Date: 8/7/2001


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Postcard Found in Eastern Europe


A. Ghosh

Postcard which is sold in Eastern Europe

GOLDEN TEMPLE in Amritsar.

A magnificent SACRED SITE in India. Built by Hindu devotees over centuries, this temple of God ("Hari Mandir") is regarded as the primeval holy site in the Land of Vedas.

MOSLEM invaders, consumed by the fires of hatred of everything non Islamic and PAGAN, repeatedly tried to destroy it but were defeated each time.

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, a secred convert to Islam, sent troops to attack it in June 1984. She was assassinated in retaliation at Halloween (October 31), 1984, resulting in the subsequent massacre of thousands of innocent citizens of India.

Unlike the other grand temples in Mathura, Ayodhya and Varanasi, which did NOT escape Islamic vandalism, Golden Temple, the object of reverence and pilgrimage, stands triumphantly in the Land of Five Rivers (the Punjab) as a symbol of Divine VIctory over Evil.

-(Ausra Leoskaite)

The whole purpose of a web-site or any other new media is primarily to inform the public and not to hide the facts. In this, our successive governments in secular India, have failed miserably. That Indira became a Mussalmanani at the time of her nikah with Firoz, the son of Sunni liquor supplier, Nawab Khan of Allahabad, should have crossed the minds of India's leaders. But it didn't or even if it did, the general public had no knowledge of that.

No doubt Indira's becoming a Mohammedan woman by nikah is a very important aspect of her conduct. She let go the 93,000 Pakistani soldiers back to Pakistan just like that while Indian soldiers captured at the western front were summarily slaughtered in captivity in Pakistani jails, in contravention of the Geneva conventions.

Pakistan did not have to pay any penalty for its actions in the then East Pakistan where they had slaughtered 3 million unarmed civilian Hindus and raped some 300,000 Hindu women. This was definitely the conduct of a Mohammedan woman loyal to Islam and anti-secular in its bearings. We never heard Indira ask for a trial of the notorious Tikka Khan, for crimes against humanity, did we? Simply by name-changing the Nehru (actually, Khan) dynasty fooled the Hindus of India.

We request our readers to carefully go through our Archives material ( and no doubt they too will see light and discover quite clearly that for the last fifty years, the Nehrus and their lackeys, had one and only one job; and that was to rule the country by fooling the people, specially the Hindus.

It is a pity that no one, but no one, had paid attention to what many of us had been saying and writing on the subject. That is a shame.

No doubt, India is teeming with traitors, not only Zakir and Asaf Ali but also the men and women of the Nehru family. We still have not been able to discover what Islamic name was bestowed on Indira when she accepted Islam and discarded Hinduism. Some say that she was named Maimuna Begum, but then we don't really know. After all, what is in a name? A witch is a witch by any name, Ayesha Sultana or Sharmila Tagore!"