Date: 9/18/2001



At first government servants in Partitioned India simply said that they would travel first class on official tour, and they were given the full first class fare by their departments.

Then appeared a cheat who claimed the fare for First Class but travelled Third Class, thus pocketing the difference. That was the start of corruption- (Nehru) Dynasty style.

It didn’t bother the man, who said, “The difference that I pocketed represented my own discomfort travelling with riff raff in a crowded Third Class compartment. Why should anyone object?”

But when the case became known, the Government at once enacted a law requiring the travellers to produce the railway tickets while claiming the fare for a particular class. Thus one man’s dishonesty meant a lot of discomfort to many, and if someone misplaced or lost the ticket, he had to forego the fare.

People cursed the dishonest cheat.

In the same manner when one was asked to produce TEN certificates to support his application for a loan to buy a car or a house, it was obvious that many people had tried to circumvent the simple honest system.

In an honest society there are few certificates required to support one’s application. But in a thoroughly corrupt and dishonest society like India, there are countless certificates to be procured, and one’s energies are exhausted collecting them all from various offices.

English banking system until about 20 years ago was the simplest thing on earth. You received a cheque written in anyone’s name. You simply endorsed it on the back and the amount was credited to YOUR bank. Not any more!

There came a PAKISTANI who founded a bank called BCCI. The bank, it appears, was intended for money laundering and most of the customers were Arab. It was all fine until this “Islamic” bank collapsed, throwing the London financial scene in chaos. Thereafter all the banks became extremely cautious. Even a cheque issued with just one letter in the name altered by the writer in error meant that you had to send the cheque BACK TO HIM to be re-written and re-posted back to you. Many cheques never came back.

Life became much tougher for an ordinary account holder. Everyone knew that a Pakistani “Mohammed” had put the spoke in the wheel of smooth and honest banking in Europe. Bank officials now-a-days seem to be walking cautiously through their daily routine like someone with a Geiger counter negotiating a minefield.

Until about ten years ago the English used to pride on the fairness of their game of cricket. Then came a Pakistani team which introduced devious tricks while bowling- like rubbing or spinning the ball, thus catching the batsman unawares. There was a big hue and cry. There has also been match fixing of late in which Pakistanis were involved. All this means that thanks to the Mohammeds, the fair and decent game of cricket will never be the same.

Now all was well with the world with regard to travel by air until last Tuesday (Sep 11, 2001). Domestic flights required least formalities, documentation and security checks to be completed. Catching a plane was like taking a bus. But a Mohammed changed the happy scene within hours.

Since September 11 last, many airlines have gone bankrupt, some have lost aeroplanes that crashed with all on board, there were huge insurance claims, and general fear of boarding a plane. Air travel has become so risky and so time consuming, laborious and more expensive!

Thank you, Mohammed!

The word "Believer" means a Muslim whose highest ideal of manhood and society is the very person of Mohammed and the Arabia of that time. Thus he will shave his head, keep his beard and wear loose garments like the Taliban and force his women into all black, too, and INDOORS.

If one studies the current world scene one can see the Islamic republics themselves in their various stages of RETRO EVOLUTION- not going forward in continuous unfolding evolution like the rest of the world, but going BACKWARDS till they reach their goal.

At this point in time, Afghanistan is closest to that ideal. There is NO television, radio, cassette recorder, cinema, pub, bar or lipstick. All men believe their dress and beards are as per Mohammed and all women look like they are in that Arabia of centuries ago.

Pakistan on the other hand, is only just at the start line. We do know where she, too, will end up finally. We who shared streets, towns and lives with our Muslim fellow citizens in Lahore and Dhaka can only shed a tear of great disappointment at their wretched BAD ‘Islamic luck’, that while we are going forward, they are going backwards.

It is like the two runners, each facing the OPPOSITE side- one front, one back. At the command "Go!" they begin running in opposite directions, going farther and farther away from each other. The irony is that Mohammed who is running backwards in TIME believes he is going forward!

Thus we see that the spiritual aspiration of each and every common Mohammed, Ali, Jinn, Jinnah, Ahmed, Bismillah, Uddin, Karim, Hakim, Babur and Akbar, is to take his society and country back to the life and times of Prophet Mohammed.

What were those times like?

Well, there was NO banking and the means of travel were by a camel or a donkey. No wonder the modern banking system and the fast and comfortable travel by air were such an irritant to SO MANY Mohammeds.

With so many planes grounded and increased fear of travel by air, the world has taken a STEP BACK towards the days of travel by camel – just as in Arabia of their own Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon his Victims!).

Said an elderly Hindu recently, “Since Bandit Nehru has wiped out all mention of life before PARTITION, what an average Indian does not know is that the cities of Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi were the shining examples of economic prosperity until 1947. They were dazzlingly rich like the cities of Tashkent, Samarkand and Bokhara in the previous centuries.

In the Model Town of Lahore and the new suburbs of Rawalpindi and Multan, ordinary houses had marble flooring, stained glass windows, ceiling fans, coolers, grape vines and fitted kitchens. Then came the Mohammeds and everything was burnt down, leaving char and ash behind. Those cities today are not what they were till the last days of the British Raj.

Now spare a thought for PARTITIONED India or BROKEN Bharat, that is still infested with Mohammeds all over, DESPITE PARTITION. Its economic progress will be one step forward and TWO STEPS BACK.

One day when the world is envious of its computer industry, scientists, agriculture, and clever pundits, a Mohammed will SET FIRE TO IT ALL.

That is for sure.