Date: 9/4/2001




Call him Mr. Hindu KUSH or Mr. Hindu CRUSH. Call him by any name. He is a Mohammedan who seems like a harmless charming python with shiny eyes, waiting to suck in his soft Hindu prey.

To set the record straight, the Muslims, too, must hear what THEY have been saying about, and to, the NON Muslims, especially the HINDUS in Partitioned India, for centuries.

The demoralising effect of their insulting language and utterly degrading treatment was so crippling that by 1947 the entire Hindu nation, with 75% preponderance, was the softest target on earth to smash. Partition of India was the logical result.

The Muslim masters of Hindustan OPENLY used terms like “sugg” (dog) and “KAFIR” (falsehood), etc. for the Hindus who “lumped” this tirade of insults and abuse because of their weakness due to DISUNITY.

A UNITED Hindustan would have given a hefty SLAP back in any Mohammedan’s face who wrote such impolite and un-gentlemanly language for the others.

Here we provide a taste of such an appropriate response that will knock sense in any Muslim’s head who still gloats over the memory of imposing Jezia tax on the non Muslims. Ironically, Jezia was a tax that financed the brutes’ campaigns and wars mainly against the non Muslims themselves.


Year in and year out, millions of appeals go out for donations and endowments, to Hindus and Sikhs ALIKE, by a high sounding MOHAMMEDAN, nourishing himself, his followers and his “ADDA OF KUFR” (Seat of Islamic FALSEHOOD) right in the middle of the “Land of Hindus” (PARTITIONED India).

He knows that the Hindus (and Sikhs) are tolerant of their enemies to the point of extinction. (See their fate in West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal!)

It is amazing that while in Pakistan all the NON Muslims were exterminated or expelled within weeks of its creation and neither Kabul nor Mecca will permit the construction of even a tiny Hindu temple, this Mohammedan in Hindustan has got away with maintaining a big “Dargah” where the Lord of Universe is NOT Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Guru Nanak, or even Guru Gobind Singh Ji, but a “Prophet” from the Intellectual, cultural and Spiritual Desert in the Middle East.

What a long winded name the "Beggar in Rolls Royce" has:


Now is he talking of the glory of Hinduism, Sikhism or Buddhism? Is he collecting money to endow some educational scholarships for one and all, like the “nishkam sewak” Sikhs, lions tamed as lambs, who have NO axe to grind, or like the appeasing retreating Hindus who vacated Lahore on one day and disappeared from thousand other towns, cities and villages just to please his Rasul Allah?

And what about the Hindu holy man who was there BEFORE the Dargah? What about the Hindu temple on the site that was razed to ground to make way for this Dargah? If the timid Hindus keep shut up on their own history any more it will look abundantly clear to the rest of the world that the Dargah was there even before the birth of Lord Rama!

Wherever we see a Dargah or a mosque in Hindustan, there was a HINDU TEMPLE before that, and wherever we see graveyards, there were fruit laden trees in orchards and gardens! Let us be clear about it..

With our history destroyed like that of the Pagans in Europe and of Inca Indians in South America, who knows a thing about the TEMPLE that once stood at the very site of this Dargah in Ajmer?

How many native “serfs and slaves” of Bandit Dynasty have the nerve or guts to ask questions?

Yes, for example, “Who was the PATERNAL grandfather of Rajiv “Gandhi”?”

Who knows? How many out of one billion? How many Sikhs know the answer since between him (Rajiv) and his mother (Indira) the dirty duo wiped out at least 50,000 Sikh young men from our 'Much Reduced East Punjab'? Neither of them could be arrested, to be brought before the International Court in Hague that is now so thrilled trying Slobodan Milosevic in order to appease Turkey, Albania and all the Arabs and the Pakistanis. What about the trial of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru for signing the Document of India’s Surrender that led to million massacred? Did he ever ask for Referendum?

Dear Indians, if you wish to survive even in your truncated Bharat, then the best thing would be to “gherao” this Chisti fellow, drag him to Sangam near PRAYAG, give him a deep dip and then take him to AYODHYA and put “tilak” and saffron robe on him. Do his “shuddhi” first and then ask him to beg or borrow, in the same way, for the construction of Sri Ram Temple in AYODHYA that was destroyed and desecrated by his fellow Muslims in 1526 AD.

Hindu today is neither to be robbed nor brainwashed nor intimidated nor put under a spell by any MOHAMMEDAN Syed or Chisty. They all belong to Pakistan. What was Partition about? We must take ourselves seriously- not the equivalent of flies.

Just look at the total COLLAPSE of the Hindu nation today. The Mohammedan Syed who had to be behind bars or expelled out of country, is the ruling Imam of a big Dargah, propagating his Islamic KUFR (FALSEHOOD) in broad daylight!

Look at the Hindus who turn up to receive his “blessings” as if their own gods were dead or useless. How easy it would be to convert the Hindu “sheep” around Ajmer who see a lot of green fodder under the foot of this Chisty!

Does he use any INDIAN native language while praying to God? Whose mother in his India speaks or understands Arabic within a thousand miles of his Durgah?

The Hindus in Partitioned India ought to use the kind of language for this evil “DERA OF KUFR” just as the Mohammedans through the centuries have spoken of the Hindu gods and temples.

Just read the great Islamic historians of Akbar, Jehangir, Aurangzeb and Mahmud of Ghazni! What language did they use for Guru Arjan Dav and Guru Tegh Bahadur and for the two little sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji at the court of Governor of Sirhind?

For too long have the Hindus been forced to accept insults and degradation without the ability to pay back, retaliate or hit back. It only encouraged the Mohammedans to ATTACK and occupy Lahore all of a sudden, and treat the Hindus like the “dogs”. The status of the Hindus in Kabul today was our status in DELHI for SEVEN CENTURIES.

How will the murderous ideology of Islam wind up if all of us remain appeasing retreating “gentlemen” like Mr. Vajpayee, forgetting the treatment we received at their hands prior to, and in, 1947- and since (in Kashmir)?

This question begs an answer.