Date: 9/1/2001



The occasion was Kumbh Mela which takes place once in 12 years. At the last Mela some 70 million Hindus came to a place named after ALLAH. There they assembled in the shadow of Allah’s past glory.

Seeing a big congregation of “dust clad rabbits” one great “Sant” seated on the back of an elephant looked down at the vast congregation and yelled, “Say I am proud to be a Hindu.”

There was a muffled response from the middle of the vast gathering. Those on the edges, looked sideways or over their shoulders.

One narrated later- “I looked to my right to make sure that there was nobody watching. Then I saw two big shining eyes behind the bush staring at me. I know at once that it was Najma Heptullah. I sealed my lips.”

The other had a similar account. “I looked to my left and saw two big shining eyes. I recognized PC Alexander sitting on a tree branch like a leopard about to jump on me. It took my breath away.”

The third “rabbit” had a similar story, “I looked back and spotted two large shiny eyes. I know it was Wild Cat Sonia Gandhi. My heart stopped breathing. I went dizzy and can still recollect the speaker saying, “We will divide ourselves into four columns. One, covered in ash, will head for Ramjanmabhumi in Ayodhya. The other column, covered in grass, will head for Rashtrapati Bhawan to gherao RK Narayanan to demand the reason for his absence from every funeral of a Jawan from South Kashmir.

The third column will head towards Srinagar to reassure the Hindus under siege there. And the fourth Column will advance and reclaim EAST Bengal and Karachi.”

The man was told of the Fifth Column that was listening and watching.

The Muslims had stayed on in PARTITIONED INDIA as desired by Pandit Nehru and given full protection by his Constitution, despite Partition.

The man said, “My dear fellow, you cannot shout “Pride in Hinduism” if watched by wild cats, tigers and leopards on all sides.

“Hinduism has to be reflected in Constitution. Go and see the Constitutions of EAST Bengal and West Punjab. Nobody there has to say to the helter skelter rabble, “Be proud of Islam!” It is there in the Constitution, FOR ALL TO SEE.”