Date: 8/6/2001



Watch the MUSLIM Hajis being airlifted like BANDIT Nehru's sons-in-law at huge expense to the voiceless, intimidated and crushed HINDU tax payer in PARTITIONED India, to fly to the land of their Rasul Allah simply to kiss the BLACK stone, go round it a few times, throw stones at the devil that is hiding somewhere among those rocks, and then return to PAGAN (Hindu/SIKH) Hindusthan with their spiritual and mental batteries fully re-charged and the motivation to KILL THE KAFIR re-doubled.

And contrast this with the MASSACRE of defenceless unarmed Hindu pilgrims year in and year out, in South Kashmir, in their own country, on their own territory, while being escorted by heavily armed battalions of their own police, para-military and ARMY units. What's gone wrong?

What's gone wrong is this: A Afghan said the other day, "They sent many generals but NONE ONE returned alive."

Now in contrast our Hindu world feels extremely INSECURE if there is not a Muslim or Catholic in any public body or ministerial meeting and the Sikh does not even bother to find out whether his GOVERNOR is a Muslim, Christian or Jew. They are all waiting for another invasion, another massacre and yet another Operation Blue Star. By God, they will NOT be disappointed. They will get it before long, and again be surprised and run around collecting funds for widows and orphans. Watch the GENETICALLY reduced INFERIOR race of Indians, particularly the Hindus and the SIKHS.

The whole of Hindusthan is frozen in terror of Islam. The whole nation, mesmerised by Nehru and Gandhi, agreed to PARTITION so readily, never to recall or mention it.

The Sikhs do not believe in commending their own Faith to anyone, and the Hindus dare not raise their most glorious sacred Temple in Ayodhya. While conceding EQUALITY to those who ought to be interned or kicked out, we do NOT look at our status in Pakistan, BOGUSdesh or the Land of Rasul Allah, Saudi Arabia. Can we build even a tiny mandir or gurdwara there?

Obviously the terror and pain of paying JEZIYA tax to the savage brute is in our bone marrow now.

The JEZIYA tax was levied by our MUSLIM rulers and then enforced by sword, stick, spear and club over centuries to become an INSTINCT, to bring about a GENETIC change. It has REDUCED the Hindu and the Sikh. Neither the Hindus nor the Sikhs wish to recall PARTITION. Indeed, the terror of Islam struck them deep.

Today, August 6, 2001, the BBC World Service talked about the arrest and internment of all the Germans and the Italians in the United Kingdom in summer 1940 though some of them were loyal subjects, some even born in the United Kingdom.

Every demolished Hindu and reduced Sikh must cry in vain at the lack of action by 'BANDIT' Nehru and his government against the Muslims in the REST of India immediately after the BEST of India was surrendered to the enemy- unconditionally.

That ENEMY became "brother" overnight when the new Constitution was imposed upon the Hindus who were then ordered to regard it as the unique masterpiece of all Constitutions, bordering on holiness. The nation, reduced to the level of animals, with NO Intelligentsia, accepts this lethal trap in toto even today.


Similarities between Nazism and Islam

All that has been written and said so far about the Islamic 'yellow tags' for the Hindus of Afghanistan having followed the Nazi example of 'yellow stars' for the Jews in Germany during Nazi era are false.

In fact, it was, and always have been, and Islamic first, which Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's minister of propaganda, had followed subsequently.

It was Goebbels who had installed the system in Nazi Germany only in the 20th century and forced all Jewish citizens to carry the Jewish Yellow Stark on the lapels of each and every Jewish resident. In fact, this Islamic custom has been well recorded in the Koran, Islam's holiest religious book.

For the information of the uninformed public please let me quote a few passages from the Koran, and the book titled "The Koran and the Kafir" published in 1983.

Jeziya or Poll Tax: All Non Moslems living in an Islamic state will pay the 'jeziya' or poll tax for the privilege of being there.

It was first instituted by the prophet Mohammad himself when he stated, "Fight those who do not profess the true faith, till they pay the jeziya with the hand of humanity." (Koran IX/29).


1. They (meaning Hindus and other non Muslims) are not to build any new places of worship.

2. They are not to repair any old places of worship, which had been destroyed by the Muslims.

3. They're not to prevent Muslim travellers from staying in their places of worship.

4. They are to entertain for three days any Muslim who wants to stay in their homes and for a longer period if the Muslim falls ill.

5. They are not to harbour any hostility or give aid and comfort to hostile element.

6. They are not to prevent anyone from getting converted to Islam.

7. They have to show respect to every Muslim.

8. They will allow Muslims to participate in their private meetings.

9. They are not to dress like Moslems.

10. They are not to carry Moslem names.

11. They are not to ride on horses with saddle and bridle.

12. They are not to possess arms.

13. They are not to wear rings or carry seals on their fingers.

14. They will not drink or sell liquor openly.

15. They are to wear a distinctive dress which shows their inferior status and separates them from Muslims.

16. They are not to propagate their customs and usages among the Muslims.

17. They're not to build their homes in Muslim neighbourhoods.

18. They are not to bring their dead near Muslim graveyards.

19. They are not to observe their religious practices publically or mourn their dead loudly.

20. They will not buy Muslim slaves.

If there are similarities between the above disabilities and those prescribed by the Nazis then and the primary reason is the similarity of motivation.

The primary difference between the Nazis and Islamic systems is, the Nazi Party Manifesto is a mere political handbook, while the Koran claims to be the holy book of the Moslems, supposed to lift up the souls of the believers.

It, therefore, behoves all non Muslims to directly read up from the Koran to be informed and thus not waste time on useless conjectures.

-A Ghosh, USA