Date: 9/3/2001


3 September, 2001.

The whole of mighty British Empire declared war on Hitler's Third Reich (the AXIS Powers) sixty-two years ago today, and uprooted the poisonous plant of Nazi Ideology which divided mankind into "The Aryans and The Rest".

An unknown obscure loner, Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale of our "Much Reduced East Punjab" (MREP), single handed declared War on the EVIL Dynastic Empire of Pandit Jawaharlal NEHRU in the captive crushed slave colony of Hindustan where the brown-skinned native autocrat arrogant tyrants had replaced our White-skinned European Imperialist Masters.

SANT JARNAIL SINGH BHINDRANWALE uprooted the evil poisonous plant of Nehru Dynasty which had crushed the HINDUS under their heavy jackboot into pulp, and turned democracy into vulgar mockery.

Didn't they let Islam raise their flags in Lahore and Dhaka while throwing the BHAGWA in dust in Delhi?



Where the people are divided or lack conviction, and the State does not support Religion, the LEAST intelligent take up religion and politics as their vocation. Then the both CLASH as in Bharat, instead of walking harmoniously in step, as in the UNITED Kingdom.

That is the blight of the Hindus. The State BACK HOME, in fact, “bashes and batters” Hinduism and is keen to divide the Hindus and sow confusion among them, even attack and KILL them (as in the case of the Sikhs in 1984), leave aside supporting and strengthening Hinduism as a viable decent Faith of the NATIVE People and PROJECTING it to the world from the sovereign city states of AYODHYA and AMRITSAR, as The Vatican is doing for Catholicism from their sovereign city state in Italy.

The Muslims of Pakistan, the Jews of Israel and the Christians of the United Kingdom do not live like 'SLAVES' when it comes to religion.

In the UK, Church is equal in status to the top civil and military departments. There are cases, IN NOBILITY, where one brother turned to Church while the other to Civil Service and the third to Military. And they created a world empire.

We are still light years away from such status for Hinduism on earth. The State of demoralisation is such that one has yet to hear a Hindu say, "Karachi and Dhaka are eternally Hindu and Lahore is eternally Sikh!" By what logic are they Islamic?

The LOGIC was the High Treason of Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Cowardice of “bapu” MK Gandhi, Disunity of the Hindus and Ignorance of the Sikhs.

The logic was the Unity and “dandaa” (or DAGGER) of the Indian Muslims. And they carried the day. The Hindus had neither, and suffered the most humiliating historic and strategic defeat, resulting in the unconditional surrender of vast territories from Chittagong to Chitral. The Sikhs got decimated.

Hindu preachers are among the most primitive, timid and IGNORANT on earth.

In Hindusthan the Catholics, who could invite the Pope TWICE in recent years, are miles ahead of our own VHP when it comes to WORLD VISION, courage, conviction and dynamic outreach.

The majority community of India is under constant attack both from within and without.

The "REST of India"** is a "free for all human jungle", still waiting to be re-conquered

** NB: In 1947 India was divided between The MUSLIMS and THE REST. In that year the BEST was surrendered to Islam and the REST came to the Hindus and Sikhs. Our religious and political bodies are too embarrassed to mention this.

Indeed, where the people lack conviction, the State is evil and the government USELESS, the LEAST intelligent take up religion and POLITICS as their vocation.

It is high time to put some OFFICIAL lustre and gloss on Hinduism (spirituality & morality) in Hindusthan. Europe and America went secular only after Christianity attained the unassailable supremacy at the top.

In PARTITIONED India, on the other hand, secularism was IMPOSED by Pandit Nehru in order to WEAKEN the Hindus while boosting the onslaught by the well organised and well resourced FOREIGNERS (Islam and Christianity) against the weak and emaciated dying body of Hinduism that hasn’t been allowed to breathe FREELY in the last one thousand years.

The evil plant was uprooted in Europe on September 3, 1939. In PARTITIONED India, that had turned into COOLIE COLONY OF NEHRU DYNASTY, the evil plant was uprooted on June 6, 1984.



Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was "DEATH TO DYNASTY" that was rapidly strangulating Hinduism on our own territory, but a new hope to the resurgent vibrant dynamic Hinduism in Hindusthan.

His unique place in history is yet to be assessed. That will NOT be done by the corrupt and treacherous Congress establishment in Partitioned India nor by the fraudulant and BOGUS "scholars" of Jawahar Lal Nehru (JLN) University in New Delhi. It is for our sovereign and independent HINDU nation to do so.