Date: 8/31/2001



According to the LAW OF IDEOLOGY “Ruthless repression and brutal persecution of a nation turn the entire people into an INWARD oriented culture that manifests itself in EXCESSIVE devotion to family, Money and God.

If the period of slavery lasts several centuries, the traits turn into instincts and alter the very genetic make up of a whole race.

The INDIANS, holding the world record in slavery, prove this Law conclusively.

They were under the MUSLIMS for seven centuries and then under the CHRISTIANS for another two centuries. The FOREIGNERS literally “drove the natives up the pole”, injecting severe inferiority complex into the psyche of the Hindus.

As a result today’s Hindu accepts the bogus PARTITION of his country though he does NOT know or challenge the conditions under which India was fragmented in 1947.

Today’s Hindu looks at the Muslim and the Christian in his PARTITIONED India as his equal. Not one will bat an eyelid on seeing a KHAN abduct or entire a Hindu maiden into “nikah”, forcing her to look towards Mecca for her salvation.

For the Italian-born Catholic Sonia Gandhi and for the Burmese born evangelist wife of the President, life of luxury in Hindustan is a bonanza. To them, the whole Hindu race is like a vast COW HERD, numbering one billion heads.

As a direct result of that slavery and CONDITIONING, today’s HINDU is totally detached from TERRITORY and attached to family, money and God.

He accepts that it is perfectly all right for Islam to be sovereign in Lahore and Dhaka, but Hinduism will be poison for Delhi.

He accepts the glory of Vatican and Ka’aba but is resigned and reconciled to the ruins in Ayodhya. He does not even take on board the fact that the Hindus from Srinagar are today REFUGEES in Pathankot (the PATHAN in Pathankot must send shivers down the Sikhs’ spine who haven’t noticed the degradation due to this genetic change) and Delhi.

That is what is meant by “the very GENETIC change of a whole race”. Similarly the Hindus have not felt the DEGRADATION due to the name of New Delhi’s International Airport after the controversial political “WITCH” who conquered and then RETURNED East Bengal to Islam in 1972. Taking advantage of the Hindus’ love for Family, Money and God, she did not commend her Secularism (of GENETICALLY INFERIOR Hindu serfs and slaves) to Shaikh Mujiburrahman of EAST Bengal.

What is the probability of West Punjab accepting a Hindu Governor or of NWFP of accepting a Buddhist Governor, or of Herat in Afghanistan accepting a Jew Governor? What is the possibility of Iran accepting a Christian President? But look at PARTITIONED INDIA (BROKEN BLEEDING BHARAT). The President of the so-called HINDUSTHAN is a Christian. The Governor of Much Reduced East Punjab is a Jew. The Governor of Maharashtra is a Catholic and the Chairperson of the Upper House of Parliament in New Delhi is a MOHAMMEDAN (Najma Heptullah!).

You’ve got it!

(That is the KEY to further decomposition, and the ultimate disintegration, of India.)

But what happens to the rulers, conquerors and invaders who successfully enslave, “educate” and colonise a defeated nation?

They develop genetic traits to “RELATE, CONQUER and CONVERT”.

For example, if you were to “touch” even one fake mosque in Ayodhya they will destroy scores of Hindu temples from BOGUSdesh to Birmingham. That is how THEY “relate”!

On the other hand the Hindus relate to their OWN family, MONEY and all the gods.

The Sikhs, too, relate to their “families, fortunes and the symbols” and FAILED to investigate the motivation of Nehru’s quick surrender of Lahore, and have FAILED to produce a motivation to establish a Sikh Holocaust Museum anywhere in their “Much Reduced EAST Punjab”. These two FAILURES alone are the foundation of sand on which they wish to build their Khalistan!


(Institute Of Hindu Ideology. August 31, 2001.)



Sir, With regard to the HINDUS, history has been repeating itself for umpteen times. It was Mohammed, 1400 years ago, who discovered an excellent formula to attack the least defended temples with lots of gold and jewels and take away their daughters for producing more of his followers.

Ever since, the stupid priests and the worshippers have not thought of defence and "neighbourhood watches". The same goes for the Sikhs even in this day and age.

Those who used to throw bones in the Havans of Hindus were these people but they were called Rakashas. No one kept a chaukidar (guard) to look out for those deadly killers.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji tried to stop this Islamic barbarism that cost the lives of his entire family. He was chased from pillar to post and was finally ambushed and stabbed to death in Maharashtra (under an anti Hindu CATHOLIC Governor now). His philosophy has since been diluted beyond recognition by the COWARDLY "Nishkam Sewaks".

Mr. Yasser Arafat visited India several times to collect awards and financial rewards but we don't know the outcome of his meetings with the Indian Presidents and Prime Ministers. In a way Israel is doing the dirty work for India by containing the PLO & Islam.

Increased Indian co-operation with Israel will be mutually beneficial.

What Israel is doing now, India in years to come will have to follow, assuming if any Hindu is left by then.



Sir, That the Indian Government and people have been celebrating the Independence Day for the last umpteen years, it may be more difficult to persuade them now to turn 15th August as “Partition Day” but they can surely and most appropriately choose 14th August as Partition Day and also Re-Unification Day.

What Pakistan does on that day in Pakistan, is their business.