Date: 9/18/2001



An evil tide has been rising on our earth since the beginning of the 7th century AD.

It has been advancing, surging, thrusting, on and on, covering the globe.

There was never any MAN to challenge it, stop it, roll it back, confront or crush it. Look at the whole of India, accepting the unconditional surrender of five provinces without any protest or challenge. There is NO man in the whole of Hindustan to speak up on this. There has NEVER been one since the fall of Sindh to Arabs in 712 AD.

But do we see a MAN emerging from our midst right now, such a long time later?

Islam has destroyed every evidence of the manner in which it brought civilisations, peoples and nations under its Sword and Sway. The culmination of that unchallenged advance of darkness, barbarity and “JEHAALAT” are the present rulers of Afghanistan who have chopped off the hand that fed them.

America poured TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS into that country since the Soviets marched in, in 1979. These Taliban owe their very existence to the American dollars- not only as recipients of that astronomical financial aid but also as lucrative export of their drugs to America and the rest of the world. So, how did they say, “Thank you, America.”?

Mohammed Ali Jinnah was born in India. He was fed by India. He was nourished by India. He was sent to London to become a barrister-at-law by India. He was given his girl friends, concubines and wives by India. So how did he say, “Thank you, India,” in the end?

What a thankless BEAST the Mohammedan is! Islam is ever ready to produce its own fundamentalism. It is now said, to be politically correct, that America is not after Islam but Islamic fundamentalism. What is the difference? Where does the Islamic fundamentalism come from? Does it come from the Hindu world, or the Buddhist world? NO! it comes from the MOHAMMEDAN world. And the fundamentalist Muslim of today is not the same of tomorrow. From the vast simmering, disgruntled, dissatisfied, divisive and separatist World of Islam the mosaic of rise and fall of fundamentalist ideas, cells and bodies is an interesting phenomenon for the keen observer. Today’s calm lake is tomorrow’s turbulent sea. Every Muslim therefore is a potential hijacker and killer, not just any one in particular.

That is why it was impossible to identify those who hijacked the planes to crash them into tall buildings, killing TENS OF THOUSANDS of innocent people. Innocent:

What is “innocent” to a Mohammedan? The cowardly Hindu and Sikh nation has yet to do a person-to-person case study of their EXTERMINATION at the time of Partition to understand this. To a Mohammedan, a KAFIR, or someone who does not submit to Allah THROUGH MOHAMMED, is like the sheep that is slaughtered at id to great merriment of the onlookers. That, indeed, is the concept of “innocent” in Islam.

The Muslims in the USA are now suspect. It is most ironic that the Sikhs who resemble the Muslims in appearance are also the victims. It is even more ironic when we know that the Sikhs saved their part of India from completely vanishing under the Foot of Mohammed and made immense sacrifices in their struggle to uphold secularism in India. Even their very appearance is due to the brutality of ISLAM. The native FIGHTER had to be seen, had to look distinct with beard and turban, so that he could not melt away in the vast invisible cowardly non violent Hindu crowd.

That inheritance of VISIBILITY is now paying back the Sikhs in threats to their lives and abuse. Communities sometimes go mad and quite stupid in sticking to their old customs and there is no better example than the Sikhs. Without a political clout at home, and being highly visible, they are the easiest targets for the KILLERS. Shamelessly, they have not told the rest of the world, nor, indeed, their own children, as to how many Sikhs lost their lives due to this conspicuous VISIBILITY.

For them, above all else, the rule of camouflage and concealment ought to have been the dearest thing on earth. But the fools PERSIST in being seen!

In the same way the Hindu still sticks to his Bapu Gandhi, and his obsolete and misplaced non violence which is nothing but his own death warrant in a world where he is perceived to be a rabbit by all the Muslim wolves who have fattened themselves on Hindu FLESH, BLOOD and MAIDENS.

What has now become the world’s best entertainment are the highly visible interviews by the western media (the INDIAN media of the “jackals” are as good as being dead) with Muslim laymen and clerics. Each and everyone of them is apparently shocked at the outrage in America, though rejoicing at heart, and claiming that Islam is a religion of peace. It is as grotesque as hilarious. Every time one hears a Muslim claim the peaceful nature of his Islam, one feels like laughing. What a double faced creature- so mild and gentle when under pressure, so WILD and VIOLENT when in his own element! In Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir and Pakistan he is in his own element!

If President George Bush can now turn the Islamic tide or reduce it and finally tame it or exterminate it, he will undoubtedly be known to posterity as The Man of Millennium.

God said, “I have sent light to earth. I have sent a man of peace.. But that is not right. If there is day there must be night to create symmetry and balance in Nature. So he sent Mohammed.

Mohammed was enjoined by as per the so-called Divine Dictation to take up the sword, get on horseback, gather a band of suicidal fanatic warriors from the bravest of the Arab tribes and then set about his JIHAD, to flatten civilisations, destroy places of worship and bring all mankind into submission to his own Will calling it the Will of Allah to forestall any criticism.

His warriors began from the city of his own birth, Mecca, killing every priest and holy man and converting the rest to his Islam, the name he gave to his Faith. Nothing could be more deceptive and misleading to the public ear than the word Peace that was to conceal mayhem and bloodshed of the innocent right across the globe, and for ever thereafter.

He made the proud Punjabis pray in his own Arabic language and the poor Bangladeshi save up all his life to pay for the travel to Arabia in order to kiss the BLACK stone in Mecca.

He empowered the ancestors of these Taliban to invade the peaceful land of Hindus to the South East and bring home slaves, concubines, gold, silver and diamonds to enrich themselves year after year till the Sikhs and the British sealed off the Khyber Pass.

Then a breed of native indigenous Muslims was created to carry on the Jihad on behalf of Mohammed among their own countries of birth far removed from Mecca.

Finally, they could control themselves no more and decided to destroy the world’s economic and military power symbols in America.

If they could humiliate America, the rest of the world would be an easy prey. In this they miscalculated.

The proud and brave AMERICA is about to rise like a giant. In the middle of the last century, that can still be recalled by many elderly folk, they smashed the “Believers” of MEIN KAMPF. This time at the beginning of the New Millennium, they are about to smash. FOR GOOD. the Believers of another divisive and destructive Book, the KORAN.

President George Bush of the United States used the word CRUSADE. It is neither misplaced nor inappropriate. He showed a feel of history, not just of the turbulent current affairs.

Yes, indeed, the rest of the world, especially the much defeated, humiliated and REDUCED Hindu race like their Hindustan, is about to witness a COUNTER ATTACK that they could not launch even in their dreams.

The RETALIATION by the United States will be the GUARANTEE of world peace during the coming millennium. Let this be the Millennium of the MAN who brought light to earth, turning the night into a sunny day. Will it really be the Millennium of Jesus Christ?

His followers are to take along with them the followers of countless other gods and gurus of the past who all FAILED in containing the MONSTER who is at home in Lahore, North Kashmir and East Bengal.


"CRUSADE," said George Bush.

But how is it that he let things slip that far? Now there are Mohammeds and Alis littering the whole globe. No eyebrow was ever raised when an Imran Khan converted a Jemima Goldsmith and NO resentment was ever shown towards Madhu Jaffrey or Sharmila Tagore who produced more “Mohammeds” to disembowel our gentle world of secularism, tolerance, peace and progress.

Is it too late now to talk of Crusade. And where is the enemy? Who is it? Is the Muslim friend of today the friend of tomorrow, too?

Who was to keep an eye on the KORAN SCHOOLS all over Europe where a SEPARATE Muslim IDENTITY is being forged day and night? When was there any discussion on the implications of the phrase, NATION OF ISLAM. What is the Muslim Parliament doing in the UK? Is it not the enemy within?

What is political correctness to a Musalmaan who is out to destroy the country that gave him birth and nourished him, educated him and invariably provided him with innumerable girl friends, wives and concubines from the Hindu and Christian worlds around him, of which he partakes richly and voluptuously to his heart’s desire to produce countless Mohammeds, Alis and Uddins, littering the globe?

The sudden and brutal attack on the secularism and human values of India in 1947 should have been a Certificate on Indigenous Islam. But even the Hindus have been CRUSHED mentally and spiritually to recall PARTITION. They call it Independence with Lahore and Dhaka on NOBODY’S mind. The PARTITION OF INDIA, as the eternal proof of Muslim TREACHERY, TREASON and DESTRUCTION ought to have been entered in every schoolbook in BROKEN BHARAT or PARTITIONED India.

What an irony, the defeated, reduced and humiliated HINDU & SIKH sits in the world as if nothing happened to his nation and country in 1947. It is obvious that the ATTACK BY ISLAM was so ruthless that it really turned the victim into living sheep.

The Sikhs stuck to the word “Mughal” to lament at their brutal decimation through centuries and the Hindus put the blame on one Mohammed Ali Jinnah who is no more. Both dare not mention the perennial DEVIL that has not rested, and will not rest, till the last Sikh and Hindu is killed or converted. It is a matter of no fear to anybody to mention the name of Hitler. Will the world still remain “politically correct” it one mentioned MOHAMMED?

In the previous centuries the Arabs on horseback and later the Mongols after their conversion to Islam, became a much-FEARED brutal force of death and DESTRUCTION to reckon with. Delhi was sacked numerous times and India lay at their feet with every Hindu maiden for the picking. The Arabs have grown up on the legends of those conquests and their sway from Morocco to Indonesia, the largest Islamic nation on earth. Surely for such a giant, the rest of the world must look like a rabbits warren. Any head that stood up was chopped off. The holiest of holies were beheaded in public (Guru Tegh Bahadur, 1675). Critics like Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen had to hide and be heavily protected for safety. Did they notice the American head rising above the rest? It had to be given a mortal blow or chopped off, too. It was a powerful motivation, irresistible, and they bit off the ear of Uncle Sam. But just as Hitler forgot the rout of Napoleon in Moscow, the World Of Islam forgot the fate of Hitler who wanted to humble or convert the whole world, too.

Now they hit hard America, world’s super power, and left it reeling under their brutality and savagery. What value for life or respect for person is written in the KORAN which inspired them all?

And like Mein Kampf, which still produces the skin heads and the NAZIS across Europe, the Koran is the eternal fire that will inspire the Muslims to lesser or greater degree to blast their environs.

It is a manual of Deceit and Deception. Lie low but as soon as the enemy is off guard, HIT HARD. In 1947 the Hindu was off guard. (The wretched Hindu is still off guard, more than half a century later.)

In 2001 the Christian was OFF GUARD. America was hit in this year even more brutally than in Pearl Harbour by Japan in 1941. Is this not so? How many Americans lost their lives in Pearl Harbour and how many were slaughtered and BUTCHERED in cold blood on September 11, 2001 in New York and Washington? And did the Japanese get so far DEEP INTO AMERICA? The future is as grave as at the time of Crusades when the Turks, having conquered Jerusalem and crossed Albania, Greece, Hungary, Romania and Spain, appeared around Vienna and in the middle of France.

The MUSLIM, if not checked, will struggle relentlessly and continuously, even FIGHT, in order to DESTROY, OVERWHELM, HUMILIATE AND ENSLAVE the whole world. That will be the beginning of another long DARK AGE on earth.


The attack on the World Trade Centre in New York and on the Pentagon in Washington on September 11, 2001, was not a one off affair or an isolated incident by a few Muslim fundamentalists.

OPEN YOUR EYES AND BEWARE! The price of liberty is ETERNAL vigilance. What liberty is left in LAHORE and EAST BENGAL, Pakistan and AFGHANISTAN? The noose of slavery and degradation is gradually descending on each and everyone of us.