Date: 8/9/2001



It is little known that the Sikhs inhabit the most exposed and vulnerable region of India, the traditional invasion route of the marauding Muslim armies. The Muslims through the centuries have known or done little else except reproduce, go hungry and then rob or attack anyone who had a loaf of bread in his hand. That is what lay behind all those wars between the poor impoverished Muslim Jaahil (ancestors of destructive Taliban) and the rich affluent Hindu scholar.

They attacked, ravaged and savaged Hindusthan umpteen times while the Hindus did not, NOT EVEN ONCE, show up in Kabul or Mecca with their blood thirsty sword, spears and trishuls. The Hindus defied the Law of Nature (survival of the fittest). One can see who survived in Lahore and Dhaka under this Law.

The Sikhs in the tiny enclave of Much Reduced EAST Punjab are restive because of the Hindu collapse at Centre. And they sense increased danger due to flashpoint Kashmir.

They know that India’s mercenary Army will defend Amritsar as they defended Lahore and recovered North Kashmir.

They also know that the West and the super powers have NO love lost for the Hindus, secularism and democracy, when it comes to the sub continent. They would not have imposed partition or commanded India to let go of EAST Bengal after its liberation from Urdu and ISLAM in 1971. In fact UNO is an accomplice in the crime of partition. They are PARTIAL to the Muslims, not only in Kosova, Bosnia and Macedonia. UNO is partisan. No hope from them when the chips are down. India is APPEASING the West by (a) accepting Partition; (b) by retaining the Muslims despite Partition; (c) by having a secular Constitution with its Artcle 370 for the benefit of the only Muslim majority state; and (d) by going under the foot of a CHRISTIAN President (KR Narayanan) and CATHOLIC aspirant prime minister (ITALIAN born Sonia Khan). Were India to declare herself “HINDU RASHTRA” as a logical consequence of Partition, all Hell will be let loose on her. She will become a pariah DOG overnight. Religion is only for the Muslims and Christians while the Hindu “nigger” must live and perish in his bogus secularism in order to feed, fatten and accommodate the others, even carry them on his back.

What Nehru, the friend of Islam did to India is summed up in one sentence by a thinking Hindu as follows:-

Had Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, a secret convert to Islam and an imperialist dog, been an Afghan, and invaded India at the head of a Taliban Army and inflicted a crushing defeat on the Hindu armies in the battlefield, he could not have destroyed so many temples, KILLED SO MANY HINDUS, raped and abducted so many Hindu girls and women and captured so much TERRITORY till eternity, as Nehru’s prompt consent to Partition did to India on one day in 1947.

Thus it is imperative to DEFY the ‘Will of Bandit Dynasty’ and to fearlessly see ourselves through the eyes of the Sikhs who inhabit this lethal region and perceive themselves to be betrayed in 1947, and in mortal danger now.

They depended on the majority community to stand fast and firm to confront the Muslim aggression. In the event the Hindus not only perished, but went under the foot of a dishonest traitor and his Dynasty for the next five decades, to be “ruined beyond repair”.

Now to the Sikh input: An aggrieved Sikh, excommunicated under the “definition of a Sikh” coined by his highest supreme body, the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) in Amritsar, writes-

Communities under pressure, or being persecuted, react in one of the following three ways:

1. Intifada, like the Arabs in Israel.

2. Collapse, like the Hindus in PARTITIONED India who have turned “secular” by Constitution, so that none can object if their Prime Minister is a Parsi or Catholic, Governor a Jew or atheist, and even the President a Christian (KR Narayanan) or Muslim (Zakir Husain).

When one’s hands are tied behind his back by Constitution, and gun put on his head by bullies, he can hardly dare to cry, “We cannot have an IMPORTED Rashtramata or the President’s spouse who hates all native religions as well as the sons and daughters of the soil, and who will never say, “BROWN IS BEAUTIFUL” to boost the pride and self-esteem of our girls and boys. What is the meaning of ‘patriotism’ then, in this “COOLIE” colony of ours called Bharat?”

Yes, HINDU India is being plundered by Italians, blackmailed by Muslims and blasted in South Kashmir whose tourist industry is, that will NEVER be.

We hear daily of the killings and massacres of Hindus in South Kashmir but not of one Musalman on the other side. Many a brainwashed Sikh still regards the Hindus to be “zaalim Brahmins” or the ‘MEN in control’?

The President of India is a “bhangi” (Christian Dalit KR Narayanan whose wife is an evangelist, born in Burma), with political and constitutional status far above any Brahmin’s and Sikh’s and of the boastful “jattan de putt”, who regard themselves superior to the rest in the small and scattered Sikh community!

Do we notice, how Broken Bharat is meant to be run down into dust and the Sikh eliminated?

Siege mentality of the Sikhs, results in inward tyranny, putting one section, class or caste above the other, exclusive, arbitrary definitions coined by semi literate peasantry (SGPC in Amritsar), and futile marathon readings of scriptures without altering or improving anything on ground.

There is not even a memorial to the dead of partition in 1947. That needed courage and vision of the true Khalsa!

The Sikhs inhabit India’s most exposed State and, therefore, need to set up a watch dog body in EAST Punjab to keep an eye on the changing pattern of demography that is detrimental to them and the country, that will force them into further siege mentality due to mounting threat to identity and sense of danger that are part of the political slavery and State repression. (This dastardly situation has arisen because HINDU master has become “secular serf” in the Constitution of Hindusthan, or Partitioned India, and his top scholars are coming out of “Jawaharlal Nehru University” in New Delhi and “Aligarh Muslim University” in Aligarh!).

The Sikhs (and Hindus, too) need to look urgently at the “ALL-BROWN” congregations in the White/European West, just as back home in Bharat. Even to our children these seem to be islands of darkness. Natives in the West are not seen flocking to these “Indian” congregations held in alien languages, unlike the rush by the NATIVES to mosques and churches in India.

Gurdwaras do not attract professionals and the youth. The latter do not relate to granthis and priests, straight from the “coolie colony” of India, still under the terror of dynasty and NON Hindu governors and ministers.

We need to look urgently at the status of the only chief minister back home, confined to his Union Territory. Somebody has to propose a Resolution demanding a Sikh high commissioner in London and the Governor in East Punjab who would “RELATE” to his subjects and think of their EDUCATION, WELL-BEING and UPLIFT, NOT plan their suppression in league with the thoroughly corrupted Centre that cannot even try the BOFORS CHOR.

We need to allow the over 70s in gurdwaras to sit in chairs in congregation who cannot sit on floor squatting like the servants in India or the yoga students. Comfortable seating in gurdwaras will increase concentration, not reduce it. Is God sitting on ground? Does He care? Does piety or a seat in heaven depend on whether a Sikh prays seated nicely as in church, or awkwardly on floor as in mosques? (Don’t we know whom we copied like the apes?)

We need to coopt graduates, more women and the professionals on gurdwara committees.

We need to look at PARTITION and someone has to pass a Resolution that Partition that fragmented Punjab so badly and brutally, needs to be looked at again. Let all the parties come together in Lahore, Amritsar, Simla, or even “Union Territory”, and go over the whole damn thing which has erected barriers between Ambala and Jalandhar, and between Lahore and Amritsar, just to suit the Bandit Dynasty, who, like the British, were great believers in “Divide and KILL, to rule”.

Partition may be a closed chapter for the crushed Hindus who evacuated five provinces overnight instead of making a stand anywhere, but it does not suit Punjab and KASHMIR.

Can’t we see the bloodletting and destruction daily in South Kashmir and can’t we recall the tens of thousands of Sikh youth shot dead by Bharati security forces acting as mercenaries- serving Dynasty, not India?

Not one Sikh scholar seems to be looking at the question, “Daddy, when the whole of India collapsed and Pandit Nehru signed the unconditional surrender of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Sargodha, Lyallpur and Multan without demanding referendum, and Mahatma Gandhi went still and SILENT like a PIGEON before the cat, was there NOT one Sikh leader who stood up to resist or fight the aggression?

Was there NOT ONE Sikh who did what the Mahatma could not, that is, cry, “INDIA WILL BE CUT UPON MY DEAD BODY, and then made the ultimate sacrifice of his own life?”

Yes, let us ask all the useless third rate INFERIOR Sikh scholars and Intelligentsia:

“Was there NOT one Sikh or Khalsa who acted bravely then, whose statue DESERVES to be put in every city and town throughout PARTITIONED India, leave aside the fragment that we still shamelessly call Punjab?”

Did we all collapse before the naked and unprovoked “Aggression of Islam” like the bleating sheep and goats, and stampede out of West Punjab like the cattle chased by tigers and wolves?

Is that how “Guru Ki Fauj” and “Guru Ka Khalsa” vanished from Rawalpindi district and the whole of West Punjab and North Kashmir in 1947?

The scholars in a community under pressure ignore the fundamentals but stir up lots of futile discussions and controversies.

Instead of letting the sleeping dogs lie, they wake them up. One can see the uproar, shouting and barking that is now going on in the Sikh community across the globe over the latest controversy stirred up over placing the statues of the Gurus in gurdwaras!

After centuries, suddenly there is a need to bisect Sri Dasam Granth Sahib, and reinforce the definition of a Sikh that was first coined while lying crushed under the jackboot of our Imperial British masters, and now, the question of statues of our Gurus.

All this is “safe” and “politically correct” for the scholars of the degenerated inferior INDIAN race and blood. (India holds world record in slavery!) But the points I have raised above, are “hot potatoes”, and hence, unsafe to touch. Do we call ourselves intelligent and brave?

Communities under pressure, or being persecuted, react in one of the above given ways. We need to ask, “Why are the Sikhs under persecution? Are they the Jews in Third Reich? Are they the PLO in refugee camps in Palestine? Are they a bigger threat to the integrity of AKHAND BHARAT than the mushrooming MUSLIM Fifth Column, who were asked by Pandit Nehru to stay on despite Partition? When will the Sikh scholars put their minds and brains to this question?

It is vital to consider what a top Hindu leader (maligned as fundamentalist by the world) said, “We accept Pakistan but NOT Khalistan.”

Whose Voice is he repeating like an echo? And do we not need to ask him, “WHY PAKISTAN THEN?”

If he is scared of answering this, then is India safe under such leaders, leave aside the tiny Sikh minority whose heart & spirit were in Lahore and soul in Amritsar?

The above is submitted to the Hindu nation for a second reading.