Date: 8/24/2001



(Courtesy: Institute of Hindu Ideology, in exile)

I saw a hungry python (ISLAM) slithering, creeping, sliding slowly and silently, with utmost caution, not to disturb the sleeping rabbit (HINDU).

The rabbit had earlier been making fast sprints and high leaps to escape a fox (AURANGZEB who was so fond of rabbit meat!), and then a leopard family (EAST INDIA COMPANY & GREAT BRITAIN) and was dead tired.

As a result it was fast asleep. It did not feel or sense the approaching python which positioned itself nicely next to the rabbit, and then . . . . .

Sudden opening of the huge mouth, fangs visible, and SNAP!

The rabbit was lifted off the ground in a split second and was inside the python’s mouth (GANDHI, NEHRU, SARDAR, and the lot!).

The python’s two jaws (West Pakistan and East Pakistan) closed on the hapless wretched animal that had never once in life bitten even an ant (CATHOLIC) or killed anything living.

Now NATURE took over.

Nature makes the fangs ooze out poison that is injected into the victim’s body (Pakistani ISI Agents from the West, illegal Bangladeshi immigrants by the million, from the East). The sweet poison dulls the brain and numbs the body, making it soft to swallow.

Then it is only a matter of time . . . . . (till the last Hindu is in its stomach or ejected, converted, that is, saying namaaz in Arabic, marrying off his daughter to a KHAN.)

What a true likeness of PARTITIONED Hindu India, that is, BROKEN, DISUNITED BHARAT, with the ISLAMIC python’s jaws on both sides, oozing out poison into the limp Hindu body that is dissolving itself slowly, given that there are a BILLION of them to be “dissolved”.

Did the grand sounding, impressively named, “Institute of Indian Strategic Studies” in New Delhi estimate the remaining life of their current India, or Nehru’s Secularism? Did they say “A thousand years,” like Hitler’s Third Reich!

You will see the RABBIT (Hindustan) dissolve much sooner.

Would some Hindu stalwart wish to argue this out among friends?

Quite a challenge for the cowardly grass eating, dust smeared, Rabbit, which is being dissolved, head first, in SOUTH Kashmir! Wouldn’t you agree?


By the way, shouldn’t that airport be re-named “SATWANT SINGH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, NEW DELHI” if it cannot be named after Guru Tegh Bahadur?

NO! NO! NO! What are you saying, “Array Yaar”? Satwant Singh fired a gun that killed our Secularism and agonised Gandhiji's soul in his samadhi. Satwant Singh or Beant Singh or Kehar Singh? BLASPHEMY! BLASPHEMY! HIGH TREASON!

India's No. 1 airport must bear the name of India’s own Great Political WITCH, who was arrogant, autocratic and ruthless, who imposed Emergency to seal everybody’s lips, welcomed an unknown, un-vetted, Italian au pair in her home, and promptly returned EAST Bengal to ISLAM since her own Secularism was only for her humble Hindu subjects (RABBITS), to be IMPOSED by gun on EAST Punjab and SOUTH Kashmir.


Now BACK to the (HINDU) RABBIT being dissolved in the (MUSLIM) PYTHON'S mouth . . . (Delicious, delicious, delicious!)

Watch out, Lady Macedonia!