Date: 9/1/2001




The idea behind four wives and umpteen “Mohammeds” was novel and grand. It was to transcend centuries of human development.

The man who came up with that was obsessed with the thought of waging constant warfare against the whole surrounding world that was then Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and PAGAN. So he did need lots and lots of Mohammeds to fight under his command.

In earlier centuries, right down to the middle of the last century, the Mohammeds could ATTACK or INVADE, just like that, and kill off or enslave all the population, and occupy more and more TERRITORY.

Just think of Islam capturing India’s FIVE PROVINCES on one day in 1947, when Pakistan was born OUT OF NOWHERE, just to satisfy the HUNGER FOR TERRITORY of Mohammeds.

But now there is a serious problem for Mohammeds. The era of colonialism is over and NO imperial master can just give away vast lands to Islam as the British did in India in 1947 only to “punish” the Hindu jellyfish.

So what is happening to the OVER PRODUCTION of Mohammeds now living within fixed frontiers? They are being SQUEEZED OUT of their Islamic republics and pouring out and falling out as never before.

And while in transit they look so helpless and harmless. Just see the Afghan clinging to the undercarriage of the train to Dover or plane to Heathrow and see another with a gun in Kabul terrorising the females who have not covered up their faces enough. You would have thought they are poles apart. But they are poles apart only in time and space. They get the inspiration to mischief, exploding bombs, and terrorising women from the SAME “Book”.

Let the Afghan asylum seeker settle down nicely in England and then get on with his reproduction and usual business. Come back to see them in a hundred years’ time. You will see the landscape so different. Ask in Lahore, how many Mohammeds did the city have just a hundred years ago. Today try and locate a Hindu and a Sikh there! The Devil of Islam has eaten them all up. And the world doesn’t want to know.

How many Pakistanis are in Europe today, having said “GET LOST!” to their country of Allah that they established with such fanfare over the blood and bones of Hindus?

How many Afghans are now sitting in refugee camps in Pakistan? FOUR MILLION?

How many more Mohammeds are ON THE RUN, besides those stranded on the Norwegian ship off Christmas Island today (Sep 1, 2001).

Unsuspecting New Zealand and the tiny island of Nauru in the Pacific Ocean have been persuaded to open up their breaches, expose their beaches, and be penetrated. Nauru has only 10,000 inhabitants and most Afghans are male warriors. So watch out all ye husbands and fathers of young women on the island! The island may be a staging post between Southern Philippines and the growing Nation of Islam in the USA.

One day they will live to regret if they don’t take effective steps to confiscate all the copies of their “Mein Kampf” composed in Arabic and replace them with BIBLES. Christian churches will have hard time ahead. So will the local police with increase in drug trade.

If these host countries go to sleep like the Hindus of India, they will soon find out, like the Hindus of India, that the Afghans are squeezing them out, strangulating any free expression. After all they will TEND to found an Islamic Republic of the kind they left behind! What else will the Mohammeds do when they get to 51% of population through RAPID REPRODUCTION?

We believe the unsuspecting New Zealanders and Nauruans have to be told to exercise their right to survive, despite the Secretary General of UN. After all he is not getting them into his own land of origin (GHANA), nor in any ISLAMIC republic. Is he?

Why have ALL the Islamic republics refused to take them in? Is there an admission that their own civilisation is a failure, or inadequate, to feed their own kind? Or is it to ensure that they spread and scatter across the globe to set up, secure and run drug outlets, Islamic schools and mosques?

Afghanistan is desperate to convey its produce to all parts of the world. Why shouldn’t it be as keen to export drugs as Germany is to export its Volkswagen? What’s wrong in wanting to have local agents and handlers- of Afghan origin and religion?

On the other hand, how much cruelty is engendered, tolerated and practised in Islam against their own people? So how can there be a kinder sentiment in the Muslim mind for a Hindu or a Christian?


“Go forth my Believers, produce more. There lie ahead wars and battles to be FOUGHT and won. Distribute among you the captive wives and daughters of the vanquished and produce more Mohammeds.

“Go forth ye “Mohammed”, in this savage world where they still eat pork.

“Go forth ye Mohammed, by Fire and Sword, inspired by Koran in the Age of Information Technology.

“Go forth ye Mohammed, biologically. Marry up to four, and produce up to six each, and thou shalt be twenty-four at least upon thy death.

“Go forth Mohammed. Alienate them from their rulers and gods and make them submit to the Will of Allah. Unite the World under His Will. Let Arabic be the language of speaking to God from North Pole to South Pole.

“Go forth Mohammed, and make sure that once in, none can get out. The punishment of such crime will be death. Keep them IN by force and terror.

“Go forth, Mohammed, whoever ye marry, convert him or her to Islam first. Let every Imran Khan declare in public, “My Jemima has embraced Islam as she knew nothing better on earth.”

“Go forth ye Mohammed. Support Jehad and the struggle for Islam throughout the world – not a word of apology or expression of sorrow on the PARTITION of India that claimed the lives of a million INNOCENT Hindus and not a word of apology when you explode bombs in the peaceful cities of Israel.

“Go forth ye Mohammed, in every way, linguistically, too, propagating the Arabic language since Allah understands no other language.

“Go forth Mohammed, biologically, too, and set off the demographic bomb on the earth that only grows and grows in size and must explode one day. Wherever you are 51% or more, implement and IMPOSE the Koran as the Constitution of the land.

“Go forth ye Mohammed, linguistically, biologically and politically.

“Go forth ye Mohammed, Unite the world culturally in “Burqa, Chador, halal, Namaz and Arabic.” Recreate the world of 7th century AD when the Prophet’s world. You have brought most of Africa and Asia under the sway of Islam. Now go forth and till the barren lands of Europe and America- North and South. Islam is global, not just for East Bengal and West Punjab.

“Go forth ye Mohammed, Smash the political boundaries where they become an obstacle in your way. Tell them to submit to Mohammed and if they hesitate then persuade them and if they hesitate, then beat them up, and if they hesitate then BEHEAD THEM.

“Never rest until the struggle for world supremacy is won by you. Never rest till the non-believers, the Christians, the Hindus, the atheists are blown up like the statutes of Buddha. How dare they not submit to the only way to Allah. He is the God of all mankind. Bring them all to submit to Allah by taking to the path shown by Mohammed, and Mohammed alone.


The terms and conditions under which the Hindus in Hindustan are living, has no parallel in history. They are living under the terror of Islam.

Hindus are refugees in their own country. The Hindu taxpayer must subsidise the lavish Hajj facilities and travel to Mecca by tens of thousands of Muslims every year from where they return with a pledge to wipe out Kufr (infidels) and Secularism (freedom of speech) from the surface of India.


Have the Mohammedan chickens come home to roost? They are pouring out and leaping out of their ISLAMIC republics. They are the victims of illogic. They prefer to live in CHRISTIAN countries but stick to KORAN. Whether the twain will clash in the end, is quite foreseeable. Damage and devastation will be on the Christian side since the Mohammedans have nothing to lose.

In 1947 the poor of Lahore (all Muslims) invaded the grand mansions, homes, shops and buildings (all Hindu) and occupied them, killing or expelling the occupants. They had rich pickings.

On the other hand, what was there for the Hindus to plunder in Ferozepur, Patiala, Jalandhar and Delhi? Just a “msalla” (prayer mat) and a few clay pots and tin pans. That's all an average Muslim household had apart from the Koran in incomprehensible Arabic. Everyone's mother spoke much degraded Panjabi.