Date: 8/13/2001



Your Mother is wailing. Once the Mother of Zoroastrians wailed. Once the Mother of Afghanistan wailed. Once the Mother of Armenians wailed. Once the Mother of Jews wailed. Once the Mother of Christians wailed. And the Mother of Hindustan wailed a MILLION times. She is still in the Islamic cage of terror.

The agreement FORCED on you today (August 13, 2001) like an act of blackmail by the MAN from NATO, while the enemy is firing away guns at your people and is highly motivated and charged with the Ideology of Jihad, unknown to the European Union and the NATO, is an unfortunate step towards unwinding, rolling back, liquidating your free and secular democratic republic. You have lost territory, Mother Earth that your fore-fathers kept and preserved, and would have DEFENDED.

The men, who descended from the West, did not grow up in PARTITIONED INDIA, Armenia, Cyprus, Southern Philippines, Kashmir, Lebanon, Palestine or Kosova. They grew up in the CHRISTIAN safe havens, feeling absolutely secure from cradle to grave, where no church is set on fire, icons looted, women abducted to be gang raped, and the long and unending line of suicide bombers waiting to blow up markets, shops, banks, cafes and restaurants, to turn the laughter of the innocent into weeping and wailing of the widows and orphans within seconds.

Now that Islam has dug its teeth deep into your flesh, you will slowly bleed to death. Upturn or reverse gear is hardly possible. The only ray of hope is in your geographical location. Europe has the precedence of Crusaders pushing back the barbarians, and the recovery of Spain and Greece. Our wretched Hindustan has never seen the tide turn.

O Macedonia, you are bleeding. The Punjab has already bled to death. You produced a great conqueror, ALEXANDER, The Great, who set out to conquer the world. He found his match in the manhood of Punjab. Today that manhood is crushed. Today Alexander's own land is being conquered, inch by inch.

Punjab produced her own great son, Guru Gobind Singh, the indefatigable intrepid invincible warrior, who released the righteous secular Spirit that eventually planted the saffron flag over Khyber, with Lahore as the Centre of its POLITICAL power.

You have an UNINVITED savage intruder, the ALBANIAN Muslim. NATO and all the world have set their goal to make you kneel before the aggressor, instead of joining forces to throw the last heavily armed Musalman intruder from Kosova, Albania, Turkey, Afghanistan and Bangladesh OUT.

Theirs is the global thrust. Yasser Arafat has never condemned the Partition of India nor the provocative Islamic constitution of BOGUSdesh which he sees as his fraternal estate. Ours is the half-hearted diluted piecemeal effort to retaliate. They are all Muslim. We are a rag bag of nationalities, regions and religions. What match are we? What match is our FREE secular world?

Like you, our Punjab, too, had the most unwelcome intruders, first from Arabia (712 AD), then from TURKEY (1192 AD) and then umpteen times from Iran and Afghanistan.

Luckily Columbus set out to discover INDIA and the British followed in his wake to Delhi, to oust the last filthy Mohammedan Emperor of the crushed (beaten into pulp) HINDU nation in 1857 AD.

You are being forced into negotiating deceptive, time gaining, appeasing ‘peace deals’ with those whose very religion is DECEPTION.

Ask the “Red Indians” how many deals the dishonest Europeans broke that they concluded in all earnest and solemnity? And ask the Hindus how many peace deals were negotiated by the Clueless Perishing Pagans with the Muslim adversary.

Emperor Prithvi Raj Chohan alone signed SIXTEEN peace deals with the Muslim invader. But when at last he fell into the trap, he was beheaded with eyes gouged out and limbs chopped up first!

Today’s Hindu is a "rat" to write up a Constitution, which places a Muslim above the Hindu (Article 370). He is confined to his PARTITIONED India with its one third missing.

Beware, if the world is forcing you to sign your own death warrants. First see them BEYOND the frontiers, and then consider the “beasts” as human. You can see the plight of women in Pakistan, Christians in Afghanistan and the Hindus in South Kashmir, where even the UNO is so useless and ineffective.

O Macedonia, like the prisoners condemned to death in the neighbouring cells of a high security Prison, the Hindus can only communicate with you by tapping the wall. Can you hear us?