Date: 8/11/2001


(The FUTURE of the Hindus is their PAST)


Highly educated Indians, senior professors, scholarly distinguished doctors, wealthy businessmen and women, politicians of all parties, governors of states, some as large as France and some even larger than Germany, top diplomats, ministers, chief ministers, religious priests and pundits, students of colleges and universities will ALL be “celebrating” India’s Independence day on August 15 next, the day when ONE THIRD of India simply vanished from the map!

You might ask an “Indian” Excellency, From which “devil” did you get your freedom? Was it the educated benign British, or the uncouth, illiterate savage Mohammedan who ruled India for SEVEN centuries, beating the natives into pulp beyond recognition?”

"The British!” he will reply without blinking an eye, in a well-rehearsed chorus.

The irony is that he has settled his own son and brother in Britain and is dreaming of joining them later. He CAN’T wait for retirement!

He also sees endless streams of his compatriotis, illegal INDIAN migrants, heading straight for Great Britain, not Pakistan or Bangladesh!

“But the British gave you democracy, parliamentary system of government and also several universities to educate you lot. Did they ever destroy a temple, abduct women forcibly, behead your holy men and Gurus in public squares, set fire to gurdwaras with all the congregations trapped inside, impose Jezia or convert by sword?

“What about those, you fool, who actually did just that? And, how could the British be such “devils” if your Pandit Nehru begged of the British Viceroy and the Commander in Chief, to stay on in India to help him run the country?

“What about the “devils” who actually played Hell with you for SEVEN CENTURIES and at the time of parting took away territories as vast as half of Europe?

Should you not relate to your territory and recall the five provinces of your Motherland that were surrendered to the devils unconditionally along with all the Hindus and Sikhs living there.

Were they not your fellow Indians, your compatriots? Nearly a million of them were killed in cold blood and you still rejoice and celebrate? Are you a human being or an animal? What about PARTITION?”

“Should you not expect your president and prime minister to go over the defeat and surrender and the national humiliation and degradation of India? Should one not designate August 15th. as PARTITION Day, instead?”

Now let us tell this INDIAN Excellency as to what happened on that day in 1947? One billion HINDUS, who are most eager to lick his shoes at the drop of a hat, too, ought to know.

The Indian leaders who had been charged by their followers to DEFEND India’s territorial integrity and SECULARISM, signed history’s greatest UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER voluntarily.

Here is the full text


We surrender UNCONDITIONALLY, the land, air and sea forces of India whose record of gallantry, bravery and valour in the battlefields of the world is unique.


We surrender UNCONDITIONALLY our dearest principle of Secularism as well as the self-respect and honour of our daughters and sons, and of all the men, women and children of our country everywhere- from Kanya Kumari to Gilgit, from Khyber to Chittagong, both alive and yet to be born – till eternity.


Sir Cyril Radcliffe, the Special Envoy of His Majesty’s Government in London, and Chairman, Boundary Commissions for Bengal, Sylhet and Punjab, may as he wishes and pleases, cut up our ancient land of great wisdom and morality, tradition and heritage, in the utmost hurry, i.e., within a matter of days, and demarcate the new frontiers as and where he may deem fit.

We shall surrender UNCONDITIONALLY all territories, and as many provinces as fall outside the newly demarcated Indian frontiers and renounce any claim to their return, till eternity.

We shall raise NO objection, make NO protest, take NO action, issue NO warning, make NO threat, at the extermination, and ethnic cleansing, of the hapless minorities trapped in these territories. We will simply watch the Beast of Islam devouring all the Hindus and Sikh it can catch and eat, flesh, bone and hair.


We, as the unquestioned leaders of Hindustan, being the sole representatives and spokesmen of her PEOPLE, deliver ourselves willingly to the Will of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, of All-INDIA Muslim League, as a lamb stretched for slaughter under a butcher’s knife.

We shall lick his boots if that were the condition imposed upon us under this Document of UNCONDITIONAL surrender.


We shall ruthlessly suppress the news of this HIGH TREASON against India and her PEOPLE. And we further undertake to brainwash all the Indians into fully accepting our Will and deed. We shall call TRUNCATED India “India” and bisected Punjab “Punjab”. Should the brave Mujahideen occupy North Kashmir eventually, we shall call South Kashmir ”Kashmir”.


Signed in the name of the PEOPLE of the new sovereign INDEPENDENT Republic of Hindustan.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Jawaharlal Nehru, Pandit

Baldev Singh “be-waqoof”

Signed in Witness thereof, “So Help Me God!”

Lord Louis Mountbatten, VICEROY OF INDIA New Delhi.

Dated August 14, 1947.


VE Day and VJ Day, 1945.

Can’t we see, or comprehend, WHY and HOW Europe and America commemorate their VICTORY over the NAZI “SHAITAN” in 1945?

How did our own leaders fare in THEIR war against the Muslim “SHAITAN” in 1947?

How will we INDIANS commemorate all our dead and the unconditional surrender of Lahore, Karachi, Sylhet and EAST Bengal on August 15 next?


Sisters’ Dialogue:

Two very insecure Sisters, much concerned to save the doomed Hindu souls, held a secret meeting at the well guarded fortified residence of Sonia KHAN, aka Gandhi.

“Sister, the whole of Hindusthan is melting away under our feet like a clod of mud in heavy rain. But there are emerging two rocks that will stand jutting out.”

“What are they, you far seeing Sister?”

“One the Tamils whose whiskers were not chopped off by any Mohammedan Empress or Emperor. The others are the Sikhs who go about defying our Secular Constitution so visibly.

Don’t worry Sister. The matter is in hand. Our late Rashtramata Indiraji invaded EAST Punjab to give the Sikhs such a “bloody nose” that they will be seeing nightmares for generations to come. And our great leader, Mr. Clean, is about to send his expeditionary forces to liquidate the Tamils in the South, and beyond, across the sea. Many of these Jawans and their officers have won gallantry awards in the Battle of Golden Temple. They are hardened soldiers and Rajiv Ji is mighty proud of them.”

“And it is official. The Congress High Command has decided with redoubled zeal to run down EDUCATION, ruin ECONOMY, fan the Culture of Corruption, introduce Mafia, and Divide and Divide and Divide, to KILL. You will see the Hindus flocking in their thousands to accept our Lord in their dark hearts.”

“And you will soon see the Hindu going for the Sikh and the Musalman going for both. We only stand to gain enormously. The native is still asleep, ignorant like a coot.

“The Pope has been invited a second time to show his flag to these “native rats” who never dared to raise their heads while the Arabs, the Turks, the Persians, the Afghans and the British were here. How dare they think that our Italy is no match to any of them?”


When the Albanian born nun died, Government of India declared SEVEN-DAY official mourning period. Some indication of the way Hindu is collapsing in Bharat, having totally collapsed in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and North Kashmir.”


The Daily Telegraph, London, August 9, 2001:

CURFEW TO CURB KASHMIR PROTEST: Indian security forces imposed a curfew in Jammu, winter capital of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, yesterday amid violent protests over a Muslim militant attack at the city’s railway station that left 11 dead.

Troops, police and paramilitary forces were on the streets of the Hindu majority city as radical Hindus were said to be preparing protests.

In Rajouri township, near the border with Pakistan, police fired in the air and used tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters denouncing the state and central governments (sic) for failing to protect civilians.


A Sate with all its rotten Intelligence services, ineffective security forces and useless, damn useless, overblown vast top heavy bureaucratic establishment, that cannot protect its citizens needs to be BLASTED out of existence. What do all the “Excellencies” at the UNO think about the “ASS” called Government of India and their third class senile Supreme Commander who is busy enjoying banquets and foreign luxury tours with his Burmese born evangelist spouse, and dreaming of inviting the wife of BOFORS CHOR once again to take over India?

Watch out for the intellectual moron, the sarkari stooge, the treacherous diplomat or bureaucrat, and the “Indian” Excellency, who will hoist the flag of PISS (PARTITIONED Indian Secular State) on August 15 next, and invite all the morons around to sing the wailing Jana Gana Mana which contains the words Punjab, Sindh and Bengal. Spare a thought, if you have any brain, for the Punjab that is reduced into a tiny fragment, Sindh that has disappeared and bleeding Bengal that is left without its Eastern half.

Just have a look at the map of India, one before and one AFTER that “Independence” which Bandit Nehru brought home, boasting of chasing the brave British away!