Date: 8/7/2001



My friend was surfing the net when he suddenly burst out laughing.

I asked for the reason and he said, “Look at this site by the Indian Army, today’s “banur sena”.”

I asked him to be reverential and not to speak lightly of the invincible Indian Army that won dozens of Victoria Crosses and awards for gallantry in battle-fields across the globe in two World Wars.”

“That was a long time ago when their OFFICERS were from London. Today they are a native mercenary force, at the command and behest of any BOFORS CHOR.”

“Go on!” I began to like what he was saying.

“Their first crushing defeat came when they surrendered LAHORE to the enemy.

“And their second worst defeat came when they FLED North Kashmir.

“Their third worst defeat came when the Prime Minister returned all that territory of EAST Bengal and Sylhet to Islam after her soldiers died in their hundreds, capturing it. She really SPAT in their faces and told the generals to get lost!”

“Their fourth humiliation came in Sri Lanka. They had hardly commenced operations against the INDIAN BORN and INDIRA TRAINED Tamil rebels when they received orders to RETURN HOME IMMEDIATELY to their wailing mums and crying wives. New Delhi FEARED its Army was about to get wiped out by the Tamil Tigers, or get a “bloody nose”.

“But a “bloody nose” they did manage to give to the Sikhs, who started asking for some elementary freedoms in the world’s largest democracy.”

“Tell me more about that,” I asked inquisitively.

“Having vanished from West Punjab, having fled North Kashmir, having suffered the indignity of returning EAST Bengal to the enemy after its capture, and after returning with battle DISHONOUR from Sri Lanka, the downcast Chief of the Army Staff sought an interview with the Prime Minister who hated the military as much as the Father of Nation, Bapu Gandhi did.

But this time she relented and granted the top two generals just five minutes to make their point.

Generals Vaidya and Sunderji meekly entered the PM’s Office and began.

“Madam, our army needs a victory, however sham, small and bogus, somewhere. Otherwise there will be large scale desertions. At the end of World War 2 our chests were heavily laden with medals. Now they are bare. There is not one medal to show our wives who are offering their bangles to us to wear.”

In those days the Hindu was mesmerised and “INDIRA WAS INDIA”. So the generals felt honoured.

“You will have your victory and your glory. Your wives will soon be proud of your manhood.”

The perplexed generals left, wondering what orders might come down to them from the heaven above.

Sure enough, orders came within days, to INVADE East Punjab and ATTACK Golden Temple.

After the centuries old historic shrine of Sri Akal Takht Sahib, venerated by the Hindus and the Sikhs ALIKE, was reduced to a burnt out smouldering shell, there were medals galore for the “eunuchs in uniform”.

Medals for chivalry in the face of extreme danger, medals for bravery under the most hazardous war conditions, testimonials and certificates for super human courage in the face of the enemy, and medals for exemplary gallantry in the battle-field.

All the generals rushed home to tell their wives, “Look, here comes your MAN. Kiss these medals and my sausage, too.” Their wives got busy, kissing.

But when it comes to Kashmir, these heroes are caught with their pants down. One wonders if they ever put on their trousers.

Today one Hindu was killed in Jammu, yesterday two fell in Kupwara, the day before three were abducted along with their wives. The day before that four were burnt alive in their homes and the day before that five had their eyes gouged out. Just a day earlier, six were caught running and shot in the back. The day before that seven begged to be spared and got circumcised, voluntarily.

The day prior to that eight had been eaten up by the Mujahideen and the day prior to that nine disappeared without leaving even a sandal as trace, and the day before that ten had been stood before the wall and gunned down, watched by their wives and children.

The maximum number of Hindu “ducks” shot down on any one day most recently was ONE HUNDRED who were on their way to meet their gods at Amarnath Cave. And the maximum number of Sikh “rabbits” shot dead on any one day was FORTY (Chattisinghpura). But due to an historic episode (Mukatsar) that changed their destiny, the number of killed this time was brought down to 35, to keep the Sikhs in Sukh (calm).

The Government of Vajpayee (called Hajpayee by the fed up Hindus subsidising Hajj flights of their enemies out of Mumbai), did not wish to give the Sikhs credit for the “glory through tragedy” twice. There is no mention of even the first episode in any history book in India since Guru Gobind Singh was a misguided patriot in the eyes of the Bapu who DIED before seeing his Akhand Bharat materialise.

My hard disk space of 40 GB is not enough to go on recording the slaughter of the Hindus day by day like this, right up to October 24, 1947, when the first wild tribesmen showed up at Baramula and fired indiscriminately at everything that moved, freezing Hindustan in its dhoti and langoti, then and there.

“You are boring me to death. I don’t care if the whole lot, ONE BILLION of them, get roasted alive like Guru Arjun dev Ji, cut up limb by limb like Banda Bairagi, beheaded like Guru Tegh Bahdur ji or bricked up alive like little Fateh Singh and Zorawar Singh. I don’t care a damn for the Hindus. They can all GO TO HELL. How BORING to die with such regularity!

My great great great grandfather had heard of the terrible slaughter of Hindus in the HINDUKUSH mountains, and he himself talked of the slaughter of Hindus at the hands of the Muslims in the 16th century. My great great grandfather talked of their massacred in the 17th century. My great grandfather talked of their killings in the 18th century. My grandfather told us about our extermination in many provinces in the 19th century. My own father told me of the Hindu slaughter in the 20th century, especially in 1947, the “YEAR OF TOTAL HINDU ROUT”. And I have myself seen the Hindus die like duck shoot in the 21st century.

O God, when will you stop killing and raping the HINDUS on this earth?”

I left him in peace and went to a pub.

“But why did you laugh at the Indian Army web site?”, I asked him the following day. He was in a mood to explain.

The site <> needs our condemnation. You can see it is without conviction. It smells of being written up by “sarkari” mules, approved by Sonia Khan (undesirable, unvetted alien) in Lok Sabha, Najma Heptullah (persona non grata since Partition) in Rajya Sabha and Imam Bukhari (persona non grata, likewise) in Jama Masjid that was built on the very site of an ancient Hindu temple. (Have you got proof of this allegation against Mohammed’s House in Jama Masjid? YES, you clever Musalman, as much as YOU have proof of your own real father!)

On this web site they mesmerise the Hindus in donating funds for “Bharat Raksha” and “Hindu Raksha”, and in believing that Kargil was a great historic victory. They conceal a few facts which the non Indians notice instantly.

Firstly, it must be the very rotten Intelligence of Indian Army that they were SURPRISED again by the enemy.

Secondly, all the fighting took place on the INDIAN side of the border which lost its sanctity as soon as the Pakistanis crossed over to the Indian side. While the brave Pakistanis penetrated our lady Hindustan for several miles, the Indian troops could not even go a millimetre into the other side.

Thirdly, for every Muslim fighter in Kargil the Indian Army employed 125000 of its own Jawans to oust him. This was obviously the Hindus’ performance which was reversed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Remember his 125,000? Even President Narayanan of India is scared of uttering his name in public. Go on, try him. Poke him into saying “Gobind”. But first call the ambulance to stand by. Hindustan’s Narayanan might die of shock!

Fourthly, Pakistan showed INITIATIVE. Demoralised Partitioned Hindu India only responded. Manly Pakistan initiated the ATTACK. Cowardly India did nothing of the kind.

Fifthly, since the whole of Jammu & Kashmir belongs to India as per Treaty of Accession of J & K of 1947, the Indian Army remained CONFINED to South Kashmir only. Due to terror of retaliation by Pakistan, the Indian Army did not advance to recover any bit of North Kashmir.

An Indian general could say, “For each Hindu soldier or civilian killed on THIS side of the border, we will recover ONE square mile of our own NORTH Kashmir.”

They showed up in Kargil. When will our jawans show up in Muzaffarabad? Many Kashmiri Hindus, now refugees due to impotence of Indian Army, say, “The Eunuchs in Uniform defended us as they defended Lahore, Multan and EAST Bengal and as they defended the unarmed Yatris to Amarnath.”

One even shouted at them, “Doff your uniforms and take to prostitution or drugs for a better and safer living.”

After pushing back the invaders at great cost to herself, India then shrank back in her cocoon at the feet of two Rashtrtamatas- Usha Tin Tin Narayanan and Sonia Gandhi- both born abroad.

The degraded Army generals have missed every golden opportunity of ousting the thoroughly corrupted and treacherous government. On the contrary, the generals feel NO shame or disgust in landing and taking off from “Indira Gandhi International Airport” in New Delhi without sparing a thought that Indira was an autocratic arrogant political “witch”, and the manner and timing (Halloween) of her assassination was a big discredit to India, not any credit.

She belonged to Congress Party, not to the PEOPLE of India. Did India have NO worthier, nobler and cleaner personality than the intriguing, insecure, corruption & nepotism ridden “bandit queen” called Indira?

Having landed at “Indira Gandhi Airport”, the Indian generals sheepishly drive past the statue of Mahatma MK Gandhi for inspiration for the next battle. They won’t have to wait for long.

Long live the SPIRIT OF ISLAM, the Pakistani stick, Made in Sialkot, will always be up the Indian Army’s.