Date: 8/7/2001


Look sister, yet another massacre of unarmed innocent Hindus including women and children! As if the extermination in West Punjab, the Yellow Ribon in Afghanistan and the ethnic cleansing in EAST Bengal were not enough.

Yes, but WHAT prevents the Hindus going the way of Guru Gobind Singh Ji? Wasn't he THEIR Lord, too?

No sister, the PAGANS cannot think, cannot unite, cannot comprehend and cannot defend themselves. They are meant to PERISH. Their CHRISTIAN President in Hindustan and their ITALIAN born Leader of (Terrible) Opposition in Parliament know all this only too well.




13 Hindu villagers massacred in J & K

The Pioneer, via News Plus

Saturday, August 4, 2001

Jammu (Agencies) - Suspected terrorists stormed a remote Hindu village in Jammu and Kashmir Friday night ahead of the Hindu festival of Rakhi and killed 13 villagers, a senior police officer said Saturday.

RV Raju, inspector-general of police, Jammu Zone, said five villagers were also wounded in the attack.

The massacre was reported by the villagers, who said unidentified gunmen broke into the "dhoks,' or summer huts of the nomadic grazers who had pitched tents in the mountainous village, and took some away at gunpoint.

A short while later gunshots were heard. The bodies of the victims were found after dawn Saturday.

Earlier reports said the nomads had found five bodies of the victims and had taken an injured man to the nearby Atholi hospital.

Doda district police chief Shailendra Kumar said a number of persons have been kidnapped. "Some gun shots have also been heard," he said, adding: "Exact details would be known once the police parties that have moved to Shrunti Dhar."

Some reports had said about 20 Hindu villagers had been kidnapped by Muslim militants from the land-locked village.

Officials in the area confirmed the incident, saying the militants had kidnapped an unspecified number of villagers.

The Hindus are a minority community in Doda district, accounting for 40 percent of the district's 700,000 population.

Police parties have been rushed from Atholi, Kishwar and Doda to Shrunti Dhar village, officials said.

This is the second massacre in the district in less than a fortnight. Militants had killed 12 Hindu villagers in the district on July 22. That massacre had come a day after the killing of 17 Hindu pilgrims were gunned down in Shesh Nag while they were on their way to the hill shrine of Amarnath.


2. From: Agence France-Presse

Muslim militants massacre 17 Hindus in Kashmir amid Hindu festival

By Ashwani Kumar

Agence France-Presse, via News Plus

Saturday, August 4, 2001

Jammu, India, Aug 4 (AFP) - Muslim militants massacred 17 Hindus in Indian Kashmir after raiding a mountainous village in a pre-dawn attack Saturday, Indian government officials said.

Earlier the local police had put the massacre toll at 15.

"I received a telephone call which informed me that 17 people have been killed," India's junior Aviation Minister Chaman Lal Gupta told reporters from Jammu, adding the victims belonged to a group of 22 shepherds abducted at gunpoint.

The bloodshed marked a new milestone of separatist violence in the disputed Himalayan state since an Indo- Pakistan summit last month collapsed, because of differences on Kashmir.

The bodies of 13 of the abducted victims were found in woodland near their village of Shroddhar, about 220 kilometres (138 miles) from Kashmir's winter capital Jammu, in the rugged district of Doda.

Doda police officials said some 15 militants in military fatigues stormed Shroddhar village at 0030 on Saturday (1900 UTC Friday) while the residents were still asleep.

The attackers ordered them out of their homes and after separating the women and children from the group, took the men off to a nearby forest.

Gupta said the 17 men were then mowed down by their assailants with automatic weapons.

He said that three others were in a critical condition, and that two were still missing. A manhunt was under way for the killers who had absconded after the shooting, he said.

The cabinet-ranking minister rounded on the government of Pakistani military ruler Pervez Musharraf, which denies funding the Islamic insurgency but has offered moral support for what it calls the Kashmiri's indigenous freedom struggle.

"If this is Musharraf's freedom struggle then we condemn it," a visibly-angry Gupta said before leaving for the massacre site.

Most of the impoverished inhabitants of the mountainous area shepherd goats at high-altitude.

None of Kashmir's two dozen rebel groups so far have accepted responsibility for the massacre, the second since July 22, when 15 Hindu shepherds were gunned down in a village close to the latest site of bloodletting.

Yet Gupta raised the likelihood that it was the work of the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba guerrilla force.

"We know that the Lashkar group is operating in this region and it could be them who are responsible for this," Gupta said.

The massacre came amid overwhelmingly-Hindu India's most emotive religious festival -- Raksha Bandhan -- an annual occasion which has been marked often by separatist violence in Muslim-majority Kashmir.

The police slappd a curfew in three Doda townships to prevent a possible Hindu backlash to the Shroddhar massacre.

Violence has increased in Kashmir since the July 14-16 talks between Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee and Musharraf.

The two leaders failed to ink a summit declaration because of their opposing views on Kashmir, the subject of two of the three wars fought by India and Pakistan since their 1947 independence.

The Himalayan region is divided between India and Pakistan and claimed by the two estranged neighbours.

The Islamic insurgency in Indian Kashmir has claimed at least 35,000 lives since its launch in 1989.

Pakistan, which puts the death toll at 70,000, denies Indian charges that it is behind the "cross-border terrorism" but backs what it calls Kashmiris' legitimate struggle for self-determination.


3. From the Daily Telegraph, London, August 5, 2001.


Suspected separatist guerrillas who kidnapped at least 20 Hindu villagers have killed 17 of them in a remorte area in India's Jammu and Kashmir state.


Their Dalit Christian Supreme Commander is in league with the enemy, their generals are "eunuchs in uniform", their Italian born Catholic Rashtramata is delighted, their Prime Minister is a useless man- damn useless man, who has only known conceding, retreating, running and surrendering. Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee is a Hindu.

Surving Hindus in Broken Bharat,