Date: 8/7/2001



Traitor Jawaharlal Nehru was a secret convert to Islam and a foreign agent at the same time. China’s Chou En Lai used to call him “Imperialist Dog”.

Since he plundered the country like no other politician before, he is called “Bandit”. He imposed the rule of his dynasty in what his vast propaganda machine used to call the largest democracy in the world. The Indians have yet to recover from his residual TERROR. That will be the day when they all, one billion “bags of mud” shout, “QUIT INDIA” at his descendent from Italy, or commend to her the top job of 'Leader of Opposition' in Pakistan or Bangladesh- one conceded by Nehru himself (1947) and the other created by his daughter, the arrogant and autocratic uncrowned Empress of India (1972).

One day, in order to humiliate his nation through the unconditional surrender of vast territories without any referendum, the dirty Pandit wrapped up some DOG MUCK in gold leaf that is commonly available from any sweetshop in India.

He carefully placed the "DOG-SHIT" ball in a prominent well-lit public square at midnight. It shone like a ball of gold in the light.

Sure enough soon it caught the eye of two greedy Hindus who were returning from a wedding feast where they had eaten a lot of gold leaf covered delicious burfi, laddoo and gulab jaman.

One leapt on the object on the road and tried to put it in his coat pocket quickly.

His friend saw this and was not the one to let him walk off with a gold ball without sharing the lucky find. He leapt on the first man and a hand to hand scuffle ensured.

The second man pulled out a knife from his pocket and flicking it open, thrust it into the side of the man holding the golden ball, and seriously wounded him.

While the injured man fell crying and bleeding, the second man quickly put his hand into the other’s pocket, and, pulling out the golden ball, rushed to his home.

“Come here all of you. See what daddy has brought!” His wife and children rushed to gather around him to see the treasure.

The thrilled and happy man started unwrapping the gold leaves, one by one, all his family looking on eagerly with big eyes. But as he was taking off the last few leaves, he saw the gooey stuff.

The room was suddenly filled with stink. His wife and children ran away, shouting, “Dad, you brought home DOG MUCK. It was not gold!”

Something like that dog’s muck is the golden ball called India’s “Independence Day”.

Indians all over, their political parties and factions, even the President, the cabinet ministers and all the prominent Hindu leaders, stalwarts and patriots, are fighting among themselves to snatch the ball of dogshit covered in gold leaf, and wish to CELEBRATE their find.

In this genetically reduced and INFERIOR third class Indian world, someone shouted, “Pandit Nehru brought home dog shit called PARTITION.”

Any way, read the following news item to see the level of Indian calibre and maturity in the world’s most advanced country to which wealthy Indians once sent their sons and daughters to acquire EDUCATION and knowledge.

See how the NRI’s in the United States are fighting over who will celebrate the damn thing that was Bandit Nehru’s indepdenence and the Hindus’ SLAVERY & SHAME.

Someone cried out, “What a shame! Why do Indian Americans behave like this?” He should have seen the seed of that SHAME decades ago when it was first planted by Bandit Nehru at Red Fort in New Delhi.



Ashok Easwaran in Chicago

Barely a fortnight before an Independence Day parade by Indian Americans in Chicago, two community factions are tied in a battle about who has the right to hold the procession.

The war, which began in Indian restaurants, was taken to courts and eventually spilled out onto the streets.

Two factions of the Federation of Indian Associations, the apex body of Indian community organisations, are claiming legitimacy.

The FIA has traditionally organised the Independence Day parade in Chicago's 'Little India', Devon Avenue. Indian Americans from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan come for the annual event. Some estimates put the number of visitors at more than 15,000.

But for the past several years, the FIA has been faction ridden with a tussle between Gujaratis and non-Gujaratis for key positions.

Matters came to a head this year, when one faction took the other to court claiming that the election was not held according to the bylaws of the organisation. A Cook County judge accepted the petition and asked the FIA to hold fresh elections.

Bad blood between the factions spilled onto to the streets during a recent visit by Indian Ambassador Lalit Mansingh. While Mansingh attended a reception hosted by one FIA faction, members of the other group saw in it a sinister attempt to 'divide the community'.

To register their protest, they stood outside the restaurant where the event was being held, holding placards which read 'Mr Ambassador, you represent the whole of India, not one group' and 'Support community unification, not segregation'.

Protesters accused Consul General Surendra Kumar of arranging the event 'stealthily' so that the other group 'could get mileage'.

While bemused passersby in downtown Chicago looked on, the scene took on the semblance of a street fight. The rivals hurled allegations at each other. The uproar was interspersed with shouts of Bharat Mata Ki Jai (Long Live Mother India).

"This is the only thing the FIA does," said one Chicago resident. "Do they have to bring their squabbles into the open and make Indians the laughing stock of the mainstream community." Indian merchants on Devon Avenue informed the FIA they will not allow two parades to be held on Devon. And then came the final thrust -- the Indian consulate announced they will not 'offer legitimacy' to either group.

Unwilling to get caught in the war between the two groups, the consulate also decided that no diplomat would attend the parade.

Backed against a wall, and with the threat of the merchants' boycott hanging over them, representatives of both groups are trying to hammer out a settlement.

While at present things seem to have cooled down enough for both to agree to a 'unified' parade, witnesses say the peace may not hold.

"We have stopped what could have been an Indian soap opera," said a local wag, "Now let us hope it will not end in a Greek tragedy."

Indo-Asian News Service

(Courtesy: REDIFF.COM, AUGUST 4, 2001)


PS: It should be noted that the Muslims of the entire sub continent do NOT celebrate the so-called ‘Independence Day’ of India. Unlike the brainwashed crushed Hindus who can only see the secular FOG all round, the Muslims regard Bharat as “HINDU” India after Partition.

The Muslims of India celebrate the Independence Day of PAKISTAN which is an authentic and genuine ISLAMIC State, not a mongrel dog of a country with neither an identity nor a master.

What the Hindus celebrate is the inheritance of that “dog shit” wrapped up in glittering gold. They are conditioned like PAVLOV’S DOGS not to not ask, “What is INDIA minus Lahore, Karachi and Chittagong?” Nor does a Sikh, now well defined by his S.G.P.C., ask, “What is this damn Punjab without NANKANA SAHIB?”

The above news item tells the world of the ROTTEN calibre of the Hindus living in the United States who were expected to bring about a revolution in the thinking back home. They were expected to do something to exterminate the thoroughly corrupted ‘Bandit Dynasty’ and cleanse the air of the terror of Italian-born Sonia Gandhi in the Parliament of Partitioned India.

They were expected to encourage the HINDU nation back home to raise the Lord’s Temple in Ayodhya and to press upon the intimidated and terrified Lok Sabha to burn the Bandit’s Constitution along with its Article 370 which guarantees permanent rebellion and strife in South Kashmir and the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Hindus there.

Now let us see the calibre of the NRI’s living in the United Kingdom, the Mother of All Democracy:

When dirty Congress stooge, tilak flaunting (Rajiv Gand style) LM SINGHVI of everlasting tenure as high commissioner of India in London, established his own “Guru Tegh Bahadur Foundation” without consulting the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) in Amritsar, or any Sikh body or organisation in the United Kingdom, not one Hindu or Sikh noticed that he had earlier opened the branch of “BOFORS CHOR FOUNDATION” in London. (Why did “Rajiv Gandhi Foundation”, meant to help the much plundered impoverished Indians, need a branch in London?)

Two NRI fools promptly stepped forward to pick up his “gold-leaf wrapped ball of dog shit”. One a SIKH who donated £5,000 and another a HINDU who donated an equal amount.

There were many more FOOLS who wanted the “Dynasty’s Dog” to smile at them. But when one brave and watchful NRI asked some questions about the Foundation in the name of Guru Tegh Bahadur, whose name ought to have adorned New Delhi International Airport, he was cautioned to “mind his own business.”

We DEMAND to know, “What happened to that “Guru Tegh Bahadur Foundation”, established by LM Singhvi, Dynasty’s high commissioner to London, and where are those funds donated by the ignorant Hindu/SIKH (damn) fools?”

The present Chairman is asked to post the answer on FEEDBACK of this web site for all to see. Surely, he will do so if he is an honest man. The ignorant Indians ought to be KNOW the names of the donors (Is that Top Secret like some MAFIA?), the amount donated, and details of the beneficiaries and all other expenditure. How much has that BOGUS Foundation helped the cause of HINDUS’ freedom of worship in Kashmir? (What did Guru Tegh Bahadur stand for?) Was a single penny sent to help any Sikh widow of the Delhi massacres of 1984? We DEMAND to know, on behalf of the terrified sleepy Sikh “jagat”, too, who have NOT asked the question yet.

If ever Hindusthan sent a SIKH, who is good enough to be her high commissioner in London, he might look into this “Foundation” in his Guru’s name. Sadly, the “dog” from Hindusthan, the man in regal turban, is also likely to be a replica of Zail Singh Zaleel rather than Banda Singh Bahadur.