Date: 8/29/2001



There is a Norwegian ship with some 400 Afghans on board, who demand to enter Australia. (August 29, 2001).

“Do they have passports and visas to come to Australia?”

You must be joking. NO.

Do they have an invitation? NO, you must be joking.

But they demand that they be admitted to Australia. They are the unwanted human “filth” of MOHAMMED from a land that is totally Mohammedan, that is, Afghanistan.

Will any ISLAMIC REPUBLIC, including Malaysia, Indonesia, BOGUSdesh and PAKISTAN take them? NO. You must be joking.

Here is one version that is not politically correct, hence not taken up by the Western MEDIA.

Those who had four laughed at an Afghan who merely had just one wife.

“Are you a eunuch, or “naa-mard”? They would taunt him and make him feel small.

So he went out to marry THREE more, to be equal.

When it came to REPRODUCTION, it was the same. The greater the number of Mohammeds, Alis and Fatimas one produced, the bigger the KHAN he was.

So the reproduction multiplied and then BACKFIRED. There were too many Afghans, all of a sudden. Those who boasted of "roasting" every Englishman alive who ventured into their country, now begged of the British to let them in.

Soon the POPULATION in a country that can only boast of barren peaks, goats and poppy crops, soared.

The biggest industry for a man who cannot be tied to shift work (his wife will sleep with her lover when he was on night shift) or a 9 to 5 job (Who can rise early after “satisfying” four of them in bed?), is cocaine and drugs for livelihood.

But to sell cocaine and drugs more effectively, they need to control the sales outlets across the world. That is why the Afghans are in Europe, America and now trying to capture the market in Australia.

They wish to have Afghans from the production to the sales points of the drugs across all the land, sea and air routes of the globe.

Not only can the commodity be supplied regularly and along secure lines, but the money will also come back regularly and safely so that the Afghans can keep their four wives fed (and pregnant) all the time.

This is the real reason of the Afghans wanting to enter Australia now.

The ways the Afghans are landing in Europe and America are many- via land routes through Moscow, direct from Pakistan, Iran and Turkey by air, and by boat to Australia and across the Pacific to America.

Please note that NO Islamic country is willing to take on board any number of stranded Afghans, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis who even threaten to jump overboard, or go on hunger strike till death if refused permission to land.

Today (August 29, 2001) there are some 400 Afghans who are DEMANDING to be landed in Australia. How did they get there?

There is big money involved. They earned millions by exporting cocaine to Europe. Then they paid the agents to smuggle them to Australia. The agents chartered boats and put them on board. According to plan when a Norwegian vessel was in sight they scuttled the boat and cried for HELP.

The Norwegians picked them up as a humanitarian gesture. But they asked the Captain NOT to take them back to the point of origin, or to any ISLAMIC republic where they would be at home among the others crying “Allah Hu Akbar” 20 times a day, but straight to AUSTRALIA.

What connection do they have with Australia? Did they defend that country against the Nazis in World War 2? Did they offer hospitality to the visiting Australians any time? Do they even speak English?

Many do-gooder clueless and naïve Christian (NOT ONE MUSLIM, mind you!) godmothers are mighty upset at the prospect of them dying by hunger strike. None is asking, “What about an ISLAMIC republic that was created by ethnic cleansing of all the NON Muslims, e.g., Pakistan?”

The reality is that all the ISLAMIC republics are enjoying this show on sea. They want one more Islamic Republic on earth. Two of these “damn” things emerged in 1947 (Pakistan and BOGUSdesh) and now one more is emerging in Kosovo and Macedonia. Why not yet another in Australia?

If Australia lets them in, then in ten years' time, the cocaine route into that country will have been well established. Umpteen Australian girls will have married the ‘all-male’ Taliban fellows, and embraced ISLAM to bring forth umpteen more MOHAMMEDS, Fatimas and Alis, and then go for Arabic classes, separate Muslim schools and legislature, and finally, JIHAD.

The Government of Australia can also demand one thing in turn: THROW YOUR KORAN OVERBOARD first. We can help the mankind but not the followers of “MEIN KAMPF” by another name!

Obviously, their boat, that was sunk on design, was not a ship on cruise of some genuine holidaymakers on high sea. It was a ship that was hired for a purpose, that was meant to be sunk in order to ensure that the Afghans boarded a soft target, i.e., the Norwegian ship, and then landed on a soft target, that is, Australia.

By the way, the first ISLAMIC school has opened in Norway (August 27, 2001). So perhaps the Norwegian ship ought to take these Afghans home to Norway if Saudi Arabia is not willing to take these followers of Mohammed. In Norway, there is now even an Islamic school to take care of the education of their children. Why Australia?

The Afghans enrich Saudi Arabia annually during Hajj. The whole Muslim world enriches Saudi Arabia at that time. Can’t they expect the Saudis in turn, to take on any stranded Afghans and Bangladeshis and Iraqis, and Iranians and the lot? How much do the Mohammedans across the globe spend in Australia?

Australia should want to KNOW this since knowledge is power. She should want to know what kind of workers and shirkers and disrupters and agitators and assassins these Mohammedans could turn out to be, simply by visiting Libya, Iran, Irak and AFGHANISTAN.

Australia should also want to KNOW what happens to a country like Macedonia when the “Afghans” increase in numbers, or indeed, what is the state of Afghanistan herself due to her Afghans?

Dear Australia, please send a copy of your Findings to BROKEN BHARAT, or PARTITIONED India, where the Hindus and Buddhists dread to see an Afghan in South Kashmir.