Date: 8/23/2001


There was once a country called Hindustan. It had that name since the Hindus lived there in a comfortable self-assuring majority. However, not keen on the word "Hindu", the BANDIT in his Constitution changed "Hindustan" to "Bharat".

Then there was a JINN living next door with insatiable appetite for the soft Hindu flesh. It was tender and juicy since the Hindu was a vegan, eating carrots, potatoes, pulses, mangoes, oranges and bananas. The JINN preferred it above all.

Though the Hindu was a vegetarian who shunned all the warrior Lords in order to pray at the feet of god Gandhi of Ahimsa, none offered the JINN carrots, onions or bhaji. The JINN wanted nothing short of Hindu FLESH and BLOOD.

So to buy peace from the JINN the Hindus did a few things like surrendering vast territory, stretching from Chittagong to Sylhet, then they enacted a Constitution that called the flesh eating JINN at par with the carrot eating Hindu.

The JINN was still not satisfied. So the Hindu High Command then decided to ACCEPT PARTITION TILL ETERNITY and to approve of every marriage between a Hindu maiden and a KHAN. They also gave a solemn pledge neither to enforce family planning on the Muslims, nor to raise the Temple at Ayodhya, FEARING the JINN'S backlash. Who knows, instead of FOUR A DAY the JINN could demand FORTY HINDUS A DAY?

The Hindus also pledged to love and adore the females born abroad and offered to yield twenty goats and ten horses per day if the JINN was to accept their offer. The JINN saw the entire Hindu world lying prostrate in dust in front of him. But being a JINN, he was unrelenting. He was very fond of KORAN. Not one Hindu understood Arabic. So none understood JINN'S mind. NO Hindu knew German. So none could compare Koran to MEIN KAMPF, either.

But the JINN was still not satisfied. He wanted Hindu flesh and blood but nothing else, but nothing else, but nothing else.

"Don't insult me by offering horses and goats," he yelled at them. There was a shiver through their spines and all the Hindu Excellencies trembled.

Two highly sophisticated barristers-at-law, Jawaharlal Nehru and MK Gandhi then drafted an Agreement with the JINN to supply Hindu meat on REGULAR basis.

The JINN in turn promised not to drop his NUCLEAR BOMBS on Delhi and Mumbai. Peace was bought and the Hindus celebrated their Independence.

FOUR more Hindus were fed to the JINN as per the report today (August 23, 2001). Is anyone keeping a count of the Hindus thus offered so far, as human sacrifice to JINN?

Here is the report filed by a Friend of the JINN (as per Act of Partition, 1947), Mukhtar Ahmed, from Shrinagar, that is about to be named "HINDUKUSH-II", since all the "Shrees" from there have fled, leaving no trace behind.



Four Hindu villagers killed in Jammu

By Mukhtar Ahmad, in Shrinagar

Rediff On The Net, via News Plus

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Four Hindu villagers were gunned down by militants in two incidents in the upper reaches of Udhampur district in Jammu region early Thursday morning.

Police sources said militants opened fire on two Hindu villagers identified as Bhagatram and Avtaar Chand at village Neel in Udhampur district.

In the second incident, two villagers -- Naseeb Singh and Amar Singh -- were shot by militants at Mahu Mangat in Udhampur district.

Security forces have rushed reinforcements to the two villages.

No militant group has yet taken responsibility for the killings. (Unquote)


Dear readers, continue with your tea or sharbat, and the romantic film on ZEE TV you are watching. Let nothing spoil your fun. Security forces have rushed reinforcements to the two villages and no militant group has yet taken responsibility for the killings. (So WHO to catch?)

O please, do look into the mind of the CHRISTIAN President within, and the MUSLIM JINN without, to understand that the last surviving PAGANS on earth are PERISHING.

Dear readers, if you have ENJOYED the above item, then be informed that the JINN has a female consort in Hindustan, too. She was born in a wine producing Mediterranean land that lies much beyond Arabia. She is after Hindu SOULS. Hindus, scared of the JINN, and fearing further impoverishment and beatings at the hands of their own politicians, are turning to her for Salvation in their hundreds every day. Did you not know this?

Even in patriotic films like "GADDAR", SIKH heroism is contrasted with Catholic SCHOOLING (Education). For the film it was impossible to show a DAV High School or a Khalsa College. Would the Censor Board have passed the film for public viewing?

However, the hidden message is lost on the simpleton Sikhs, unaware of the subject called PSYCHOLOGY that makes and mars IMAGE.

How is the HINDU image across the globe since the news has been read ALL OVER.