Date: 8/31/2001



If a man beats his donkey he is likely to be reported to RSPCA and may be fined, or even go to jail. The TALIBAN are beating their own citizens to death. Yet they have a seat at the UNO.

Mrs. Indira Gandhi launched her Operation Blue Star against the Sikhs and drove thousands abroad, seeking asylum. Yet she was hailed as “Indira is India” by her ignorant Hindu following who thought she was a Hindu and a goddess!

If a woman dumps her child at the doorstep of a neighbour, she will be arrested and taken to court. Most certainly, she will be expected to feed the baby. Yet the “mother” called PAKISTAN, through her repressive backward ISLAMIC culture, has dumped her citizens at the doorstep of practically every country on earth. Yet Pakistan is a respected member of the UNO and recipient of huge American aid.

Let us look at the “CONSPIRACY OF THE COWARDLY DISHONEST EXCELLENCIES” on Earth, among them all the Excellencies from Europe and North America. It is sickening. It is despicable. They have all gone for cheap popularity- the easy way!

If the RULERS of a country, with their man (or woman) sitting at U.N.O., persecute and suppress their own people without mercy, forcing them to flee the land of birth in their tens of thousands, then the rulers ought NOT to go scot free.

Look at the more than 400 Afghans in that Norwegian ship stranded off the shore of Australia (August 31, 2001). They are being KICKED AROUND like football by Indonesia, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, East Timur and even the UNO. But not one finger has been lifted at the Taliban.

Not one leader, editor or journalist has advocated the arrest of the President of Afghanistan, the Head of Taliban, to be put in custody and brought before the International Crimes Tribunal in Hague like ex President Slobodan Milosevic, the former Yugoslav President.

Can’t the world smell a “RAT” here? “Rat” is the Western free World, with the United States in the front row, which catches some (the Serbs), pardons the others (repressive Taliban) and ignores yet others (the Albanians), to suit their own POLITICAL agenda. That agenda is to look Saviours of those "mice" who are seen scampering around in all directions, chased by the “native” Big Cats.

Right now over 400 Afghan mice are trying to escape the Big Cat called the Taliban who trace their own ideology and motivation to the man called MOHAMMED, and feel fully justified in flogging the women, banning television, Internet and cinemas, destroying the Buddha statues, putting yellow ribbons on Hindus, and closing the girls’ schools.

Similarly from our own India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s repression in declaring EMERGENCY and later attacking Golden Temple in Amritsar, caused thousands of Hindus and Sikhs to flee her coolie colony called India.

These wretched people were the object of derision and ridicule across North America and Europe and were subject of degrading stories in the media. But Indira Gandhi continued to sit among the Heads of states without censure or displeasure from any quarter.

SHAME ON ALL THE EXCELLENCIES who seem to have ganged up against the victims of persecution across the world including in their own countries.

Despite all the advancements in EDUCATION and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, this is still the biggest IMPERFECTION in the human development at the beginning of our glorious 21st century AD, that is yet to be looked at squarely.

But since the “criminals” are the Excellencies themselves, which Excellency, we ask, will pluck courage to criticise the members of his own complacent dishonest club, who all deserve to be rounded up, locked up, and given the same treatment as their own wretched citizens are getting, desperately trying to escape on sinking ships, in rat-infested dark warehouses, hiding in sealed containers waiting to be shipped to England, running through Eurotunnel between France and England, clinging to the underside of fast trains or slowly paddling away on rubber dinghies across the English Channel, Straits of Gibraltar and the Adriatic Sea, and across the barbed wire fences between Mexico and the USA, or stranded on the Norwegian cargo ship off Christmas Island?

What is being kept TOP SECRET from the world is the politically INCORRECT statement that “not all those fleeing their lands are non violent vegetarian Hindu maidens and men. In reality most of those on the run today are the MAN-EATING TIGERS OF MOHAMMED, whose collective Will has produced dictators like Saddam Husain and rulers like the Taliban, and who have done countless ethnic cleansing from Morocco to Indonesia (not only in Pakistan, North Kashmir and EAST Bengal!), and will NOT tolerate even the silent Buddha statues standing harmlessly on their own territory.

They are the seeds of future assassinations, revolts and bloodshed, and will man and secure the trade routes across the seven continents- from production to sale- of cocaine and drugs from Afghanistan and Pakistan in tomorrow’s CHRISTIAN, HINDU and BUDDHIST host countries who are today taking the ISLAMIC “beast” on board whose “Mein Kampf” is called AL KORAN.”

There is much discussion and soul searching on their misery and fate in the CHRISTIAN West while the whole World Of Islam is quiet in collusion. All the MUSLIM Heads of State of 42 ISLAMIC republics on earth, too, are part of this “Conspiracy of Dishonest Excellencies”.

Indeed, the birds of the same feather fly together!