Date: 8/8/2001




The Daily Telegraph, Britain’s largest selling daily newspaper, published the following leading article on August 8, 2001, enraged by the threat of death sentence on some charity workers in Afghanistan:

The article reads-

At the best of times, foreign aid workers are not welcome in Afghanistan, over which the Taliban now holds almost total control. When the aid work is held to include trying to convert Muslims to Christianity and the distribution of Bibles, the outcome is predictable.

So some 24 workers associated with a German-based Christian organisation, Shelter Now International, have been arrested and their actions are be investigated. Under the strictest interpretation of Islamic Sharia law, punishment for converting Muslims to another religion is death - and the Taliban’s interpretation of that law is invariably strict. So the United Nations is right to be concerned, and will be expected to bring its considerable weight to bear.

(UNO was dead as dodo when India was broken up to reward Islam!)

Those who work for and support international aid organisations may be tempted to think that an organisation that makes part of its mission trying to convert Muslims to Christianity, in a country dominated by the Taliban, has been looking for trouble. Most leading aid organisations take very good care to steer clear of politics and religion in countries where they work. But that should not obscure from anyone the damage being done by the Taliban in Afghanistan – and, indirectly, in other countries as well.

Because Afghanistan is not easily reached, most of the world is ignorant of the enormous human suffering there, most of it arising from the earlier attempt at conquest by the Soviet Union and more latterly by the Taliban’s militancy. Yet aid organisations find it almost impossible to work there under the extremist policies directed against them by the Taliban. So much suffering goes unrelieved.

More widely, these extremist policies, which appear to dismiss the human conditions as of no account, erect barriers against Islam and make the accommodation that many religious leaders in the world seek to find between Christianity and Islam much harder to reach. So the outcome of this action against Shelter Now International, with its ugly threat of the death penalty, matters a great deal and should be treated as a serious international episode.


(So now you see. When it pinches them, they cry out FOUL. The leading article in The Telegraph will be read around the globe to tell all what ISLAM stands for. Even there is an appeal to the UNO for urgent action.

But when they created the Satanic Islamic Militant State of Pakistan out of nothing, just to break the backbone of united secular India, where the minorities were promptly EXTERMINATED within weeks, none in Britain or the USA shouted, “HALT. STOP THE DEVIL from grabbing yet more territory on earth!”

That devil then DEVOURED A MILLION INNOCENT SOULS, and went on to ravish the beautiful Vale of Kashmir. Thanks to Islam, that Paradise, much praised by Emperor Jehangir, is now a Hell. Even the President of India, the most useless Supreme Commander on earth, does not dare to put his foot there. And if he were to take a “shikara” ride with his sweetheart Evangelist Usha Tin Tin Narayanan, surely none would see them alive after 20 seconds. Would he dare to bet?

Further testimonials to Islam are as follows (from the same paper)-

August 5, 2001: KASHMIR KILLINGS. Suspected separatist guerrillas who kidnapped at least20 Hindu villagers have killed 17 of them in a remote area in India’s Jammu and Kashmir state.

(These people lost their precious lives directly as a result of Pandit Nehru’s unconditional surrender before Islam on August 15, 1947.)



ISLAMIC kidnappers have beheaded nine out of more than 30 hostages (merciful Islam, benign Islam, kind and noble Islam. They let go of more than 21!) seized from a Christian village in the southern Philippines and vowed to slaughter more if the government does not call off a military offensive.

Police and civilian volunteers came across four headless corpses in a coconut plantation near Lamitan on the island of Basilan yesterday morning. Five others were discovered on Friday.

Beside one of the bodies was a T-shirt with a scrawled message, “Commander Robot. I am the one who ordered this,” referring to the pseudonym of Ghalis Andang, a commander of the Abu Sayyaf group that has made millions from ransom payments for Western tourists and wealthy Filipinos.

Even as the bodies were being laid out under bloodied white sheets, Abu Sayyaf gunmen began firing on houses in the outskirts of Lamitan until soldiers drove them off, military officers said. One of a handful of villagers freed by the rebels brought back a message from the gunmen that more would be killed unless a military offensive was halted.. (The report goes on into FOUR MORE COLUMNS.)


And then, to scare the wits out of the small Israeli nation, we read on the SAME DATE (August 5, 2001):


By Tom Gross in Jerusalem.

(Mr. GROSS, the reporter, will himself be Mr. klein very soon if in his own Germany, presuming he is a German, the Turks and the Albanians are allowed the freedom of rapid breeding and human MULTIPLICATION.- His grandchildren will NOT know where to run. America, with its swelling Nation of Islam will hardly be the place to seek asylum!)

LEADING ARAB intellectuals are calling on Palestinian women to join the war against Israel as “biological weapons”.

As the armed conflict drags on, they are calculating that the Palestinians’ best hope of defeating the Israelis is by demographic means rather than violence.

(CLUELESS CRUSHED “NISHKAM SEWAK” SIKHS & “SECULAR” HINDUS, BETTER WATCH OUT! At least Israel has real THINKING HEAD to devise counter measures, instead of conceding, surrendering and collapsing like you.)

They have drawn support for their strategy from new projections presented to the Israeli Knesset which show that the Palestinian birth rate is dramatically (sic) outpacing that of the Jewish population.

(In BROKEN Bharat the Mohammedan enemies of Akhand Bharat and the rest of population, are overtaking the Hindus and the clueless Sikhs in numbers by leaps and bounds. The Hindus are CONFINED to castes, and the Sikhs are CONFINED to visible symbols. They are both confined which means TRAPPED.

In case of civil war they will RUN from Amritsar and Delhi FASTER than their run from Lahore and EAST Bengal. When the chips are down, the JLN University in New Delhi will call itself “ISLAMIA University” overnight, and every secular Hindu will queue up to be circumcised to escape Jezia while the Sikhs will DIE fighting.)

The startling figures, which suggest that the Palestinian population will swamp (sic) the Jewish one, have alarmed the government of Ariel Sharon.

By 2033, Arabs will out-number Jews within Israel’s original 1948 borders, according to the new figures drawn up by Israeli demographers last month.

(Does our PARTITIONED India have any demographers, apart from the “bhangi” President and the Italian born future prime minister, and the Imam of Jama Masjid, who all make sure that the Hindu does not jump too high?)

Including the occupied Arab territories of Gaza and West Bank, seized by Israel after the 1967 Six Day war, there are already as many Arabs as Jews; both populations are just under five million.

Prof. Arnon Sofer, a demographer at Haifa University, said that the trend was a “threat to Israel’s existence” and indicated that the Arab population- 50% of whom are under 15- would double every 17 years.

The Arab plan for a demographic takeover was outlined by Dr. Wahid al-Magid, a prominent Egyptian intellectual, in an article in Al-Hayat, a London based Arabic daily. He wrote: “The way to end the Arab-Israeli conflict is through changing the demographic balance within Israel’s pre-1967 Green Line.”

The Green Line refers to Israel’s internationally recognised borders, which were set in 1948, excluding the West Bank and Gaza.

Dr. al-Magid continued; “It is not long before they (the Arabs) become the supreme decision-makers, who will control the conflict.”

Israelis have reacted with alarm. Yael Cohen, a long-time supporter of Peace Now, Israel’s largest peace group, said last week: “Finally we are seeing that even moderate Arabs don’t want peace. They want Israel.”

She was particularly upset by an interview with Faisal Husseini, a Palestinian intellectual regarded in the West as a man of peace. Mr. Husseini, who died two months ago, had said the 1993 Oslo peace accords should be used as a Trojan horse. “We should declare our state as a first step to the liberation of all Palestine from the (Jordon) river to the (Mediterranean) sea,” he said.

Ms. Cohen said: “The whole premise of the Oslo accords was land for peace, not a phased plan to destroy Israel. Now after we have already withdrawn from most Palestinian-populated areas of Gaza and the West Bank, we realise we have been tricked.”

In addition, 100,000 Palestinians, Jordanians, and Egyptians have settled illegally in Arab areas of Israel in recent years. Dr. al Magid said, “The demographic weapon does not derive solely from the high birth rate but also from the infiltration of thousands of Palestinians into Israel. They stay in Israel and create facts on the ground through marriage with citizens of the 1948 population.”

(In Hindustan, they are exempt from family planning restrictions. They are allowed multiple wives, They have large, very large, families. And they have their INTELLIGENTSIA in tact while the Hindus and the Sikhs have NONE. And they have the support of the World of Islam all round while even the President of India, who is a Christian missionary with great zeal and commitment to his Lord, wishes and PRAYS for all the Hindus to be converted and all the Sikhs to be dead.

“What will be our future, O Lord?”, asked a very fritghtened semi conscious Hindu who had been betrayed by Nehru, gagged by Indira, plundered by Rajiv, mesmerised by Sonia and put under lethal sleeping spell by Priyenka.

“The same as that of the AZTEC Indians and the North American Red Indians, you FOOL,” spoke God from above just as he had spoken to Mohammed in the intellectual desert –Jehaliya- of Arabia.)


ibid August 7, 2001:


By Ahmed Rashid in Lahore. Two women aid workers arrested in Afghanistan have confessed to converting Muslims to Christianity, the Taliban said yesterday, opening the way to possible death sentences

The pair, an American and an Australian, were among eight foreign and 16 Afghan charity staff arrested by the Taliban’s religious police.

The arrests mark an ominous escalation in the Taliban’s battle with the outside world. Already subject to a series of United Nations sanctions, the fundamentalist administration has repeatedly ignored world anger, most recently rejecting appeals to halt the destruction of “idolatrous” Buddhist statues.

It has also targeted Hindus, forcing them to wear yellow markers on their clothes so that they can be identified.

The western Christian aid workers, part of Shelter Now International, were said to be Americans Dana Curry and Nicole Barnardholton; Germans George Taubmann, Margrit Stebnar, Kati Jelinek and Silke Duerrkopf and Australians Peter Bunch and Diana Thomas.

Mullah Mohammed Salim Haqqani, the deputy minister of the religious police, said two of the western women- an American and an Australian- and some of the arrested Afghans had confessed. “They have asked the Emirate and Muslims to pardon them and will be treated in the light of Sharia,” he said.

Dear Bharat, your eternal appeasing, conceding and surrendering WON’T do. Stand up to DOMINATE your territory. Only then will the others respect India and regard the Indians as equals, and peace and prosperity return to your devastated cursed land.

But abuse not the others. Blame not the others. Accuse not the others. Curse not the others. INSTEAD, GO WITH GUNS, STICKS, KNIVES AND KIRPANS, FOR YOUR OWN LEADERS. They are of the calibre of rats and rabbits.

And listen, dear Hindu “netas” before you run away. “You are perishing in Kashmir because you have perished in Delhi. And you have perished in Delhi because you perished in Lahore.

Remember too, that while the rest of the world, including the Israelis and the British, can well cope with the threat and menace of Islamic fundamentalism, YOU CANNOT.

None holds the world record in slavery like the Hindus. And none else on earth has an IMPORTED “Rashtramata” like us, rotten, third class, inferior, lot, being “led” by Supreme Commander Bhangi.

When the Hindu “neta” bravely declared, “We accept Partition,” I went round and saw the MUSALMAN holding the gun to his head. The wretched Hindu slave was speaking “His Master’s Voice”. The leaderless clueless Sikh lay next to him, in dust.

The Muslim militants appeared out of nowhere and shot dead several more Hindus at the Jammu Railway Station (August 8, 2001). So, THAT’S the power ratio (‘Buzdil Hindu Bunya’ vs. ‘Brave Muslim Bandit’) in our Partitioned India today. God help the Simple Sikhs!