Date: 9/18/2001


How did India react to the ISLAMIC ATTACK in 1947?

She collapsed and surrendered UNCONDITIONALLY five provinces to appease the Muslim Monster in order to save her own skin.

Now WHAT is happening in the United States of America? Let us see.

Terrorist attack on 11 Sep 2001.

FLASHBACK: "It has been decided to divide India into SEPARATIST ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALISM" and "Secularism & Democracy". (3 June 1947).

LATER: "We will destabilise Afghanistan to send their King into exile, and then encourage and boost ISLAM in Afghanistan to the extent that they would defeat the Soviet Super Power.

"Then we will close our eyes to all the "KORAN" schools ("Madrassas") in Baluchistan and NFWP producing HARD LINE mullahs who will take over Afghanistan. They will then persecute their own people, whip, beat up and execute Afghan women in public, force MILLIONS to flee to foreign (Christian) shores for succour, sending terrorists across Europe, America and Russia.

"The fall-out of Islamic Revolution will appear in South Kashmir to bleed the much demoralised and humiliated INDIAN Army, and in Chechnya. Bosnia and Macedonia to extend the TERRITORY OF ISLAM right into Christian Europe.

Yes, that was the hope and the planning. But who ever thought that last Tuesday the MONSTER will hit to attack not just America but the entire civilised values and democracies of the whole world.

Will there be planes crashing in the streets of London, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Berlin in the near future? Can we be complacent?


Is there a BOOK on earth that indoctrinates generation after generation that 'mankind is divided into Aryans and NON Aryans' and that the "FOLLOWERS & BELIEVERS" are the Aryans and the REST OF MANKIND is Jew & Gypsy, rats and vermin, fit for extermination?

If we could discover this BOOK or name it, then we could identify the very SOURCE OF TERRORISM.

Now since Hitler is dead and his Germany smashed and defeated, we can indeed name The BOOK as "Mein Kampf" (that is BANNED in Germany today!) without inviting the charge of being politically incorrect.

But out there, there is ANOTHER Book that not only inspires the Believers in England along with those in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq and Bangladesh, even PARTITIONED India, but also LINKS them mentally, spiritually, politically and ideologically.

It is the Nation of Islam with ONE Constitution, ONE language of prayer, ONE spiritual, political and ideological orientation and ONE strategic goal. Nation of Islam is global, not confined to national frontiers.

For the clever Christian West and the clueless Hindu/Buddhist/SIKH world to the EAST, it is politically incorrect to name this "DAMN" Book.

Yes, I have heard a Muslim say, "If we terrorise and humiliate the world's greatest super power, the USA, then the smaller countries in the world will easily fall at our feet."

Yes, I heard another say, "The American and the British people bomb us. We will saturate their lands with drugs, cocaine and heroin."

Yes, Islam, unlike Christianity, is "the religion of peace", but did I see "MOHAMMED" in one of the names of those terrorists who hijacked and crashed the planes on buildings in New York and Washington, on my TV screen?

Should THAT not explain a thing or two, without being politically incorrect?

Thank you, BBC and CNN and the others, for full overage of this atrocity in America. Your programmes are being watched across the sub continent where the Hindu and Sikh "MICE AND VERMIN", who never looked back at the greatest act of terrorism against them, the PARTITION OF INDIA, are watching the American reaction with amazement and disbelief.

There are NO "chickens" called Pandit Nehru and "Mahatma" Gandhi, to tell the Western democracies to shut up and get on with their lives as the Indians, fleeing Lahore and Rawalpindi in 1947 were told to forget it all and get on with their lives without ever looking back!