Date: 8/17/2001



Pandit Nehru returned home with a wonderful settlement in 1947.

It was the best SIKH KILLER document, ever. Luckily for him the Sikhs are still asleep. Their minds were diverted through "Brainwash" towards checking up on each other’s visible symbols and serving free food to all, and reciting Scriptures, sometimes to just bare walls of their temples, in day and night long marathon sessions.

Is there any time left for Ideology or analysis of history?

Nehru said to his Muslim friend Mohammed Ali Jinnah, “Brother, you can raise your Islamic flag which we will recognize at once, and the world will respect. But I will not let the Hindus entertain such ideas. My Constitution will classify anyone wearing a saffron sari, dhoti or turban as inferior, moron or terrorist.

Despite their vehement protests to the contrary, the BJP is called Hindu FUNDAMENTALIST Party and the AXIS Powers in Partitioned India (Italy, Islam and the Clueless Hindu) label them “dangerous” throughout the world.

When a nation is so terrified of being called criminals, it is hardly surprising that they will do things that only please the enemy and harm own family.

Such a terrified nation will choose a “Dalit” to be their PRESIDENT, and SUPREME COMMANDER, who fits the description of KR NARAYANAN (and his spouse).

Anything “Indian” about them except the colour of their skin and the DEVIOUSNESS of their character?

Such a terrified nation will NOT challenge Partition or declare LAHORE and Chittagong “Indian” till eternity.

We are not brave Jews who can broadcast, “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel.”

Just see what the President of India will say about Dhaka. No wonder his soldiers are dying like flies in SOUTH Kashmir, always on THIS side of frontier. Not one son or daughter of the fallen Indian mercenary hero in uniform (soldier) can buy even six square inches of land in that state that was covered by his father’s BLOOD.

Who do you tell of the utter disgrace and degradation of the HINDU in Hindusthan (not only in Kabul, Karachi and Sylhet)?

Is it difficult to predict the future of the SIKH and the Hindu in Bharat?

The HEADLESS HINDU is blundering on.