sahib Resolution”, passed in the climate of Nehru’s terror.

Even today MOST genetically reduced native “buffoons” known as Chief Ministers, shrink in horror on reading the Resolution, murmuring, “Aspiring to such concessions will cost us dearly. O NO! We Hindus are not a patch to the Muslims who were allowed to go totally free and SOVEREIGN in East Bengal.”

If today’s Hindu is such a COWARD, then how was he 300 years ago?

The account of the bestial punishment meted out to Banda Bahadur under the guidance of Islam, will illustrate the reason for the TERROR that has seeped down to the bone marrow of the Hindus like Vajpayee and Advani.

Those were the days of our TOTAL COLLAPSE. Hindu girls and women were a game for the Mohammedans who thought they were superior by virtue of praying in a language they themselves did not understand.

A punitive and discriminatory tax was imposed on the non Muslims in Arabia when MOHAMMED ran short of funds to pursue his military campaigns against the Jewish, Christian, Pagan, Hindu and Buddhist lands. Not even HITLER could think of levying such a WAR TAX that would be paid by generation after generation of the NAZIS across the world. One can see how ingenious the war mongering Mohammed was, to have thought of this tax.

Thus enriched by this tax, Mohammed (peace be upon his VICTIMS) could go on waging wars left, right and center, against the Jews, the Christians, the Buddhists and the Hindus as long as he lived.

It is vital for the NON Muslims to REFLECT seriously on the menace that Islam has been to civilization and secularism on earth.

It is vital for the sake of our very survival with dignity. We can see how the Hindu has survived in EAST Bengal and what dignity he enjoys in Musharraf’s Pakistan or Taliban’s Kabul.

It is a Hindu’s fundamental BIRTH RIGHT to look at the teachings of Mohammed and make them a compulsory subject in all schools, colleges and universities across Hindusthan so long as SEPARATIST, non secular and fundamentalist ISLAMIC Pakistan and BOGUSdesh stand menacingly on either side of our secular India.

Further study will also reveal as to why the West (the USA and the UK in particular) will not lift a finger if the Hindus go on perishing as in South Kashmir and BOGUSdesh since the DEVILS’ “Direct Action” in August 1946.

The Sikhs rose to defend native honour and culture from the Mohammedan predators, abductors and rapists. By studying Mohammed’s life and teachings one can have a good idea of the “disrespect for women”, especially HINDU women, among the Arabs.

Women of the vanquished were to be shared among the soldiers of Islam as if they were dumb cattle. Ironically, the situation is much worse now. Talk to a woman in Arabia who cannot go by car on her own. And about the plight of women in Afghanistan, see Channel 4 TV, UK, documentary “Behind the Veil” (shown on June 26, 2001).

The Sikhs in India were the counterpart of Resistance in France during German occupation. Resistance lost many young fighters and the French nation honours them visibly and with PRIDE even today.

The Sikhs were like the “forest boys” in the occupied Baltic Republic of Lithuania who used to come out of hiding in the woods, attack the Soviet troops and then vanish in thin air, often sacrificing their own lives. Lithuania today honours them visibly and publicly every year, and the whole nation is PROUD of their sacrifices that added a glorious chapter of heroism to its history.

The Sikhs, living astride the traditional invasion route to Delhi, often attacked the wild (jaahil) MUSLIM invaders, returning to Kabul, Ghazni and Kandahar, laden with silver, gold and diamonds, and thousands of wailing and crying enslaved men, girls and women. Unlike the British East India Company that took home merchandise to auction, the Mohammedans used to drag home unwilling Hindus, male and female, to be auctioned in open markets. The lewd and sex starved ancestors of TALIBAN used to gawk at the women, stripped naked, and took them home like the dumb slaves to toil in their primitive mud dwellings often sharing the sleeping space with mules, sheep and the dung- all under one leaking roof.

The Hindu slaves had been used to living in decent homes in India but here in Afghanistan they often had to eat grass and go barefoot. That was Dignity & Honour of the Hindu- IN DUST. It has remained in dust ever since.

Needless to say that UNLIKE the respect shown to the members of Resistance in France and the Forest Boys in Lithuania, the sacrifices made by early Sikhs are not recollected by the “bastards & bitches” who have been BASHING the Hindus, KILLING the Sikhs and misruling India since 1947.

There is NO statutory holiday to acknowledge their heroism. There is NO memorial, and there is NO mention of them in any school curriculum. The Dignity of Hindus and Hindusthan is still in dust.

In all the countries of the world, the heroes are honoured. People celebrate with processions, bands, music, fanfare and flags. There are commemorative events where speakers remind the listeners of their past heroes. But in cursed “coolie colony” of India there is NO official holiday, celebration or military parade through cities to mark any victory over the Mohammedans. Every one of them seems to have been obliterated by the biggest ever SURRENDER of 1947 which ironically is called “Independence”.

The whole country ought to commemorate publicly the victories of Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Maharani of Jhansi, Maharaj Ranjit Singh and General Hari Singh Nalwa, and of course also the MARTYRDOM of our heroes, including our holy Gurus.

It is preposterous that Guru Tegh Bahadur ji was never a candidate to give his name to the International Airport at New Delhi. Most Hindus were too “paralyzed” or “deep frozen living carcasses” in terror of ‘BANDIT NEHRU’S DYNASTY’, even to suggest it.

Here is another “contender” for the name of New Delhi’s International Airport, whose outstanding merit outshines the “political witch” of our Dark Era, Indira Khanum. A proud and honourable Hindu nation will redress the grave national insult (SPIT in the face of every NRI and foreigner, including the POPE from Vatican, landing at that airport without making a protest.)

This is the account of the brutal Mohammedan manner of killing of their Hindu subjects as “sanctioned” by a very UNHOLY Book, claimed to be the word of God. (Some SAVAGE, BESTIAL God!)

In the following account we also see the fate of Mr. Advani’s ancestors who wished to breathe a bit more freely in that Islamic Raj just 300 years ago.

It is due to the immense personal sacrifices of such men who fought for Hindu dignity that even today there is some semblance of Hinduism still alive, ticking away feebly in Partitioned India under the jackboot of Bandit Nehru’s own version of Secularism, which is waiting to be revived and regenerated, in order to do us all PROUD.

The account also shows graphically that while the “sarkars” are there to FURTHER, ENCOURAGE, ADVANCE and REWARD the genius of their subjects in every way, the rulers in wretched Hindusthan have always been about repression, suppression, persecution and HINDU KILLING in the past, and HINDU BASHING since 1947.

The record of Indira Gandhi’s treatment of Tamils and Sikhs, her secret CONTEMPT of Hindus and open partiality towards Muslims, her disregard of national security in general (not vetting Italian born Sonia Maino in Prime Minister’s house) and of NATIVE holy shrines in particular (Ayodha temple remained a despicable mosque, and the total destruction of Sri Akal Takht Sahib in Amritsar), of investment in EDUCATION, was dismal and disgusting, while her record in making mischief, political chicanery, creating “yes men” and stooges, dividing and splitting the Hindu nation, manipulating the media, and fanning CORRUPTION (inherited from father, passed on to the BOFORS CHOR) is shining.

Indira, a secret convert to intolerant alien ISLAM, adored Mogul (Mohammedan) art and architecture and admired Mogul invaders like Mahmud of Ghazni and Babur. She had NO interest whatsoever in the tales of heroism of the Hindus and Sikhs in the past. One of them to be consigned to oblivion in her filthy reign, was Banda Bahadur, a Hindu holy man from Maharashtra, who was inspired and “fired” by the divinely charismatic personality of Guru Gobind Singh ji. Taking up arms to defend freedom of worship of the natives, he came to Punjab to get support for his cause.

Support he had plenty. His fist act was to flatten Sirhind, the town where the Mohammedan ruler has followed the teachings of his Koran too literally, and bricked up alive, two little sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji, who were barely 7 and 9 years old.

Banda Bahadur kept pushing the Muslims back, inflicting heavy losses on the predators. Yet in the end he was captured while the rest of India stood by passively.

We can recall the torture and killing of Guru Arjan Dev ji and the brutal beheading of Guru Tegh Bahadur ji while the rest of Hindusthan stood by helplessly. And more recently we can recall the atrocities by the British rulers at Jallianwala Bagh and the hanging of patriot Bhagat Singh in Lahore while the rest of Hindusthan stood by, watching helplessly.

In the same manner when Banda Bahadur fell into the hands of his Mohammedan captors, the rest of Hindusthan stood by and watched passively like the EUNUCHS looking at the wedding procession. It appears that slavery, degradation and terror of Musalman had totally ruined our genes by then and the mass of Hindus could be ruled, kicked, whipped, slaughtered and moved around like the cattle.

Aren’t the Hindus, passively standing by while Hindu blood is constantly flowing in South Kashmir, where India is immobilized due to Article 370 of Constitution, while Sonia flies off to New York to speak on behalf of the Kashmiri Muslims, while our Grand Temple in Ayodhya remains a ruin, while tourists and visitors, the POPE from Vatican (who should have chosen Mumbai Airport instead) and all the rotten NRIs, land and take off from an airport named after the POLITICAL WITCH of Halloween, and while a usurper from Pakistan is honoured by a 51-gun salute on the soil of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama, still like the dumb cattle?

One day the HINDU nation is bound to wake up, sand up and rebound and RETALIATE for all the insults and wrongs inflicted upon it in the past and go forward to COMMEMORATE Banda Bahadur as a State occasion. If the “coolies” can declare SEVEN days of mourning for the Albanian born Teresa, surely these SERFS & SLAVES will, one day, be free to commemorate their own great Prophets and Martyr in a big way.


Bhai Banda Bahadur and his heroic death.

In 1716 AD, Zakaria Khan, the son of the Governor of Lahore was chopping off the heads of thousands of Sikhs and loading them onto carts to carry them as a GIFT to the emperor of Delhi. The "gift" consisted of SEVEN HUNDRED CARTLOADS carrying the beheaded heads of Sikhs, along with thousands of prisoners in chains including Bhai Banda Bahadur. The soldiers at the front of the procession carried the heads of beheaded Sikh warriors impaled on wooden pikes.

As the procession of death reached Delhi, Farukhshiyar ordered his Minister Mohammed Amin Khan to prepare a fitting celebration in reception of the gift. On the 29th of February, 1716, the people of Delhi lined the streets in full force in anticipatory delight of the fabulous show that was going to unfold. The crowd cheered as the front guard walked up with 2,000 soldiers each holding a Sikh warrior's head impaled on his gaily decorated upright spear. The heads of the murdered Sikhs were stuffed with straw, and stuck on Bamboo spears, their long hair streaming in the wind like a veil, and along with them to show that every living thing in Gurdaspur had perished, a dead cat on a pole.

Immediately following this was Bhai Banda Bahadur's elephant. Banda Bahadur bruised and bleeding sat in an iron cage. He was bedecked out of mockery with a gold-laced red turban and a blinding crimson robe of brocade draped on his tattered body. The heavy robe of brocade was decorated with pomegranates. Behind him stood a mail-clad officer with a drawn sword. After him came thousands of Sikh prisoners strapped in pairs to camels' backs without saddles. Every one of their faces had been colored black by soot and pointed sheepskin or paper caps were dangling their heads in mockery. Each of them had one hand pinned to his neck, between two pieces of wood. The rear flank followed with the Commanders, Mohammed Amin Khan, his son Kamar-ud-Din Khan, and his son-in-law Zakaria Khan.

Even amidst this grotesque celebration of inhumanity, the Sikhs faced the pain and humiliation with heads held erect and proud. Not a single Sikh's face showed the slightest sign of agony or defeat. In the words of great Islamic historian Mohammed Harisi, author of the Ibratnama, who saw the spectacle with his own eyes, "The crowds were pressing forward to get a better view. The road to the palace, was lined with troops and filled with exultant crowds, who jostled forward to have a chance at mocking the Sikhs. They spat on the prisoners and Banda Bahadur and laughed at their grotesque appearance. The people shook their heads and poked and prodded the Sikhs as they passed. "HU! HU! infidel dog worshippers your day has come. Truly, retribution follows on transgression, as wheat springs from wheat, and barley from barley!! " Such were the cries that arose from the pious followers of the Quran. Yet their triumph was incomplete. For the Sikh warriors took all the insults with a smile. In a surreal scene, the warriors displayed not a single sign of fear or shame, they rode on, calm, cheerful, singing songs of their beloved Gurus. They were happy to die the death of martyrs. "Kill me first, O Deliverer" was the cry on every Sikh's lips as they reached the execution platform

It took SEVEN days to behead and murder all the Sikh prisoners. The corpses were loaded on wagons and taken out of town to be thrown to the vultures. Their severed heads were hung up on trees and on stakes near the town square as celebratory symbols decorated with ribbons and bright banners For three months Banda Bahadur and his men were tortured to reveal where they had hidden the treasures which funded the Sikh resistance. Not one of them uttered a word of betrayal. Banda's cage was again hoisted on top of an elephant, and he was dressed in mock attire of an emperor, with a colourful red pointed turban on his head. His 4 year old son Ajay Singh was placed on his lap. Twenty Sardars marched behind the elephant as the procession passed through the streets of Delhi, and headed for the Kutub-ud-din mausoleum of Bahadur Shah, near Kutab Minar.

Each one of the Sikh Sardars was subjected to incredible tortures before being executed. Their heads were then impaled on spears and arranged in a circle around Banda who was now squatting on the ground. As thousands of spectators watched, a short sword was thrust into Banda Bahadur's hands and he was ordered to kill his own son Ajay Singh. As the king of warriors sat unperturbed, the executioner moved forward and plunged his sword into the little child slashing him into two. Then pieces of flesh were cut from his son's bloodied corpse and thrown in Banda's face. The dead child's liver was torn out of his stomach along with other entrails and stuffed into Banda Bahadur's mouth. The father sat still as a stone, not a flicker of emotion crossing his face to betray any trace of horror. Mohammed Amin Khan then seized Banda by the hair and barked: "From your manner so far you appear to be a man of virtue, who believes in God, and in doing good deeds. You are also very intelligent. Can you tell me why you are having to suffer all this here?"

Banda's reply was, "When the tyrants oppress their subjects to the limit, then God sends men like me on this earth to mete out punishment to them. But being human, we sometimes overstep the laws of justice, and for that we are made to pay whilst we are still here. God is not being unjust to me in any way." At this the infuriated Mohammed Khan gestured to the executioner to step forward. The executioner grabbed Banda Bahadur's head in his rough callused hands and with a bloodcurdling shudder thrust the tip of his razor sharp dagger into Banda's right eye, twisting and turning into the socket as he slashed the optical nerves and gouged out the eyeball. The second eye met the same fate. Throughout the torturous moments of unimaginable agony, Banda Bahadur sat motionless like a rock. His spirit had taken him beyond the physical barriers into the realm where one can feel no pain. And then came the sacrifice of Great Saint BHAI BANDA BAHADUR.