Date: 8/7/2001



by: The Truth Seeker, HinduUnity.org

Muslims had a faith that it was a religious duty of every Muslim to kidnap and force into their own religion, non-Muslim women.

This incited their sensuality and lust for carnage and, while it enormously increased their number, it affected the Hindu population in an inverse proportion. To hesitate to acknowledge this d fact under guise of politeness is simply a puerile self-deception. Few people call these Muslim Acts as religious fanaticism and madness. But even if it were madness, there was a method in it! And the method in this Muslim madness was so horrible that, with the mistaken Hindu neglect of this so-called religious fanaticism , the Hindu nation came to have a perpetual bleeding sore. For , as a matter of fact the religious fanaticism of the Muslims was not madness at all, it was an effective method of increasing the Muslim population with special regard to the unavoidable laws of nature. The same law of nature is instinctively obeyed by the animal world. If in the cattle herds the number of oxen grows in excess of the cows , the herds do not grow numerically in a rapid manner.

But on the other hand, the number of animals in the herds, with the excess of cows over the oxen grows in mathematical progression. The same is true of man, for at the core man is essentially an animal. Even in the pre-historic times the so-called wild tribes of the forest dwellers knew this law quite well. That is why today also Muslims always have polygamy. This very natural law was adopted and obeyed openly by the aggressive but numerically poor African Muslim armies and their chiefs while attacking the major populations of North Africa. Same was repeated by Arabs, Afghans when they were victorious in Hindusthan because to carry away the women of others and to ravish them is itself the supreme religious duty of the Muslim. This was considered the noble act which increased their number .

After Sindh the Arab did not attempt another invasion of India, yet the Arab bands did come here along with other Muslim armies and like these Arabas, all those newly converted people like the Persians (Turanians, Afghans, the Turks, Moghuls and others fell on India with all the ferocity at their command. Obviously they had not brought their million of women fold along with them. But all those from the Sultans to the common soldiers as a rule, began to settle down here with the kidnapped Hindu women, whom they either married or simply kept as their concubines. Let alone the vast numbers of Hindu women of high as well as low ranks who led the most ignoble of lives in the harems of the Emperors, Sultans or Navabs, but almost every Muslim kept at least three or four such forcibly polluted women. Thus the women in this aggressive Muslim community came to be more numerous than the men, and polygamy being an accepted practice sanctioned by their religion, these foreign Muslim communities began to grow rapidly year after year, from a few thousand to millions and more. An interesting point to note is that Sultan Ghiyasd-din Tughlak, Sultan Shikandar, Sultan Phiroz-Shah Tughlak and many other devilish Hindu-haters were borne of Hindu mothers".


The Muslim women never feared retribution or punishment at the hands of any Hindu for their heinous crime. They had a perverted idea of women chivalry.

If in a battle the Muslims won, they were rewarded for such crafty and deceitful conversions of Hindu women, but even if the Hindus carried the field and a Hindu power was established in that particular place the Muslim men alone, if at all suffered the consequential indignities but the Muslim women - never " Only Muslim men, and not women, were taken prisoners. Muslim women were sure that even in the thick of battles and in the confusion wrought just after then neither the Victor Hindu Chiefs, nor any of their common soldiers, not even any civilian would ever touch their hair. For albeit enemies and atrocious, they were women ! Hence even when they were taken prisoner in battles the Muslim women, royal ladies as also the commonest slaves, - were invariably sent back safe and sound to their respective families ! Such incidents were common enough in those times. And this act was glorified by the Hindus as their chivalry towards the enemy women and the generosity of their religion ! For a sample, read the following incidents.

Even now we proudly refer to the noble acts of Chhatrapati Shivaji and Chimaji Appa, when they honourably sent back the daughter-in-law of the Muslim Governor of Kalyan and the wife of the Portuguese governor of Bassein respectively. But is it not strange that, when they did so, neither Shivaji nor Chimaji should ever remember the atrocities and the rapes and the molestation, perpetrated by Mahmud of Ghazni, Muhammad Ghori, Alla-ud-in Khilji and others, on thousands of Hindu ladies and girls like the princesses of Dahir, Kamaldevi, the wife of Karnaraj of Karnawati and her extremely beautiful daughter, Devaldev. Did not the plaintive screams and pitiful lamentations of the millions of molested Hindu women, which reverberated throughout the length and breadth of the country reach the ears of Shivaji Maharaj and Chimaji Appa? The souls of those millions of aggrieved women might have perhaps said, "Do not forget O, your Majesty, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and O ! You excellency, Chimaji Appa, the unutterable atrocities and oppression and outrage committed on us by the Sultans and Muslim noblemen and thousands of others, big and small.

Let those Sultans and their peers take a fright that in the event of a Hindu victory our molestation and detestable lot shall be avenged on the Muslim women. Once they are haunted with this dreadful apprehension, that the Muslim women, too, stand in the same predicament in case the Hindus win, the future Muslim conquerors will never dare to think of such molestation of Hindu women". But because of the then prevalent perverted religious ideas about chivalry to women, which ultimately proved highly detrimental to the Hindu community , neither Shivaji Maharaj nor Chimaji Appa could do such wrongs to the Muslim women. It was the suicidal Hindu idea of chivalry to women which saved the Muslim women (simply because they were women) from the heavy punishments of committing indescribable sins and crimes against the Hindu women. Their womenhood became their shield quite sufficient to protect them. Still worse was the ridiculous idea, which the Hindus of those times entertained, that it was a sin to convert a Muslim woman to Hinduism. They foolishly thought that to have any sort of relations with a Muslim women meant their own conversion to Islam. Naturally, even in the midst of a Hindu community and the Hindu State they were secure against any attempt by the Hindus at abducting them or their forcible conversion to Hinduism.

Exceptions however were very rare. Under these circumstances, the Muslim feminine class was left serphically free from any chastisement or penalty for their share of the crimes against the Hindu women world. Suppose if from the earliest Muslim invasion the Hindus also whenever they were victors on the battlefields, had decided to pay the Muslim fair sex in the same coin or punished them in some other ways i.e. by conversion even with force, and then absorbed them in their fold, then ? Then with this horrible apprehension at their heart they would have desisted from their evil designs against any Hindu lady. If they had taken such a fright in the first two or three centuries, million and millions of luckless Hindu ladies would have been saved all their indignities, loss of their own religion, rapes, ravages and other unimaginable persecutions. Our women-world would not have suffered such a tremendous numerical loss, which means their future progeny would not have been lost permanently to Hinduism and the Muslim population could not have thrived so audaciously. Without any increase in their womenfold the Muslim populations would have dwindled into a negligible minority. But with the fantastic idea of chivalry to enemy women and a blind eye to time, place or person, the Hindus of that period, never tried to chastise the Muslim women folk for their wrongs to Hindu women, even when the former were many a time completely at their mercy. Well, did this misplaced chivalrous idea of the Hindus have any salutary effect on their Muslim foes ? Were the latter ever ashamed of their sin of molesting a Hindu women in view of this Hindu religious generosity and high mindedness ? Did the Muslims ever sincerely feel thankful to Hindus for the safe return of thousands of Muslim women to their own kith and kin ? Never ! On the contrary they again and again reciprocated Hindu chivalrous behaviour with the same old treachery and atrocity, and thus held it to ridicule and scorn. On the contrary the Muslims were puffed perhaps with the thought that if at all the Hindus were to show chivalry to anybody, it should have been to their own Hindu women!

It was they who had the first right to such a chivalrous treatment ! But if the Hindus could not rescue thousands of their own women who were being abducted, polluted, and forced into Islamic religion, in their very presence, through centuries, why should the Muslims not ridicule the Hindu chivalrous idea of civility to women, even enemy women ? On the contrary they perhaps thought that the Hindus dared not hink of violating or even insulting the Muslim women for fear of horrible reprisals. Thus they were more likely to misconstrue the Hindu idea of chivalry, than interpret it in the right sense, as to have been borne of cowardice than of strength and bravery.