Date: 7/15/2001


Mohajir and Mule

They met at Agra (July 15, 2001) where Emperor Shahjehan usurped the palace of a local Rani (queen) Tejo Mahila, and turned it into a mausoleum calling it Taj Mahal- typical Muslim DECEPTION.

(“Taj Mahal, the True Story” by PN Oak, published by A. Ghosh, ISBN: 0-9611614-4-2).

That’s where the talks between their “Mohajir” and our “Mule” are taking place- over the Destiny of ancient India and her limb called Kashmir, already severed across the middle, and bleeding profusely.

The “Mule” could not abrogate Article 370 which bans a Hindu from buying a shop or a house in Srinagar. It also makes the Indian Army fighting and DYING on alien territory where the “jawan” cannot buy any property! You see the calibre of the Mule?

The Mohajir is an alien in WEST Punjab where he is domiciled (he doesn’t speak Panjabi!), and the Mule is an alien to Hindu history and is often seen sleepwalking, conceding and surrendering. He could walk up to Chittagong. Now he cannot go beyond Calcutta. He could travel up to Peshawar. Now he must stop at Wagah- some REDUCED terrirtory and CONFINED space of the Mule!

The first Mohajir was none other than MOHAMMED, the warlord of Arabia. He ran off to Mecca to ESCAPE death at the hands of his enemies. Later he returned, to destroy everything grand and beautiful in the city. By his hijrah (escape), he created enemies where there were none before.

So our Musharraf. He ran away from Delhi, fearing death at the hands of patriots. He has returned to the city where he has all the enemies where there were none before. You see the similarities of the traitor, trying to emulate his Mohammed (Peace be upon his Victims!)?

Now, there are three ways before the Mohajir and the Mule:

1. To continue the stalemate that is slowly demoralising the Indian Army (the mercenary fools must die fighting only THIS side of the cease-fire line!), and draining India to impoverishment. This is the most desirable goal of the ruling top (CHRISTIAN) of India, her President and the Prime Minister in the wings, Sonia from Italy.

No HINDU would opt for this course if given a say. (Hindu has NO say in Hindusthan today!)

2. To get the UN Resolution implemented despite Mule’s objections.

3. The Mohajir to invade Kashmir, and take the Valley by FORCE, the same way as they successfully took North Kashmir, and India took Hyderabad (1948) and Goa (1962).

How ironic that while the two are meeting in a basement, seven stories below ground floor, two other MEN are meeting, seven stories above ground level. They are the Presidents of Russia and China (15 July 2001). Had Vajpayee been a stalwart, he would have been in Moscow, among MEN, talking to MEN, real stalwarts on earth. Instead, our “Mule” was engaged with a Mohajir.

No wonder Bharatvarsha is not the same thing as PI or Partitioned India of the “Reduced & Terrified” sheep.

What a fall of the NATIVE race and religion!

What future can Partitioned India look up to? It will soon become clear.