Date: 8/10/2001



Before revolutions start or wars break out, there are clear indications. But those involved cannot see them or cannot do anything about it. Those involved are blinded by factors that we cannot understand or influence.

The Parliament of India can see where KALININGRAD is, what it like today and what it was like in 1940. But it is impossible for them to deduce anything, leave aside do anything about their own Kashmir in the same way. Amazing but true.

The Parliament of India knows the STRENGTH of Islam who not only captured one third of India on ONE day without firing a pistol shot but also STAYED PUT to increase their numbers for the final “Mother of All Battles” against the Pagans, yet they can do nothing to alter their fate. Amazing but true which is sucking them straight into the hole of doom.

Government of India know how the Chinese occupied Tibet and then altered the demographic nature of the country, but they cannot do anything like that in Kashmir. Their hands are tied behind their backs by their fate. Amazing but true.

Government of India know that Article 370 was a temporary measure. But after more than half a century, it is still in place and force. It is stupid and highly discriminatory against all the other 24 States in India, yet the Government of India is totally powerless to repeal it. Amazing but true.

Government of India know that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s logic, “I will give them Lahore but defend Srinagar to death,” is untenable, illogical, ridiculous and lethal. The frustration that is building up within India and Pakistan, will provokes the Muslims of India ultimately to rise and slaughter all the HINDUS in five days. Amazing but true.

Government of India know that as soon as World War 2 started, all the Japanese and the German citizens in the UK and USA were interned. But India will not intern or expel all the Mohammedans despite Partition that was an act of WAR. Amazing, but true.

It is plain and simple commonsense to assume that all the Muslims in Partitioned India are ‘persona non grata’ since Partition. There is also NO difference whatsoever between them and those who snatched, and live in, Pakistan today. But the Indian Constitution describes them as LOYAL citizens. Amazing but true.

Government of India know that Secularism, which is zero in Lahore and Dhaka, is “DOG MUCK” in Delhi. Yet they compel their own subjects, ONE BILLION OF THEM, including the Sikhs, to eat it daily as staple spiritual diet. Amazing but true.

The Sikhs who must have communal meal (langar) sitting on floors, know that prayers of Christians seated comfortably on chairs in churches are not falling on deaf ears of God. Amazing but true.

Every Sikh knows that (eternal) SPIRIT is above (perishable) symbols, yet he will insist on regarding these symbols mandatory, in order to be defined as a Sikh. Amazing but true.

The Muslims know that God is not an Arab and must understand every language on earth, including Panjabi. Yet they insist on offering Namaz in Arabic even though the Believer is a Filipino, Chinese, Kenyan, Colombian, Canadian, Bengali or Tamil. O yes, namaz must be said or read in Arabic by everyone round the globe, even in space. Amazing but true. (By the way, God said, “If you love me, love my creation.” Yet the Muslims perceive their highest duty in killing the Kafirs and destroying the Buddha statues. They also “show their love of God” by calling His humble pig “filthy devil” and refuse to even say the word “pig”!)

The list of absurdities and stupidities is endless. Governments and people, who are trapped in these, cannot break out, cannot escape. The rest of the world sees the resultant bloodshed from a safe distance as the people of Uruguay and Chile saw the bloodshed of the Europeans and the Japanese in World War 2 from a SAFE distance. The rest of the world climbs like the tourists high “manch” (perch) in the tall tree to observe with their cameras the lions devouring their kill down below, or as we watch, detached and de-linked, famine and floods on our TV screens. Such is the blessing of living in countries where the rulers can know, and see, and do something about it, IN ADVANCE, to prevent wars and revolutions!


In the arena of clash of giants, a much harried, ‘rammed, driven and screwed’ small Hindu goat slipped in. She saw the fury of the giants and felt dizzy with terror.

Recovering her breath, she went to one of them on “samjhauta” express to look an equal. And she invited His Majesty, the King ‘Killer of Kargil’, to her goat pen for fraternal talks.

She laid on a grand feast, halal beef served, in the shadow of Taj Mahal in Agra, to impress the visitor, the descendant of former Emperors and Sultans of Hindustan who knew his heritage and his holy Islamic “burden”. But he was sour and put off seeing the goat’s company. They were cows, some in colourful turbans, chewing the cud.

With her small memory like her small head, the goat overlooked the fact that the giant fed on goat meat. So to say it had been caught with its pants down. That was her instinctive move to lower the pants when the giants came into sight. “One can’t down the downed pants,” she thought.

The giant bit the goat on its ear and drew blood. The goat thought he was tickling her in a fraternal gesture. She acted humoured and friendly- all smiles. He dug into her back and she cried, “Oooh, you HURT me!”

The soft goat-meat was very nourishing. The giant got bigger and the goat got weaker and weaker, and smaller, and smaller, till she disappeared altogether from Srinagar and EAST Bengal.

On the INDIAN sub continent, the Muslim is undoubtedly a hunter. His staple diet is HINDU, his place of worship the demolished Hindu temple of former years, and his main recreation and pleasure Hindu maidens- not only in Bollywood movies. Given that the Hindu boys are timid, the girls all like to be approached, touched, pampered, humoured, chased and caught by the Musalmaan. Finally he chooses one and drags her out for his NIKAH.

The tradition is so deeply entrenched in Hindustan and so well established and set across the globe, that the news of yet more massacres of Hindus only draws a yawn from the world as well as from the Hindus themselves.

For them it is no more than the buzzing of a fly while they concentrate on earning money, more money, still more money and even more money. The richer the Hindu, the nearer he feels to his God.

‘Hindu hunt’ in South Kashmir is on. It has been going on since 24 October 1947. It was the FORCE of Partition that burst the walls, and gushed into the peaceful sleepy Valley down below with mighty torrential thrust.

When will the tide turn? NEVER. But it WILL end when all the Hindu goats are in the giant’s stomach.

Now read about the unlucky ones who are the latest to be devoured by the giant. Can’t you hear them crying bitterly in his stomach? I CAN.

I can faintly hear the words, “Our sin was to be Hindu in a land where Hindus are the meal of giants. No wonder our wise President is a Christian!”

(The Daily Telegraph, London, July 23, 2001, p. 11)


At least 15 Hindus were massacred in the Indian state of Jammy and Kashmir when Islamic militants dragged them from their homes and shot them, police said yesterday. Officials said five others were seriously injured in the attack n the village of Peddar.

Police said security was being increased in the Hindu-majority regions of Doda and Kishtwar to prevent a possible backlash against local Muslims. The massacre came in a surge of violence as a pilgrimage by thousands of Hindus resumed after being halted when two bombs exploded in Saturday, killing 13 people and injuring 17.

(The Supreme Commander of miserable Hindus, their President Mr. KR Narayanan is mighty pleased. He is a CHRISTIAN and thinks the same of the pagans as the manly Muslims.

Israel, don’t’ follow the despicable example of crushed Hindu India who is offering her sons and daughters to the Hunter every day without claiming even one live on the other side of the CEASE FIRE line. Jews need not be Hindu niggers. Send all the PLO along with their spokesman Hannan Ashrawi, all to Pakistan if Pakistan and BOGUSdesh are not willing to live in UNITED India under ONE flag of Secularism. There is plenty of room to spare in that “bastard” of an Islamic republic born out of illicit wedlock between the native Indian Muslims and the foreign transient British in 1947.



A young smart well-educated Hindu young lady, being relentlessly pursued by a Muslim colleague at work in Scotland, said,” I went into a shop to buy a coat. It looked gorgeous in the window from the outside. I went in. The sales woman was very nice and smiling.

I asked her, “What if I don’t like it and want to return it tomorrow?”

“Then we will KILL you,” she replied. “You must keep it for ever if you buy it from us. And that is official as per our company rules.”

That is why I am NOT willing to “embrace” Islam because they will KILL me if I wish to escape it later.” She added, “And that, my dear, is official ISLAMIC position across the world!

A Hindu standing nearby, cried, saying, ”My daughter Sharmila eloped with a Khan and has embraced alien Islam. She is lost for ever.”