Date: 7/15/2001


A warning to the Jews has gone out from Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister of Israel. That noble, bold and patriotic man is LINKED to his race and people across the globe.

What about Partitioned India? Did the Indians in Uganda and Fiji get any warning from the "MULE" in the Prime Minister's chair, fulfilling the "Will of Bandit Nehru" to 'eliminate the Hindus everywhere- at home, abroad, on the sea, in the air and on land'?

There will be NO warning to the HINDUS living abroad by Prime Minister vajpayee because he is secular and neutral, NOR from the PRESIDENT of India because he is not a Hindu at all, but a Christian who wants all the Hindus dead or converted.

Mr Sharon warned the Jews in exile since the Jews everywhere could become targets of terrorist attacks if the Israeli- "Palestinian" conflict intensifies.

Mr. Sharon told Jewish leaders in Italy, "Don't expect for one minute that you will be able to live the life that you have now, if the conflict widens."

Jews living in America were warned that they would be in more difficult straights than anyone else. They would become the real hostages and pawns in the conflict.

American Jews are most lucrative and vulnerable targets. In the next war, they will be used by the American government to dictate the cease-fire terms to Israel and the "new borders".

The Arabs will also use them to get at Israel. Weak Jews will betray and attack Israel. Other Jew-haters, and Neo-nazis will crawl out of the closets.

And regular ordinary Americans are likely to blame the Jews for the war and for oil price hikes, imposed by Arab oil states at the "right time".

It is unlikely that airlines will fly regular flights out of the states and to Israel if the conflict ignites into a real war.


This is something that could easily happen to the Hindus from India, too, if Pakistan decides to escalate militancy in Kashmir, should the present talks in Agra not end to their satisfaction. So, who will warn the Hindus?

The Hindus have neither a State nor a god father on earth!