Date: 8/26/2001



“Sir, Your posting on Ignorant Air Vice-Marshall is outstanding.

If Messrs. Vajpai & Advani can put your suggestions into deeds, and keep to their own election manifesto promises, the luck of India would change overnight.

They don't have to fire missiles, shoot anybody- they just need to put their own house in order first, making it secure.

Since BJP came to power on several promises to the electorate and is not fulfilling them, they are equally guilty.”


Yes, they are equally guilty. They are equally criminals. They are equally answerable to their illiterate, dumb and ignorant Indian electorate, just like a knowledgeable mother feeds her crying baby who cannot put its wishes into words, just like a doctor treats the patient in coma. That is what the rulers all over the world do- except the rulers of Hindustan who think it is their only chance and opportunity to fill their pockets with public loot.

None believes that the Indian electorate is mature, or well informed. Would they have accepted Partition just like that without laying down a single condition? Yes, the RULERS of India have taken their nation for a donkey ride.

The NRI wrote to us that he would travel back to India one day but ONLY when his “Mother” India is more than an Arab camel’s, or an Italian cow’s “dung”.

He will return to his dear India when every Indian is entitled to dual nationality and travels to Bharat as a HINDU- NOT as a ‘PIO’ (“Poor Indian Ox”) after paying £640 to the corrupt successors of BOFORS CHOR.

He will travel to India when to be a Hindu will be honourable and not a cause of acute embarrassment or shame. We hope that day comes soon.

We would like to speak to that Vice Air Marshal, too, and say, “O Air Marshal of PARTITIONED India, you must be really sorry that Madame Indira Khatun could not employ the Indian Navy in her Operation “Blue Star” in June 1984, thus depriving you of a medal for gallantry while your colleagues from the Air Force and the Army could win them by the dozen.

But there WAS a large pool of water around the Temple for a mini sub marine! You could have sailed submerged into Golden Temple and caught Bhindranwale before anybody even woke up.

And aren’t you an ignorant coot who sees the enemy across the frontier when they are all sitting in Lok Sabha itself, the deadliest in the front row!

Do you wish us to NAME them? Where are your own Intelligence Services and where is your RAW, the stupid fools who literally thought Indira was INDIA? (Too busy pursuing terrorists in Bodoland, Nagaland, South Kashmir, East Punjab and West Bengal; too busy gathering evidence from the “Terrorists’ Registers” of Salman Haidar and PC Alexander, Hindustan’s high commissioners in London, while overlooking the real terrorists and their friends in the Lok Sabha itself?)

We repeat the above, just in case we were misunderstood, or not understood at all: The real ENEMIES of India, Hindus, and Hindustan, sit in LOK SABHA.


As soon as Pandit Nehru became the Lord of Hindu “Flies”, he assumed full control of media, armed forces, foreign affairs and EDUCATION. His vast Ministry of Information immediately split into two: Ministry of MISINFORMATION and Ministry of DISINFORMATION.

Thus his Ministry of Propaganda could get funds for TWO ministries instead of one. Pandit Nehru’s Information became his PROPAGANDA. The Indian citizens at home were as BADLY informed about the world and their own Partition and fate as the Germans were under Hitler and the Russians were under Marshal Stalin.

Since he had signed off five provinces without imposing a single condition upon the Mohammedan ENEMY, he wanted to be sure that none squeaked “High Treason!” in his face.

So he had to be ruthless in suppressing any dissent in his democracy. And since he was grooming his own daughter for his chair, he had to do be even more ruthless.

His vast ruling establishment, the Indian Civil Service, did a marvellous job of building his image sky high while reducing an average Indian to the size of an ant. Wherever the Pandit went, the Indians stooped low to touch his feet. One can see this from the footage of those days, soon after “independence”.

On the one hand his All India Congress Party were shouting profanity at the British as being cruel exploiters of the natives, on the other hand Pandit was begging of them to stay on to run his country. So the Viceroy stayed on as the Governor General and the Commander-in-Chief stayed on to lead the army to a ceasefire in Kashmir, thus perpetuating India’s disproportional high spending on defence and armaments.

The civil and military aspects in Partitioned, Fatherless, & Enslaved INDIA were both ruined on purpose, as per State design.

And the STATE was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, then his daughter Indira and then his grandson Rajiv KHAN, alias Gandhi, who is still widely known as BOFORS CHOR. The State was the RASCAL. The State was the ENEMY. And those Indian “CUCKOOS & COOLIES”, including the generals, the air marshals and the admirals, and all the professors and scholars ought to see India’s impoverishment in every field except CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM & GRAFT since 1947.

Nobody will tell the Indians all this. They are meant to PERISH. And they have been doing so continuously since the Arabs REDUCED them in 712 AD after giving a crushing defeat to the natives in Sindh. Since then Hindustan has NEVER been without her superior foreigners even for one second. The second most crushing defeat on the Hindus was inflicted in 1947 when record amount (size) of TERRITORY was surrendered unconditionally.

It is, therefore, vital for the Indians to take time off from marathon recitations of their holy scriptures in mandirs, and massive free food bonanza, with all the time and effort expended in gurdwaras, to spare a thought for the trap they are in.

The trap has created such an air of INSECURITY that the Indians have gone asunder from one another. They are now scattered across the globe without even a single unifying body.

The Indians are no more than a rabble- individually (convincingly) smart guys, but collectively mere riff raff. In that climate of insecurity Indian’s attachment to their families is excessive. Just see the hen gathering all the chicks when there is a hawk circling overhead.

In case of the wretched Hindus AND SIKHS, the hawks have never vanished from the sky overhead. Hence it is not only the mothers who are scared for their children, even Hindu and Sikh grandfathers are excessively attached and protective of their children who may be in their 40s and 50s. And with NO say in the ruling process, the second obsession is gathering MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, for the rainy day. In India where it has never stopped raining the rainy days for the poor Indians are aplenty.

This gives us a unique insight into the deep rooted deranged genetic psyche of an average Hindu and SIKH from India, who still clings to family and money as if the ruthless Muslim Emperor Aurangzeb was still around. There is NO custom or tradition among the much crushed & persecuted natives of India, of saying to GROWN UP children, “Go forth and venture!”

No wonder a few Muslim militants can continue killing the Hindus like a “duck shoot” in South Kashmir. And the Hindus are dying like the ducks, mallards and turkeys. Ten one day, seven one night, three dozen on another day (Chattisinghpura) and full 100 on another night (on their way to Amarnath Cave for Yatra). And four the other day (see previous posting on this website, “Feeding the Jinn”).

It is not only Kabul where the Hindu is so degraded, or Fiji where he is a coolie!

It is impossible to believe that Government of India could not stop that continuous bleeding of the Hindu “sheep” in South Kashmir. They could have done it long ago.

So what is the Truth? It is that Government of India is NO government of the natives, for the natives, by the natives, just as Marshal Stalin was NOT the “Man of the People”!

The Government of India is IN REALITY the resurrected AXIS POWERS.

The political columns represented by the three colours of its mongrel flag, are THE MOHAMMEDANS, THE CHRISTIANS, and THE INTIMIDATED, IGNORANT, SMASHED, SECULAR HINDU. The Sikh is merely a babe in the lap of his HINDU mother.

That is the reality which is invisible, which is concealed, which is terrible, which is frightening.

Everything that has happened in Broken Bharat since the first INAUSPICIOUS moment when Pandit Nehru took full control of his Indian SLAVE COLONY, falls into pattern when we grasp this FACT, that the Indian “sparrow” is in the claws of a foreign hawk, that the Indian rabbit is in the mouth of a foreign tiger. Its escape is near impossible.

The bogus Partition of 1947, without a referendum, is accepted unreservedly, the treacherous secularism has been enshrined in Constitution, and the committed Hindu and the devoted patriot eliminated from the top ruling echelons at Centre and State levels (KR Narayanan, PC Alexander, Sonia Gandhi, and Gen. Jacob are NOT Hindu- not even Sikh!).

Why will a Christian President of a HINDU country bother about setting up national charities like the Red Cross? Why will the same man as the Supreme Commander think of establishing IMPENETRABLE defence barriers along the frontiers, or consider hitting back hard, or ensure protection of soldiers’ lives in South Kashmir? Why will a MUSLIM Governor of a State approve of Hindu students excelling in scholarship? Even the Prime Minister of Hindustan, whose son Rajiv embraced the Catholic Faith, was herself a secret convert to Islam.

Khanum Indira Gandhi’s security forces killed off thousands of SIKH young men in EAST Punjab on the pretext of enforcing peace. Yet not one Sikh boy or girl was given State scholarship to go to Europe for higher education like her own two loafer sons Rajiv and Sanjay!


Then we prayed to ALLAH, “If you can dictate a whole Book to an ILLITERATE bedouine, why, O why, can’t You do a small miracle for us?”

“What is it? Speak quickly.”

“Kindly make me a sparrow and let me off near Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi. I could see what’s going on there!”

“Wish granted. But only for five minutes!” That was God’s voice. We couldn’t believe it. And instead of letting me off somewhere in the large city near the “Bhawan”, He put me right in it.

I was perched in the skylight of a well carpeted grand conference room with gilded knobs on doors and thick pile carpet on the floor. There was rich mahogany furniture and grand paintings of Gandhi, Nehru, Indira and the BOFORS CHOR.

Ignoring all that, I looked down at the people sitting around a large oval table. It was afternoon that was officially President’s snooze or siesta hour. But here this fellow Narayanan sat alert as his wife from Myanmar spoke to the company of bishops and cardinals.

“Here, read! See what the Holy Book commands, “Those who are on the wrong path, bring them to the Lord through persuasion, impoverishment, even force as the last resort.”

Mrs. Usha Tin Tin Narayanan continued, “It is quite clear what we need to do to the Hindus. Merely letting them bleed to death indefinitely in South Kashmir is not enough.

“We have a hundred thousand nuns and fathers waiting out there. They want ground to be prepared before they come to be received, cherished and welcomed by the masses thirsting for the Light of our Lord. I mean total conversion- head, foot and toe-nails. Encourage the Sikhs to continue to do marathon akhand paths and serve endless langars in their leisure time.”

I blinked my eyes, and there, lo and behold, I was back in my own garden watering flowers. A butterfly flew past me.

I had seen something. Was it a dream, a miracle or REALITY?

Had I caught the glimpse of what was coming to the “nishkam sewak” clueless Hindus in the near future?

Of course, our fate throughout Western and Eastern India during 1947 was similarly considered "OUT OF THE QUESTION" ny every AIR VICE-MARSHAL of the time.

In several countries in the West, where they are wiser on INDIAN degrees, they tell one from India with a MASTER'S, "Go and do "A" levels first!" We believe the Indian Air Marshal would be the equivalent of a petty officer in the men's world abroad. Consider a semi literate female from a village in Italy hitting the TOP in India in no time!