Date: 9/5/2001


Mice touching the cat’s whiskers.

The news in “The Tribune”, Chandigarh & New Delhi today, September 2001, is as amazing as preposterous. (See below). The “Government of India” (they desperately want to know the whereabouts of this “Government of India” in North AND SOUTH Kashmir!) have reduced the “List of Sikh terrorists” from several thousand to just 50.

Cause for celebration for the Chief Minister of Union Territory of Chandigarh, we suppose, but let us look at some FACTS.

The MICE are those, in the eyes of LAND or TERRITORY called INDIA, who could not face the STORM OF ISLAM in North Kashmir, Sindh, West Punjab and EAST Bengal, but then, defeated, degraded, beaten, humiliated, reduced and disgraced, they wanted to take it out on the Sikhs in turn, whose only fault was to shout,


On hearing this new version of “SAT SRI AKAAL!”, the mice, inhabiting our planet from Kerala to Kashmir and Assam to Poonch, had sleepless nights. The Sikhs appeared in their nightmares- again and again and again.

The rulers and masters of BROKEN BHARAT (that is minus Sialkot and Sylhet) thought that their Bharat was still “AKHAND”, and the Sikhs were out to “break it up into pieces.”

So they set “wolves and tigers” like Julius Ribiero and KPS Gill to kill the Sikh youth in their own “Much Reduced East Punjab”. The young lads were hunted down in towns, villages and fields and simply shot dead in the open or arrested, dragged to prison cells, and tortured to death there. There was NO enquiry, no proper legal recourse- all extra judicial just like those Mogul days when the HINDUS themselves were butchered in the same manner without any right of appeal. There was NO United Nations and NO “Uncle Sam” for them! Inevitably there HAD TO BE a response. THERE WAS.

There was also a RESPONSE when earlier Golden Temple was attacked by her mercenary army, and “INDIRA, THE WITCH”, was amazed.

“The Hindus could never re-build their Grand Temple in Somnath. Look at the guts of these Sikh terrorists who are busy re-building their Akal Takht Sahib again!” she shrieked hysterically. Mrs. Indira “Gandhi”, a secret convert to ISLAM, knew more about her Islamic cousins in East Bengal, which was promptly returned after capture in 1972, than the Sikhs, her own subjects. She was there in the first place due to NEPOTISM, and she was rotten BAD to the core for India and the Indians.

Having silenced all opposition to Government brutality, Nepotism and the corruption of BOFORS CHOR at home, the “mice” turned upon the Sikhs living abroad.

Rajiv “Gandhi”, Son of Feroze KHAN, with his FOREIGN wife on one side and semi literate Zail Singh Zaleel on the other, charged the Sikh NRIs of being the “foreign hand” that wanted to destabilise his AKHAND Bharat! One billion mice nodded agreement.

Then, with all the mice looking on, some applauding, he authorised the BLACKLIST on the Sikhs!

Just as units in the British Army are called KING’S OWN (Hussars) or QUEEN’S OWN (Dragoons) the ‘mouse colony’ of India created MRS. INDIRA’S VERY OWN Regiment (RAW) or “Research & Analysis Wing”.

The abbreviation, if you read from right to left like the Urdu that was close to Indira Khanum’s BOSOM, exposes what was on her mind- WAR.

And to WAR they went, the entire mouse colony, on behalf of their Sovereign and Empress, Indira Khanum, who had NO rival in land since the mice hailed her as “INDIRA IS INDIA.”


Blacklist of Sikh NRIs cut to 50

T. R. Ramachandran

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, September 4, 2001. In a significant development, the Union Government after constant review (sic) of several thousand blacklisted Sikh non-resident Indians settled in the UK, Canada and the USA has slashed the number to just 50 individuals. (sic)

The perseverance of the Parkash Singh Badal government in Punjab, the National Commission of Minorities (NCM) and Sikh organisations to end the discrimination against the minority community found favour with the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government at the Centre.

The Union Home Ministry has communicated its decision of restricting the list of blacklisted Sikh NRIs to 50 persons to the Punjab Government and the NCM after extensive reviews taking into account the current disposition of those inimical to this country.

Obviously that the Union Home Ministry and various intelligence agencies associated with the reviews have no option but to retain a blacklist of 50 Sikh NRIs whose diabolical intentions of speaking through the barrel of a gun remains unchanged.

The Centre has refused to scrap the blacklist of Sikh NRIs based on its latest assessment. It believes that the drastic pruning of the blacklist of Sikh NRIs will facilitate all those anxious of visiting their homeland but had been denied a visa for the past 16 years. It was hoped they would forget the rancour of the past and join the national mainstream besides contributing their bit in developmental endeavours. Most of these 50 blacklisted Sikh NRIs are in Canada, the UK and the USA.

The blacklist of Sikh NRIs prepared by various intelligence agencies since 1984 has been a serious bone of contention in Punjab after terrorism was crushed and a duly elected government assumed office. The annoyance of blacklisted Sikh NRIs has been aggravated over the years because of their inability to perform the last rites of their relatives even on humanitarian grounds.

The Badal government and the NCM have chipped away in tandem to end the discrimination against the Sikh community and sought the personal intervention of Union Home Minister L.K. Advani in this regard.

Union Chemicals and Fertilisers Minister Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa and NCM Vice-Chairman Tarlochan Singh held several sessions with officials of the Union Ministries of Home and External Affairs. It was on their insistence that Mr Advani set up a high power review committee in February last year. The review committee comprised officials of the Home and External Affairs Ministries, the Punjab Government, the Research and Analysis Wing of the Cabinet Secretariat and the Intelligence Bureau.

After minutely going through the blacklist several times, the list was reduced to 190 in April this year. After another review, the blacklist of Sikh NRIs was brought within two digits to 98. However, it was at the final review meeting on August 16 that the blacklist was further restricted to 50 persons considered as hardcore elements.

In a formal letter to Mr Advani, Mr Tarlochan Singh thanked the minister that only 50 names had been kept in the blacklist of Sikh NRIs permitting all others to the visa facility. He thanked Mr Advani for his kind gesture and said this could happen in a short span of 18 months because of the prompt action taken by the Union Home Ministry.


You see the DEVIOUS dirty mind of this so-called Government of India which seems to be hi-jacked by the ENEMY. It is not their own voice. Is it?

The MAJORITY community is HINDU and they ought to have recalled their own DOG COLLAR and SPIT, RAPE, ABDUCTION and the DESTRUCTION of every temple (big and small) throughout Northern India, and REALIZED as to who the SIKHS are in their BROKEN Bharat where the Mohammedan is still not a persona non grata despite the chopping up of Head, Arm and Tail of Hindustan in 1947!

But in order to disregard the Sikh contribution, valour and place in history, the “mice” decided to cut out the word PARTITION from their vocabulary and Constituton!

Seeing so many “mice” in STAMPEDE, many simple Sikhs, whose “education” had been in Congress hands since Bandit Nehru took over in 1947, too, joined the little scared animals on run, and turned to “nishkam sewa”, serving “langars” and doing countless “akhand paths”. Their ENEMIES were NOT impressed and pushed ahead to divide the community and confuse the nation and ultimately destroy them both. The native had never been exposed to such high level strategies of their rulers- not in the preceding THOUSAND years since Delhi FELL to the Turks in 1192.

REACTION OF ONE NRI (Non Resident Indian) who has yet to receive the petty concession of dual nationality from this Government, was: “They are not willing to concede this concession, that is so readily granted in the rest of the world, since they think all the Indians living abroad are either terrorists, or the friends of terrorists. Has anyone seen a Government like this anywhere else on earth?

Now let us look closely at the word “NRI”. The first reaction might be that ALL the Indians living abroad are united, dignified, honourable and decent.

Nothing could be farther from truth. The NRIs are a rag bag of “frogs scattered across the marshlands.” They have never been welded into ONE nation since their Dynastic rulers wanted to Divide and Kill.

So you have Bengalis, Tamils, Keralites, Punjabis, Gujaratis, Marathas, and then the Hindus, Sikhs, Musalmaans, Catholics, and finally those who will rush to the Airport to welcome any “Gandhi” even Priyenka Gandhi with a poodle in her lap, and those who wish India to have a clean government OUT OF THE SHADOW of Nehru Dynasty’s terror. It is these NRIs who are so FEW in numbers, yet the biggest cause of scare and worry for the Government of India.

In the tradition of colonial days, when all the Maharajas travelled up to New Delhi to shower jewels and diamonds on the Viceroy on his birthday, the NRIs who have made it economically, shower lavish DONATIONS on local politicians and on the thugs back home for personal gain and business advantage. Consider the number of British MPs and US Congressmen who have collected huge sums as donations from the NRIs while one NRI does not see eye to eye with another- like those Maharajas who whipped and plundered their own subjects out of scorn and contempt.

Obviously the NRIs from Pandit Nehryu’s COOLIE COLONY are not the same as the honourable NRIs, that is, the Non Resident ISRAELIS, who support so many schools, colleges, hospitals and a hundred other good charities in Israel.

How many NRIs turn up at the Indian or the PAKISTANI high commission in London when the news of a big massacre comes in from South Kashmir? There were ONE HUNDRED unarmed pilgrims to Amarnath Cave last August and not one NRI turned up with a placard to protest.

That is the “unity” of NRIs abroad and the Indians back home. Of course, this is a big joy for their rulers back home. Any sign of protest, any stir for freedom, the name goes on the TERRORIST List promptly. No wonder the Indians are still the most suppressed and crushed people on earth next to the savage Taliban in Afgthanistan. What a company for the descendants of Lords Rama and Krishna, and the followers of Guru Nanak!

The real reason of this contempt and suspicion of the NRI on the part of Government of India is the TERROR of the rulers themselves of their humble subjects becoming better informed, more knowledgeable and thus posing a threat to the Dynasty which still holds sway over one billion “heads of cattle” in India.

Why did the Indians flee their fabulously RICH land that attracted invaders from London to Kabul? The reason is a very BAD government they have at home. It is BAD beyond the power of words to describe. This is the “damn” Government which is standing on the moral leg of, “We will give you Lahore but NOT Srinagar!”

Not one Indian has woken up to the INSULT to the city of Lahore that until 1949 was the seat of a mighty powerful SIKH Empire where a Hindu “mouse” was safe from MULTAN to KHYBER and GILGIT. What is his status there now?

Thus, on reading the news item in The Tribune, one NRI justifiably went wild. He shouted, “SIKHS ON BLACK LIST? PREPOSTEROUS!”

“Sikhs on Black List? PREPOSTEROUS,” he repeated. They haven’t even got one square inch of territory under their control yet. Their chief minister has been put on Union Territory as if he was a bearded “nishkam sewak bhayya”.

What about those who were CONCEDED five provinces on just one day in 1947?, he wants to know. There is none to answer him. The “Government of India” is DEAD.

The Sikh through default lost his case since he forgot all that and got deeper and deeper into symbols, mutual recriminations, marathon recitations of “akhand paths” and “langar SEWA”.

The finest FIGHTER on earth voluntarily became a “NISHKAM SEWAK”, putting his fate and destiny in the hands of India’s own treacherous AXIS POWERS, that is, “ISLAM, ITALY and the CLUELESS GUTLESS HINDU STOOGE” who became secular only after surrendering Lahore and his daughters unconditionally in 1947.

By all logic the Sikh had to end up on BLACK LIST, just as by all logic the Hindu had to be exterminated in North Kashmir, decimated in EAST Bengal and wear Yellow Ribbon in Kabul.

This NRI wants to exercise his RIGHT TO RESPOND. He saw Mr. LK Advani and his entire HINDU “JAGAT” run like rabbits, as if chased by a fox, from all over Western and Eastern India when Hindustan exploded due to her Power VACUUM, and fragmented into three.

On that BLACK day Bandit Nehru took over command, hi-jacked the Government of India (Hindustan) and did everything in order to EXPLODE the “Rest of India” again, to fulfil “Mahatma” Gandhi’s DEATH WISH.

The unsettled DISPUTE over Kashmir was his deliberate legacy by which India would bleed to death.

Downgrading of Sikh valour and spirituality (“MIRI/PIRI”) is part of that process of DEATH WISH of the cowardly race of Hindu.

Now we will expect some HINDU leader step forward to declare that this “Black List” of Dynasty was NULL AND VOID and illegal and unconstitutional from Day 1, and demand an apology and compensation from the Government of India.

Instead, the entire Hindu-basher/Sikh-killer NEHRU (GANDHI) DYNASTY, who have replaced the word PARTITION with INDEPENDENCE, needs to be put on that BLACK LIST.

The Government of India must at once issue an APOLOGY for opening that Black List in the first place and declare as to WHO made entries it and why?

Public must know each entry. Nothing ought to be concealed. Finally, the List must be put before the WORLD COURT OF JUSTICE in Hague or before another INDEPENDENT authority OUTSIDE Partitioned India or even before some reputed JUDICIAL body. Government of India being the main ACCUSED in this case, has no right to suppress information in its Black List. It is not the rule of some despot, but India is meant to BEHAVE like a democracy in which PEOPLE, not the Government, are the masters.

The NRI on learning of this Black List was FURIOUS. He wants the whole WORLD to know what he has to say about such a rotten India which is eating away its own children in MUCH REDUCED EAST PUNJAB while her enemies are eating away the HINDUS in South Kashmir.

NOW LISTEN, the whole world, as to why this NRI will not be going back to BLACK Hindustan. (Please note the word BLACK is not in inverted commas. What THEY mean, they will get back!)

This NRI will go back to India only when he could land at GURU TEGH BAHADUR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT in NEW DELHI which now reminds the world of the arrogant controversial “witch” who was removed by BULLET, not by ballot, at Halloween in 1984.

This NRI will go back when NORTH KASHMIR and SOUTH KASHMIR are UNITED through diplomacy, UN intervention as in Bosnia, or by the GUNS (or nuclear weapons) OF ISLAM which brought India to her knees in 1947.

This NRI will go back when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is charge-sheeted for High Treason in surrendering Lahore unconditionally in 1947 without even a Referendum, or on temporary basis. He could have leased the doomed city to Islam for 99 years.

This NRI will go back to India when BOFORS CHOR is "hanged" in absence.

This NRI will go back to India when she is a genuine democracy and genuinely secular, and NOT “PARTITIONED INDIANS SECULAR STATE”, ie., PISS, any more.

This NRI will go back to India when BROADCASTING is free and he, too, can get to speak on “All India Radio” just for five minutes.

This NRI will go back to India when the President declares, "Hinduism is something attractive and I will embrace it along with my Burmese born evangelist wife and the Catholic White Elephant of BOFORS CHOR from Itlay."

This NRI, who does not regard his own native HINDUISM as INFERIOR, wishes to see his OWN native Indian religion enter the President’s House and enshrined in the Indian Constitution on permanent basis.

This NRI will go back when at least one native SHANKARACHARYA is given the same high level of visible State welcome and ceremonial reception in Rashtrapati Bhawan as the Pope from Italy got on two occasions in recent years.

This NRI will go back when the Terrorist List started by PC Alexander and Salman Haidar, the two “DOGS” OF DYNASTY, are made public in the United Kingdom.

This NRI will go back to Bharat on DUAL NATIONALITY and not on “Green Card of Coolies” that is on sale for £640 apiece at Indian High Commission in London. The PRESIDENT OF INDIA can shove it up his. It is an INSULT to the Indians who are being separated from their own “mother” land by these crooks and corrupt rascals called “Government of India”.

This NRI will go back to India when native Hinduism and Sikh Religion are placed ABOVE the foreign religions in land- and as per Constitution.

This NRI will go back to India when AYODHYA, Nankana Sahib and Sri Amritsar are declared SOVEREIGN CITY STATES like Sonia Gandhi's Vatican, and when HINDUISM enjoys the same status as enjoyed by ISLAM in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and EAST Bengal.

This NRI will go back to INDIA when all her MUSLIMS are declared PERSONA NON GRATA because of, or due to, PARTITION. India is not a DIRTY JOKE of Pandit Nehru's. Is she?

This NRI will send this mail to the site owner of to be put there for the WHOLE WORLD TO SEE and that includes the WORLD OF ISLAM who are still to LIBERATE KASHMIR, and the World of HINDUS which has still to raise its "bum" in Ayodhya and Rashtrapati Bhawan, and the World of the Sikhs on Black List who have still to unite and adopt the “K” for Komputer.

This NRI will go to India when the GOVERNMENT OF “FROGS AND RATS” there apologises for the unconditional surrender of LAHORE, MULTAN, GUJRANWALA and RAWALPINDI in 1947 and the wanton attack on GOLDEN TEMPLE by their dirty despicable NEHRU/GANDHI/KHAN Dynasty in 1984.

This NRI will speak to the Government of India with the whole world listening: "You dare put even one Sikh on BLACK list when the whole lot of you are BLACK, REAL BLACK, in thought and deed."

Without the Sikhs one billion HINDUS would have been ethnically cleansed in India as in Afghanistan, or circumcised and praying to Rasul Allah in ARABIC long ago.

This NRI wants to tell the Government of India, “If your Pandit Nehru, Indira KHAN and Sonia Maino are on some WHITE List, then “MOOHN KAALA” of the whole bleeding Hindu race in PARTITIONED Hindustan. There on this earth somewhere, unknown to you right now, is another AURANGZEB waiting to appear. Your tomorrow is your yesterday!”

What signal are YOU sending to the whole world by putting a Sikh on your own Black List? Does your Black List have any validity in Lahore or Dhaka? Or in London or Washington? Or at the UNO?

Is there a "Government of India" at all? Where is it? When are they going to try Ribeiro and K.P.S. Gill and the other police and political officials who committed genocide against the Sikhs of East Punjab? When will they try the BOFORS CHOR?

What an irony: Those who were to be her SAVIOURS, are on Black List and those who will EXPLODE the Rest of India are established in high commanding positions. What a rotten “Hindu” QUAGMIRE our old India has become under rotten NATIVE genius since her PARTITION!

The NRI knows the rules of the game in South Asia. First the PERSECUTION that invites retaliation. After that the road to further oppression, arrest, torture, fake encounters and extra judicial killing is clear.

First comes the label of terrorists. That is followed by the so-called Black lists (NONE knows who decides the criteria for them!) and then comes the DOG COLLAR of slavery. Just see how it went for the HINDUS in North Kashmir, East Bengal and Afghanistan. They want the Sikhs to follow suit.

Do we want the Sikhs to join the company?

Let EVERY NRI tell the collapsed Hindu "Jagat" back home that is offering "MEAT ON FEET" on daily basis to the brave Mujahideen in SOUTH Kashmir, "NOT UPON MY NELLY!"


We are told that one NRI opened his own BLACK LIST on August 15, 1947. Since then he has crossed out three names from it. (1) “Mahatma” Gandhi, (2) Indira Gandhi and (3) Rajiv Gandhi.

He hopes the FOURTH Gandhi will QUIT INDIA voluntarily before long and, on the WAY OUT, will also take the President’s wife to her land of birth MYANMAR.

The “Era of HINDU Dog” and BLACK LISTS on Sikhs will promptly end in Bharat.