Date: 8/30/2001




In a demoralised secular country where the gutless Hindu has been BASHED and the simpleton Sikh continuously MASSACRED, the lives of TWO HINDU PRIESTS would count for NOTHING. The shock the news of their cold blooded murder caused in Kerala State and West Bengal was no more than if two flies were swatted in Srinagar. The news in Maharashtra was just like the news of two toads crushed under the tyres of a heavily-laden ten-ton truck. In Rashtrapati Bhawan it was even a secret joy. The Supreme Commander of India, Mr. KR Narayanan, is a Christian, and his wife from Myanmar is an evangelist, to whom Hindu priests are the biggest nuisance for being an obstacle to the rapid conversion of infidels.

With these latest killings, one can clearly see INDIA HERSELF lying crushed flat like that unfortunate toad in the road. All her Vice Air-Marshals and Field Marshals are squeezed and squashed out of that flattened toad in the road. So are all her bogus Excellencies!

In a jungle where MAN-EATING TIGERS roam freely, one would assume that the PEOPLE would carry guns all the time and the Government would ensure that the life of its citizens is well protected. But not the Government of India which is AS BAD AS THE TALIBAN in Afghanistan when it comes to caring for their citizens.

The Hindus did have a fine “general” who asked them to carry the SWORD day and night. But the thankless nation of PERISHING PAGANS is not prepared to even mention his name. Guru Gobind Singh is neither in the heart of Supreme Commander nor in the heart of Prime Minister Vajpayee who has become an expert in appeasing the Devil and doing “samjhauta” with the Mujahideen.

But look at the quality of Government of India which is so USELESS in all these respects. The third class INFERIOR Indian race may not relate to one another like the dogs, one ought to ASK THE BEREAVED FAMILIES. Did these two Hindu priests have NO parents, brothers or sisters, even their own families? Is ANY newspaper or Radio Station broadcasting an interview with them with large photographs of the grieving families? Why not? Is Hindu blood so dirt cheap?

The HINDU shuts his eyes and pretends the cat has gone. He forgets all the murders, rape and massacres and imagines he is morally superior in the Land of Gandhi.

Someone publishes a book on Gandhi and someone else makes a film on him. He makes millions and the Hindu is satisfied. The Hindu does not ask, “How come, YOU don’t have a Gandhi in your own land?”

What Gandhi has Europe had since the Christians were fed to the lions? And which Gandhi has the World of Islam had since the birth of Mohammed?

It is amazing how the ignorant Hindus are CONDITIONED LIKE PAVLOV’S DOGS to feel happy by aligning themselves with the Apostle of Surrenders, MK Gandhi, just as the whole clever world would wish them to believe, and then commit collective suicide. We even need to remind the forgetful Hindus, AND THE SIKHS, “You, Perishing Pagans, are already EXTINCT LIKE DODO from India’s FIVE provinces, and are breathing in great TERROR in the Rest of Hindustan while the MOHAMMEDANS are chopping your limbs in South Kashmir, bit by bit!”

The murder of Hindu priests is an extremely serious matter since their place is most likely to be filled in by MULLAHS AND MISSIONARIES. A Hindu replacement is NOT likely. Who would wish to live in the country of MAN-EATER ISLAMIC TIGERS that is so close to Kabul where they have put the Hindu in yellow (dog) collar?

The MOHAMMEDAN JINN with insatiable appetite for soft Hindu flesh and blood has eaten two more of them. They were not just ordinary HINDU COOLIES, serfs and slaves of Sonia Gandhi, but PRIESTS in temple. The whole CONGREGATION is left mourning and stunned. The Hindu is further reduced in stature. His image across the globe has taken a dip. The manner of EASY killing of these two Hindu PRIESTS seems to justify the likes of Idi Amin (Uganda), Col. Rabuka, George Speight (Fiji) and General Musharraf (Hero of Kargil) that they were fully justified in pushing the pole UP THE HINDU.

“What a brilliant strike!” thinks the Christian President of Hindustan. His wife and her bosom friend Sonia Gandhi readily agree.

“We should fill the vacuum, “thinks Sonia Gandhi from Italy. How would we ever know if she even e-mailed The Vatican, urging the Pope to avail of this golden opportunity that has arisen due to the death of Hindus? Can you trust Sonia’s cardinals missing such an observation? After all they are not busy serving the world as nishkam sewaks. Are they?

Now if we were to award GOLD MEDALS to the brave Muslims who PENETRATED the thin “purdah” of Hindu maiden’s defence in South Kashmir yet again, what shall we “award” India’s President, Defence minister, Home Minister, the Chief of Army Staff, India, and the Governor and the Chief Minister of the State of Jammu & Kashmir, and the Chief Minister of Union Territory of Chandigarh, Third Class Bhayya Badal, whose own granthis and priests will be feeling terrified of the Islamic Sword that struck in such close vicinity?

It is for the whole world to judge the INDIANS’ guts and calibre. Don’t be deceived by the Coolie’s wealth next door. See his background. That background of ONE BILLION BLEATING SHEEP was the tiny city of Punch in South Kashmir the other day.

What super guts, What MANLINESS and what courage from a hundred “Amrits” (Nectar), and a thousand symbols that they STRUCK in the world’s most heavily guarded territory and right INSIDE THE HINDU TEMPLE.

Don’t let this news item slip out of your minds quickly like the water off the duck’s back. The Hindu is quite a duck not only for forgetting PARTITION but also due to his ongoing “duck shoot”. Below is the account of two more ducks shot DEAD. The Mujahideen and the Taliban KNOW how many more Hindu ducks are still to be slaughtered?

Are there people so degraded, so thrashed and so often MASSACRED as the HINDUS (and THE SIKHS) OF HINDUSTAN?


Militants kill priests inside J&K temple

The Times of India, via News Plus

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Jammu (AFP) - Suspected Muslim rebels killed two Hindu priests inside a temple in Kashmir, sparking communal tensions, police said on Tuesday.

The militants entered the temple in Surankode town in the border district of Poonch, 220 km northwest of Jammu, and killed both the priests late on Monday. The bodies were discovered early on Tuesday by worshippers at the temple dedicated to Hindu goddess Kali.

It was not immediately clear how the priest had been killed. Police said they had found a number of explosive devices inside the temple. The area was cordoned off and a bomb disposal squad was called in.

As the news of the murders filtered out, Hindus in Poonch marched through the town and began attacking Muslim shops. In view of the tension, R V Raju, inspector general of police in Jammu, said a curfew had been imposed in Poonch as a precautionary measure.

Police will not allow the bodies of the priests to be brought out into the open, for fear of sparking further violence, he added.


There will be NO escape for the Hindus of BROKEN BHARAT until and unless they look at PARTITION.


Now read the DEVIOUSNESS of the Hindu leaders of PARTITIONED India who say, “We have nothing to hide in J&K!”

O yes! You dishonest cowardly bast**ds, you have PLENTY to hide.

The first is the fact that you FAILED to unite South and North Kashmir despite loud proclamations of Kashmir being part of India.

Secondly, you FAILED to repeal Article 370 which will keep Kashmir as a MUSLIM MAJORITY State. NO Indian “nigger”, including the despicable PRESIDENT OF INDIA, is allowed to buy any property there. Preposterous but true!

Thirdly, you FAILED to win the hearts and minds of the Kashmiris. The Government there is under the foot of the same Dynasty. Father Abdullah and son Farook Abdullah! Is that the Indian “nigger’s” version of Democracy?

Fourthly, your dishonest stand: “We will give them Lahore but not Srinagar.” (WHAT AN INSULT TO LAHORE! Can’t you even think?)

Well Hindustan, YOU are the one who received the most and the worst PUNISHMENT in history for such cowardly deviousness that is now again the part of your character. Still you are NO wiser. You ought to know that the clock is ticking AGAINST you. They snatched Lahore and they will snatch Delhi, too, if you act the stooge and servant of Italy & Islam.

Fifthly, by conniving with the Dirty Dynasty over the attack on Golden Temple in 1984. That finally UPROOTED the evil “secular” plant that was planted by Traitor NEHRU only after PARTITION.

That evil plant in the quagmire of Hindustan is the HINDU BASHER/SIKH KILLER All-India CONGRESS PARTY that wishes to level all as in Marshal Stalin’s Soviet Union. Bleeding Hindustan today is just like the USSR of yesterday, nothing but Pandit Nehru’s Union of “Secular Indian Republics”.

In each republic, some as large as Maharashtra, the Hindu is a “dog” even without the visible yellow ribbons.

The following article is typical of beating about the bush. Such a bush is then set fire to by Mujahideen who are growing in number IN and AROUND Broken Bharat.





THE ‘internationalisation’ of the Kashmir issue has remained a fearful prospect for Indian diplomacy. All efforts have been directed at keeping the issue away from international spotlight. In this information age, though, this strategy calls for a re-examination. It needs to be asked whether it is at all feasible, especially after India and Pakistan have declared themselves nuclear powers. More dangerously, could it not prove to be counterproductive?

The more India insists on remaining silent on an issue that is located in what is internationally perceived as one of the most dangerous nuclear flashpoints, the more it would seem to the rest of the world that it has something to hide — in terms of the case it has on Kashmir’s initial accession to India or on rumoured human rights violations by the Indian state machinery. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s apparent transparency and efforts at internationalisation seek to cast the issue in a completely different light. Information warfare is the name of this game; a tactful internationalisation of the Kashmir problem could actually work to India’s advantage.

It would be necessary to enhance information availability on two counts. One, India must expose the fallacy of Pakistan’s claim to Kashmir as made out through its two-nation theory. Two, India must use every international forum and opportunity to reveal the extent of terrorism being sponsored by Pakistan in the name of jehad and make the international community aware of the magnitude of the problem that could spread to other parts of the world as well. The world must be made to understand that conceptually and historically, the basic difference in Indian and Pakistani perceptions on Kashmir lie in the very basis of their nationhood.

While the Indian Constitution proclaims India to be a secular democratic republic, the idea of a multi-religious and multi-ethnic nation is anathema to Pakistan. Fortunately though, buyers for the two-nation theory are a rapidly depleting tribe. The thesis of the clash of civilisations has also been punctured the world over. India must make this the rallying point to bring together all multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-ethnic nations in order to expose the dangers inherent in the Pakistani ideology. Indeed, the presence of Muslims in Kashmir and their assimilation into India makes Kashmir the core of Indian nationhood.

If India is to survive as a secular nation, Muslims in Kashmir must continue to be as much a part of India as the Hindus in Jammu or the Sikhs in Punjab. The secession of any minority on the grounds of religion would strike at the very root of Indian nationhood. In fact, when seen from this perspective, India should welcome such remarks as made by US President Bush in a speech to American troops in Kosovo on July 29, 2001, ‘‘From Kosovo to Kashmir, freedom and tolerance is the defining issue for our world...As we head into the 21st century, we will not allow differences to be a license to kill and vulnerability to be an excuse to dominate.’’ This point should have been picked up by Indian diplomacy to illustrate how by fuelling militancy in Kashmir, Pakistan is fomenting narrow religious fundamentalism and ethnic hatred. Mercenaries too have now entered the game and there is nothing to suggest that they would be averse to fomenting trouble in Chechenya, other nascent Central Asian republics, China or even the US at any time in the future.

Given this larger threat of terrorism that looms dark, India must seek wider support for its fight against Pakistan in Kashmir. Of course, bilateral negotiations with Islamabad must continue and more summits could well be planned. But at another level, India must not shy away from exposing to the world Pakistani support to secessionist militancy.

As India fights its own battles and bleeds from a thousand cuts, let the rest of the world come forward to apply a balm. If all right minded people believe in the survival of multi-religious and multi-ethnic democracies, they should not hesitate to strongly and unequivocally deplore the trouble Pakistan is causing in Kashmir.

(Manpreet Sethi is with the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses)


Mr. Sethi is to be pitied. His “Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses” hasn’t got a clue as to why India broke up so VIOLENTLY into three fragments in 1947. If INDIA ACCEPTS PARTITION, then she also accepts the TWO NATION THEORY.

There is not a man in India today who can publicly denounce Partition. So there is NONE to stop Pakistan conquering South Kashmir, too. They did CONQUER North Kashmir. Didn’t they?

Given the enemy like the “dancing/singing- laddoo eating” Hindus, their job will be finished sooner than later.

Now WHAT is Supreme Commander KR Narayanan's idea of STOPPING the ongoing Hindu "duck shoot" at once, and, instead, venturing out occasionally beyond the cease-fire line to KILL OFF TWO IMAMS IN A MOSQUE IN RAWALPINDI? Could we at last have the score "ONE MOHAMMEDAN TIGER FOR EVERY ONE THOUSAND HINDU SHEEP?"