Date: 8/13/2001



The Daily Telegraph, London, caption of the editorial on August 11, 2001, read:


But the Palestinian attacks and suicide bombers are not against the person of Sharon. They are against Israel. As far as the PLO are concerned, Sharon is welcome to stay on in power provided he buckles and heels, concedes and surrenders, pays Jezia tax, or reduces himself to be a “dhimmi” like Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee, the Prime Minister of Partitioned India.

But if he is going to walk tall with his head held high in Jerusalam (unlike Mr. Vajpayee in Ayodhya) then he has to be backed up with all the might of Israel.

Just imagine if Western Europe in 1940s had more pacifists than fighters! On the contrary, India in 1947 had no fighter at all, but all the pacifists being led into battle by “Field Marshal” Mahatma Gandhi.

Isn’t it surprising that Indira Gandhi actually had a Field Marshal in military uniform (Manekshaw) to conquer EAST Bengal in 1972 which was to be promptly returned to her Islamic family. But her father, Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru, had not even an ordinary soldier (Jawan) defending Lahore which then would have remained within his own HINDU India.

It just shows the contempt of the “niggardly” Hindu and SIKH in the eyes of the Dynasty. Yet the whole of Hindustan, Bitta, Boota and Badal included, is so keen to feed and fatten anyone by the name of Gandhi- in reality the despicable offspring of NEHRU!

This is Bandit Country. This is India in the hands of the native MAFIA. This is the Indian “maaya” or ILLUSION. In this state of mind the nation is hypnotised to believe, that their biggest DEFEAT is the occasion for their biggest celebration simply by calling Partition “Independence”! Watch the “monkeys” dance on August 15th.- young and old, rich and poor, scholar and peasant, Brahmin and Shudra, man and woman. Not one in the entire Indian sub human specie will recall Lahore, or mention Chittagong. Would anyone be so stupid in the UNITED Kingdom and the UNITED States??

The same destructive Islamic FORCES, which have turned the Hindus into “donkeys”, is now at work to destroy Israel. It is, therefore, high time that Israel and her friends all over the world, rallied to ensure her PERMANENT peace.

Israel need not be partitioned or reduced and then forced to live under the BOOT of Islam like Hindustan.



As the Allies discovered when faced with Japanese kamikazes in the Pacific, there is only one answer to suicide bombers: irresistible force. When will Israel (PARTITIONED INDIA) respond to Palestinian (PAKISTANI) human bombs in the same way? The slaughter of at least 15 civilians and wounding of 130 more, (HUNDREDS OF INNOCENT HINDUS) mainly women and children, in a Jerusalem pizzeria (IN THE KASHMIR VALLEY) poses this question to Ariel Sharon’s coalition government (TO VAJPAYEES’ COALITION GOVERNMENT).

Israel’s responds to the latest Palestinian atrocity is, in fact, a measured one. It is certainly not enough to reassure Israeli public opinion. (INDIA’S RESPONSE ISN’T ANY! Dear readers, now we see the similarity between Israel under attack and India under savage attack. Please read the rest of the leading article keeping this similarity in mind.)

The occupation yesterday (August 10, 2001) of the Palestinian headquarters in East Jerusalem, though intended to warn Yasser Arafat that Israel means business, will in fact send a signal of impotence. The Israeli army has already made the necessary military redeployments to re-occupy Palestinian areas if necessary. Yesterday Mr Sharon chose, rather, to seize Orient House, a private building unofficially used by Mr Arafat’s representatives. Though closing-down this Palestinian office may seem to re-emphasise Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem, it seems designed more to impress the international media with Israel’s restraint than to deter future suicide attacks. Even the targeted assassination of Hamas terrorists or other Muslim extremists poses no threat to Mr Arafat. Palestinians and Israelis alike wonder why Mr Sharon is willing to wound, but afraid to strike.

The reason is that the coalition is too divided to take any decisive action. Mr Sharon knows that, if he were to disregard the Oslo accords by interdicting the West Bank and Gaza, preventing the use for daily military assaults on Israel proper, his government would fall. This would precipitate a snap election, which he would probably lose. His Likud rival, “Bibi” Netanyahu, advocates a harder line against the Intifada and is eclipsing the Prime Minister in popularity. In the past year, the electorate have moved further to the Right, not only than the Knesset, but also the coalition. The Palestinian rejection of Ehud Barak’s peace proposals, followed by the renewal of the Intifada and now the use of suicide bombers, have caused Israeli public opinion to become more united today than for many years.

Israelis are not blind. They see that Mr Arafat and his regime, far from resisting Hamas or Islamic Jihad, is making common cause with them. His television station glorifies suicide bombers as martyrs, his associates preach jihad against the Jews from the mosques of Gaza and Jerusalem, and his Arabic propaganda calls for the destruction of Israel.

Most Israelis now realise that the survival of the Jewish state is at stake. A nation that has reason to fear genocide is less fearful of criticism from abroad. Unless Israel’s government can persuade its citizens that they will be protected against the kind of carnage witnessed in Jerusalem this week, Mr Sharon may shortly find himself out on his ear.


The above applies to PARTITIONED India, in toto. That country had, and has, every reason to declare the MOHAMMEDANS, all the Mohammedans PERSONA NON GRATA, just as Pakistan’s provocative Islamic constitution has the audacity to describe the Hindus, ALL THE HINDUS, as “dogs”. India’ guts were taken out in 1947. Now it seems, she is about to be BEHEADED.

Israel may still survive. She has the capacity to RETALIATE. India has lost that, too. The Muslim militants, who kill the Hindus by the dozen every other day in South Kashmir, and those who blasted the Bombay Stock Exchange in January 1993, are still at large- out of harm’s (Hindu’s) way. It is the Hindu, whose neck is in the ISLAMIC noose. What a vulgar sight which ALL can see!

Yet the Hindu refuses to look at the ISLAMIC gangrene that is spreading in the body of his PARTITIONED India. He is too terrified of the Mohammedan bullies to establish even one ‘Hindu Holocaust Museum’, to see Truth and Reality.

Is it Hindu “Maaya”, that the HINDU is going DOWN laughing, like a brainless idiot?

Each day that the Hindu misses the point, he becomes weaker and his enemies STRONGER. How will it all end eventually?