Date: 9/3/2001



He can't ride a horse, walk twenty yards unassisted, run ten yards, or fire a pistol. He is an invitation to the Mujahideen in Kashmir. They dare him to show up in Srinagar or Ayodhya.


The main news in the "Daily Tribune" today (September 3, 2001) is shocking on many counts. Not that the Indians collectively will either understand the implications or the high treason of their leaders which turned the SAME people on either side of an artificial line drawn across the land, into better ENEMIES.

This side of the border the Hindus live in FEAR and have stopped marrying. The Rajputs used to kill their daughters for a similar reason in the days gone by.

On the OTHER side of the border the Muslims live in a climate of peace and safety and are having a field day in multiple marriages and ceaseless REPRODUCTION.

Along the border with "brotherly" neighbouring PAKISTAN, there is constant gun fire. It has become a "red hot" lethal border for the Hindus, and the Hindus alone. Yet calm prevails in New Delhi where the Supreme Commander is in league with the enemy. Being a NON Hindu he must want the Hindus dead or converted. Why should he serve them well, if he can help it? It would defy all logic and his religious belief and commitment. Is he secular, too, like the Hindu "cow"? Why should he be, if he is not a Hindu? Even the Muslims in India, who had lived side by side with the Hindus for centuries, threw their secularism away to establish Pakistan. The President KR Narayanan can be credited with far more loyalty to his own religion than an average Muslim.

The Lok Sabha (Parliament of India) simply COULDN'T CARE LESS. Is there another Parliament like that on earth?

The question is, "Why should anybody feel life threatened while living along the border?" What a different border we have between Belgium and Holland and between France and Germany! One even doesn't notice when one has driven past it! But the Indians are not like the Europeans. Are they? They are so VISIBLY inferior. Aren't they?

The Parliament of India simply cannot abrogage Article 370 of the Constitution. NO THEY CANNOT. Do they give an explanation? NO, THEY DON'T. These blighters, the Indian MPs, haven't been to Kashmir Valley for a holiday in decades and as far as THEY are concerned, the last Hindu can be killed, chopped up limb by limh, or even eaten up raw by the Muslim militants from across the border.

When a Hindu is killed in Punch or Jammu, there is NO reaction in Pathankot or Patiala, leave aside Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

India of Jawaharlal Nehru FAILS every test of nationhood. In a nation one is for all, and all are for one. But NOT in HINDU India.

The HINDU nation is like a pit of SAND where a burning match at one end does not convey any heat past three grains on either side. Islam on the contrary is a tank full of gasoline. Throw a burning match at one end and the WHOLE THING WILL EXPLODE IN YOUR FACE.

The Indian Parliament is often called the "ASSEMBLY OF DOGS" and we know it's an abuse. But they don't see it that way. They will grin in your face and call YOU a "dog" in turn who is barking at them for nothing! Yes, all that in South Kashmir is "tamaasha" for them, or monkey circus. More militancy, send in MORE MILITARY. There is NO idea of a political solution to the problem.

"There is NO problem," declares the Parliament of India. "Show us where you have a problem," they say. "We don't see it anywhere. India doesn't. Lok Sabha doesn't. Our President doesn't."

You leave the "morally superior" Hindu MP, and go away. You hear him saying, "What if a few Hindus get killed one day or 35 Sikhs massacred another night in a nation that is a BILLION strong? Moreover, the less the Hindus, the better fed they will appear, and less the agitators and trouble makers among them," goes the logic in his head.

Only the Taliban rulers in Afghanistan come close to the Indian Parliament with regard to looking after the welfare of their own citizens.

Here is how the mass circulating daily of North India, "The Tribune", printed its "M A I N N E W S":-

No wedding bells here for 3 years

Proximity of villages to border the prime reason

M.L. Kak

Tribune News Service

Samba, September 3, 2001

Wedding bells have not rung in Regaal village of this sector for the past three years. Scores of men and women are nearing 30, yet nobody from the adjoining villages comes forward to accept an offer of marriage from residents of this village.

People in this village are not “untouchables.” They do not carry any social stigma, yet they have not been able to get their children married.

Major Singh of this village says that people do come to settle marriages but within hours “the offer is rejected.” The only reason is that “our village is not safe” because of intermittent and heavy firing from across the border.

Pakistani Rangers open fire from their Chakboora, Makwan and Dandral posts and bullets “hit our houses,” he says showing several houses with bullet marks. “We do not venture out,” he adds.

Bablee says, “A go between had come to our village to negotiate a marriage. When he was returning, he was hit by a bullet and died on the spot. Since then nobody is willing to have his son or daughter married in our village.”

BSF soldiers have been patrolling the village and its adjoining areas but this has not boosted confidence among people.

According to Madhubala, most of the men and women have crossed the age for marriage. “In our village, once a boy or girl turned 18 or 20 years old, he or she would get married. But for the past three years, the boys have long passed this age.”

Balbir Singh and Purakh Singh say that there were several villages close to the border where residents are facing a similar problem.

“If this trend continues, several villages in this sector will witness a sudden decrease in population,” says Balbir Singh.

Several elderly people in villages miles away from the border say: “We do not want to get our girls married to boys in villages which are vulnerable to firing. Our daughters may get killed,” they say.

They are reluctant to get their sons married in such villages on the plea that they may not be safe on the wedding day or later when they visit their in-laws.

Since social customs do not allow boys and girls of the same village to get married, the problem has been aggravated.

Most of the village olders seem worried. “We have no solution for this problem”. They say either the government should rehabilitate them by allotting land in safer areas or take drastic measures to silence Pakistan guns.

“On the one hand we are faced with starvation and on the other hand the worry about our children eates into our vitals,” they add sadly.



Go and see your "Hind" along the borders with Pakistan and BOGUSdesh and look for Lahore and Dhaka in it.

"Jai Hind" to you, too, Mr. KR Narayanan. How are you doing?

How many Hindus left alive in South Kashmir?