Date: 9/2/2001


"India never invaded any country in the last 10,000 years of her history," boasted the morally superior follower of GANDHI in Los Angeles and seemed to carry the day.

A simple peasant from PUNJAB stopped him in his tracks and delivered a speech.


"Now that's a fact," he said, and added. "But look at the consequences which none recounts to raise awareness all round.

"India never invaded any country . . . . O YES?

"Hence she got invaded COUNTLESS times and was kicked in the back so hard that her HINDU bottom is sore beyond repair.

"Hindustan lies in fragments (Is that something to be proud of?) with communication, supply and ESCAPE routes by land sealed off by ISLAMIC "Hindu-crusher" Bangladesh on the right and ISLAMIC "Hindu-eater/Sikh-killer" Pakistan on the left.

"The Indian Muslims, at huge expense, fly over all the sacred "janmabhoomis" of native Lords, Messiahs and Messengers including Guru Nanak Dev Ji, to kiss the black stone in the middle of the deserts of Arabia.

"India is "AFLAME" in South Kashmir with all its Hindus kicked out. "Indian" is a very dirty word in Uganda, Fiji and East Bengal.

"The Indians back home feel safe sitting under the "skirt" of an Italian imported White Elephant, and their holy men go about with dust and ash thrown on their heads and eat grass as a sign of virtue and purity. They possess nothing since they can't defend anything!

"Hindu maidens loathe the emaciated vegetarian Hindu "eunuchs" admiring the Apostle of Non-violence "Bapu" Gandhi, and are turning to manly beef eating KHANS for satisfaction and security.

"Madhur Jaffrey and Sharmila Tagore are not the only Hindu females who are so happy under Mohammedans, having rejected all the Hindu grooms who sought their hands.

"The KHANS in Hindustan are having a good time, not only on cinema screens.

"India never invaded any country in its entire history. That is why she has been EXPOSED naked countless times to utmost vulgarity of the unmentionable sort, for example the destruction of all the grand temples in northern India, plunder of all her precious treasures- gold, silver and diamonds, and the auction of stark naked Hindu maidens in the bazars of Kabul, Ghazni and Kandahar.

"That is why she was given so many kicks in her bottom which has been banged, pierced, infiltrated, penetrated and RAMMED so often and so hard that it is sore and BLEEDING.

"Cowardice turns a nation into vulgar submission and surrenders with the grin of a donkey, speaking of its "moral superiority".

"That's what Nature does to a nation that hasn't invaded any neighbour in the last 10,000 years. On the contrary, is there a count of how many times INDIA herself has been invaded, violated and occupied in turn? -By the Arabs, the Turks, the Persians, the Afghans, the French, the BRITISH, and finally Bandit NEHRU?

"HINDU INDIA, that has rejected Guru Gobind Singh Ji, or consigned him to the Sikh camp only, is bleeding in PARTITIONED PUNJAB, PARTITIONED BENGAL and PARTITIONED KASHMIR.

"The natives who don't attack, are ATTACKED IN TURN, and are forced to run in all directions like the rabbits chased by a panther.

"Show it to an INDIAN friend. Most probably he, too, is a rabbit who accepts Partition as legal and final, or conveniently calls it "history".

"The clever Indian guy still had some breath left and squeaked, "But now Mr. Singh, it is 21st century. How can any nation invade another?"

"Good question!," replied the LION of Bharat. "Then you can at least pick up the Constitution and SET FIRE TO IT.

"In its place write a more decent one which begins with the sentence, "India was partitioned when the MAJORITY COMMUNITY was in the dog collar and there was NO referendum on the issue."

"Then go on to write, "The MUSLIMS in PARTITIONED India will be regarded PERSONA NON GRATA until LAHORE, DHAKA and NORTH KASHMIR are squarely back in India, and everybody from Chittagong to KHYBER come under ONE secular flag- Khan, Pathan, Maratha, Tamil, Rajput, Brahmin, Dalit, Sikh and Khalsa- THE LOT."

The LION had to stop since the other guy (the Hindu stalwart) had sudden cardiac failure and was dying.