Date: 9/2/2001



“That which expanded through force, will shrink and disappear through the lifting of terror., that is, through EDUCATION.”

“How did ISLAM spread from Morocco to Indonesia?” ask a Muslim cleric!

“Imams and mullahs carrying the Book of Peace upon their heads went from village to village, town to town, country to country, telling the people of the revelations of Mohammed.

The ignorant, the savage, the deprived, all volunteered to embrace Islam. Within a few years three fourth of the then known world turned to Islam as their way of life.

Through Allah's grace and mercy we have only increased and spread on earth through persuasion and gentle love.

The latest example of the popularity of Islam was the great love shown by the PEOPLE of India to Islam. Voluntarily they gifted five provinces of their country to Allah when they saw how cordially Mohammed Ali Jinnah stepped forward to embrace Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, calling him ”My dear Hindu brothber”.

That one day (August 15, 1947) Islam had acquired the second most populous country on earth after Indonesia. It is just an example of peaceful spread of Islam on earth.”

“You bloody BAST**D,” I shouted at the top of my voice. “I was one of the ten million who FLED WEST PUNJAB on that day leaving our temples, homes and shops ON FIRE.

"The train that came after mine, was dripping with blood on sides and was full of mutilated bodies with “Allah” carved with crude blunt kitchen knives on the breasts of dead women and girls. I still see that “spread of Islam” in my NIGHTMARES.

Our own “BLOODY BASTARD”, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, did his utmost, and SUCCEEDED, in suppressing that Truth about Islam, since he, too, was one of them- their “brother”.”

Gentle and peaceful Hindustan along with all her SIKHS, was doomed.

If YOU, dear Hindu, Jew, Christian, Buddhist and SIKH, also see Islam or MOHAMMED in your nightmares, please hit the "FEEDBACK" button.

You can only tell while alive. Thereafter, the silence of a billion years will engulf you. Don’t do that disservice to humanity and Truth, by taking it all in your scared little head to the next eternal world. Please don’t.

Alexander the Great enquired about going to Arabia first on his way down to Hindustan.

"NO, Your Majesty, that barren burning land, all covered in sand, offers nothing except cactus thorns, dates, camels and lizards. People are savages who marry own sisters and take and discard women as wives at whim. They are busy feuding among themselves, killing, murdering and raping each other. Go, instead, to Hindustan, the land of silver, gold, precious gems and delicious fruits. Our two civilisations will meet and there can only be good for mankind through such union.”

How degraded is the schizophrenic “Pakistani” who forsakes all that civilisation, and Guru Nanak, and turns to wild and savage Arabia.

How degraded is the EAST Bengali who thinks nothing of Lords Rama and Krishna but seeks salvation from the Land of wild Beduines!

Their heads will be turned towards Nankana Sahib and Ayodhya only when the HINDUS rise like a decent nation after shaking off the likes of Sonia KHAN and PC Alexander.

When the Hindu civilisation rises like the Christian civilisation in Europe and North America, all the West Punjabis and East Bengalis will feel honoured to worship the native gods at home in the languages of their own mothers, bringing shine and glory to themselves. None need call them "ideological slaves and stooges of the Arabs".

By all the LAWS of Nature, which are mightier than any Paighambar or Avatar, the hour of decline, and final DEATH, of Islam has come. Look at the glow of new light over the horizon.