Date: 9/18/2001


The TRUTH triumphs in the end.

That in our context means that PAKISTAN will be dissolved or OBLITERATED very soon since it was born a BASTARD through the rape of a gentle lady called Hindusthan.

The rapist was the INDIAN Muslim and the 'dalla', 'pimp' or 'agent', who held the defenceless lady DOWN forcibly, was Lord Louis Mountbatten from the United Kingdom of THAT day.

This BASTARD State was established over the BLOOD nad BONES of countless innocent Hindus and Sikhs who were massacred or butchered by the million. Tens of millions were forced to flee their ancestral homes, leaving everything behind.

It is to our national SHAME that PARTITIONED India has not designated a single day to commemorate their memory who were betrayed and BUTCHERED, badly let down by BANDIT Nehru and all the top Indian leaders of the time.

BROKEN BHARAT, or PARTITIONED India, will also have to pay the price of HIGH TREASON for keeping the Muslims within her borders DESPITE PARTITION.

A bigger damn fool is beyond one's imagination.

So the consequences of Pakistan's violence against SECULARISM at that time, and India's crime of cowardice and total collapse, ought to be, and indeed, WILL BE, horrendous.

The other day the Imam of Jama Masjid in Delhi, India, threatened serious backlash among the INDIAN Muslims should America attack the Taliban.

Now just think: This Imam like all the other Indian Muslims, is PERSONA NON GRATA in India as per that "Act of Partition of India, 1947".

Tragically for our Hindustan, his voice seems to be a lot louder than the subdued voice of Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee. One is afraid that Vajpayee may not disappear along with his cease-firing mercenary Army like a "Behari"! That will be a big tragedy.

To remove this despicable impression of Mr. Vajpayee in the world, he is asked to show up in AYODHYA as a Hindu. Obviously, he would be very afraid of the Imam if he didn't.

Are the Hindus prepared for what is coming to them?