Date: 9/19/2001


Sleepy Sikhs lined up for another massacre? YES, THEY ARE.

In 1947 they depended on the MAJORITY communityh (HINDUS) for their defence and safety in West Punjab. They could not believe their eyes when the Hindus took to FLIGHT, and ran faster than the Sikhs from Sindh, East Bengal, Baluchistan, NWFP, West Punjab and North Kashmir, in order to save their own skin

The attack on America was CRUSHING, CRIPPLING and strongly motivated by total CONTEMPT for everything that America stands for in the world- secularism, democracy, freedom of speech, dignity of individual, equality of sexes, good EDUCATION and enviable PROSPERITY. It was a stark REMINDER that there was another WORLD SUPER POWER emerging on earth which had to be taken note of.

To find the chief perpetrator they came by specially chartered jets, were put up in luxurious five star hotels and travelled onwards to Islamabad by air-conditioned limousines. Cruisers, destroyers and aircraft carriers with fleets of jet fighters and bombers were gradually moving towards Pakistan and Afghanistan. Share prices are sinking. Expense on extra security at airports and on increased security measures at the borders and against internal terrorist groups and shadowy NGOs has risen by billions of dollars. Throughout America and Europe all the high buildings and nuclear reactors are being made secure against such attacks. People are on the lookout for biological and chemical attacks, for example poisoning of city water supply. Tourists have vanished from many countries due to fear of sudden death. Passengers are now asked to report at least two hours before the time of flight. Even pencil knives and nail files may not be carried in handbags or pockets. Security is expensive. Taxes will increase. The followers of Mohammed, all Muslims have changed the world landscape on one day- and for worse. Yet every Muslim interviewed by anyone is swearing by Koran, Islam is a religion of peace. The enemy in this case is deadly but invisible like gas and harmless like a cloud.

Their adversary emerged from a mud cave in the hillside with an unwashed simple turban and blanket across the shoulder, Klashnikov in right hand. His meal had been boiled rice and a piece of mutton grilled on hot stone, thereafter a cup of black tea. America against a Bedouin. It was SPIRIT against the world.

At one time the Sikhs were of the same mettle. But 90 years of suppression and taming by the British and 50 years of brainwashing and persecution by Pandit Nehru and his Dynasty have reduced not only their territory but also their mental horizons. Today the Sikhs are a much-battered football being kicked from pillar to post. Their high spirits and high visibility have become their enemies. But without a collective head there will be no way forward. The whole Hindu nation has deteriorated into a vast herd of cattle. Even the Sikhs have dropped the word LAHORE from their vocabulary. But the cruel wheel of fate is turning. According to it

Why is America so upset? It is a severe BLOW to their carefully cultivated image over centuries that they are the superior race on earth. They cannot conceive that someone, especially an “Asian”, could stand up against the European race, and SLAP THEM SO HARD ACROSS THE FACE. The former colonial might has been humbled by former slaves. The myth of American/ European superiority has ended.

When a couple of European nuns were assaulted in Amritsar, EAST Punjab, in April 1919, the British forced all the natives to crawl on all four past that spot to “teach the natives a lesson”. What followed was the Jalianwala Bagh Massacre. In the same manner now the Americans would like to make the Muslim world crawl on all fours before them but they feel so helpless. That is why the West is so agitated. The attack was devastating, sudden and crippling. Muslim dedication and commitment to cause of Allah, their meticulous planning and TOP SECRET execution were supreme, without parallel in history. Their spectacular victory was America’s most humiliating DEFEAT. On one day a Super Power that stood up to the mighty Soviet Union for half a century, fell upon its knees, trying to recover from the blow.

The world is not the same as in 1919 when the British could lash out at the enslaved natives at once. Now it is taking days and weeks and a lot of conferencing, rallying and journeying of diplomats and ministers to and fro before America can decide on what to do.

The BALANCE OF POWER has shifted with a lurch in favour of the World of Islam. Whoever can stand up to America and strike a crippling blow, can overwhelm the rest of the world. That is why it was NOT the soft political quagmire of INDIA that was attacked over Kashmir but America, the policeman of the world. This savage attack in which innocent unsuspecting passengers were turned into human torches whose flesh and limbs were churned up as in a mincer, is a warning to all the smaller countries like India, Sudan and the Philippines , to concede and yield before ISLAM or else . . . . . . .

Surely such an Islamic giant when roused, can crush the already demoralised bleeding Indian Army which cannot even recover North Kashmir, in a few days. It has got the Chiefs of Staff of BROKEN Bharat and their “bhangi” Supreme Commander trembling.

It is amazing how far removed are some of the Hindus with their sentiment to stand up for the Muslims of America and Europe. It is amazing since Islam has CRUSHED the Hindus on their own home ground, killing millions. It is amazing to see such fraternal sentiments for the world’s most ferocious PREDATOR even among the Sikhs. Did they ever reflect on their own extermination in West Punjab? For the defeated to quote the Gurus is utterly foolish since it means that they will NEVER recover those territories and will always remain slaves. When did one hear from a pulpit in a mosque or a church that All Mankind is One Family? When and where?

Why do the Sikhs ALWAYS get it- directly or indirectly? Why?

The Sikhs look like the Taliban. Do they have to?

The Muslims have the potential of wreaking incalculable damage and destruction on earth. And all of a sudden, just like that!

Due to that act of aggression on one day, early September 2001, the whole world has been plunged into uncertainty, tensions rising, and dipped into serious economic recession. The aircraft manufacturer Boeing has announced the loss of up to 30,000 jobs. THIRTY THOUSAND FAMILIES WITHOUT A BREADWINNER!

Insurance and aircraft industry have been given a mortal blow. Above all, the IMAGE. The image is a great thing in life. Nations live by image. One is a rat, the other a tiger by this yardstick. Each victory raises the profile and image. Each defeat and massacre lowers the image until a fine community is regarded as fools. What is the image of the Sikhs since the attacks on them in 1947 and 1984? What is the image of a Hindu since PARTITION? He is REDUCED just like his Hindustan. The rest of the world has brains to think.

Those who look like the enemy run the risk of being shot and killed. Many a hunter has killed an innocent woodcutter in a forest at night thinking it was a deer or bock. Many Sikhs get abuse because in the darkness of IGNORANCE the Americans think they are Taliban.

At the end of World War 2, the surname HITLER simply vanished from the German vocabulary. Anyone who had the Hitler moustache or hair cut was looked at with scorn and suspicion. That hairstyle and that manner of greeting with raised right hand vanished, too, overnight. The Sikhs have kept their visible symbols despite the radical change of their environment.

It comes as most amazing to many Sikhs as to why the whole of Western world is discussing those attacks in New York and Washington day and night instead of forgetting them to get on with life just as they themselves forgot PARTITION of 1947 overnight. It can be excruciating for the followers of Gandhi as to why the West is so worried about just a few thousand dead while WE FORGOT OUR MILLIONS slaughtered over the centuries. We forget that we Indians hold the WORLD RECORD in slavery and degradation comes to us naturally like breathing. Yes, slavery, getting killed and beaten up and degradation come naturally to the Indians INCLUDING THE SIKHS from and in India just like breathing. So here is a lesson how NOT TO FORGET but to overturn defeat into victory. That is the difference between the European race and the Indian coolie on the other side of spectrum with the destructive Arab yearning, thirsting and pining for martyrdom in between. This is the human scene on earth today. Those who attack, those who lump it and get on as before and those who retaliate and ask themselves, ‘HOW COME, they dared to touch my whiskers?’. Yes they question, ‘Why were we PERCEIVED to be weak? WHY did we INVITE aggression?’ Which Hindu or Sikh has ever wondered, why we INVITED Partition? That is the INEQUALITY or DIFFERENCE between the men whom we cuckoos regard as equals! Aren’t we Indians mighty embarrassed at the West going on and on and on AND ON about that attack on just one day which is now ‘history’, a thing of the past, like our own Partition?

If mankind is one family, or ONE HUMAN BODY, then the ISLAMIC cancer has spread. It was boosted with the reward of Pakistan in 1947 and later financed and strengthened by the American money to prop it up against the Soviet Union. But while that Union like that Third Reich, collapsed, the ISLAMIC fundamentalist CANCER remained. It has now SPREAD. Pakistan, the baby of the West, that artificially created State through illicit union of Britain and Islam in 1947, in order to weaken India, then had to develop in her own KORAN ethos. She grew up to become a fertile female and gave birth to the TALIBAN. Now even that baby has grown to monstrous size. What next?

Let us recall what a Sikh said about the Internet. ‘It is for a coward to hide behind anonymity.’ No wonder the Sikhs have the least number of computers as a community on earth.

For a community that lays so much worth on VISIBILITY, it is a natural reaction on computers. One could also say that ‘given the level of literacy among the Sikhs, it is better for a reformer to impart EDUCATION to such lot, wearing a steel helmet and full armour’.

Internet is a Godsend for new ideas that can travel across the globe without any Taliban getting too close to your own head. No wonder in their Much Reduced East Punjab astronomical sums are spent on free food (langar) in gurdwaras but nothing on computers. Computers are perceived to be a threat- not only by the rulers of India. The entire Sikh leadership including their premier organisation called SGPC (Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee), with vast sums at their disposal, hate computers.

They are scared of spread of knowledge and awareness among the Sikh masses who are expected to turn up at public rallies to touch the feet of their chief minister of Union Territory. NONE thinks of the ways and means of helping this poor man, PS Badal, out of his Union Territory, to give him a seat on the soil of his State. Such degradation is also the Sikh ‘food’ at present just like the ‘langar’ at gurdwaras. But Dignity being INVISIBLE, is not on board or a subject of any discussion.

Another paradox is the loss of memory of our days in West Punjab and the manner of our disappearance from those territories when the wild separatist Taliban prevailed.

Who removed the memory cells from the Hindu brains? How long will India remain a FRAGMENT of the original whole? How will the Sikhs return with dignity and honour to LAHORE? How will the Hindu re-appear in Karachi? And what to do with the TALIBAN all over BROKEN BHARAT, who were sheltered, protected and rehabilitated by our BANDIT Nehru more than he cared for the bleeding crying Hindu and SIKH refugees pouring out of West Punjab in 1947?

But how the Hell can you reflect on all that and your own Taliban if PARTITION is now called Independence by the ‘rats and vermin’ of this earth? Why are the SIKHS ‘rats and vermin’ when it comes to recalling PARTITION, or the defeat and rout in West Punjab? Have they ever looked at themselves through the eyes of those who occupy Lahore? Have they ever seen themselves in the mirror called TALIBAN? How on earth can the whole community TURN THEIR HEADS AWAY from such fundamentals? How?

In reality the Sikh had to cling to the IDEAL and ASPIRATION of returning to all those lands that once formed the Sikh Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It requires guts and courage. But what is a Sikh without these?

Islamabad has got to be re-taken and called GOBIND GARH. The Sikhs of today have NO right to treat the matter as closed- in favour of the Taliban.

Unlike the Hindus, the Sikhs need not live in a mentally defeated world of their own. It is sending very wrong signals across West Punjab right up to Khyber, and beyond, to Kabul.

Someone very unkindly said, The Sikhs are ‘bahaadur’ and ‘be-waqoof’.” In other words, the Sikhs are a very intelligent, clever, hardworking and generous rabble.

It was not politically correct to say that the Sikhs are very brave but foolish at the same time. He meant COLLECTIVELY. He did not see a COLLECTIVE SIKH HEAD anywhere. With some knowledge of history he had a gut feeling that collectively the Sikhs had been BEHEADED, Guru Tegh Bahadur manner, in Rawalpindi in 1947 and by none else but the TALIBAN.

So he said those unkind words for the Sikhs despite the fact that INDIVIDUALLY the Sikhs have produced the best scientists, the most learned professors and preachers and the most millionaires in the West.

That was not a kind thing to say about a whole community but he was more knowledgeable than most. He knew history and the current affairs as well.

He knows how AMAZING and even PREPOSTEROUS it is for the Americans and their European allies to get hooked on to this attack of September 11 quite UNLIKE their own mentality, custom, tradition and habit. The blow of PARTITION that was BILLION TIMES MORE DEVASTATING to India than this attack on World Trade Centre, was forgotten and all criminals forgiven in one second. Yes, all the massacres and death and destruction thrown out of mind just like the herd of cattle forgets one of their kind that has been dragged away and devoured by lions and hyenas. Doesn’t it tell us about the Equality of Mankind? George Bush and Atal Behari Vajpayee are equal in as much as they both have two ears and one nose each. But between them lies an intellectual and gut gap as wide as the Atlantic Ocean. One is mentally a Master, the other a degraded COOLIE. George Bush can be seen in any church by the world media while Mr. Vajpayee dare not even approach Ayodhya. Can’t we see the Equality? Now who, yes, WHO, will tell us that the Taliban are not Sikhs? Given a chance they would slaughter all the Sikhs and drink their blood. Please read this sentence again to comprehend. And when the chance came during the reign of Aurangzeb and again in 1947, they did slaughter the Sikhs and drank their blood. This beastly deed is said to have been repeated two years ago in Kargil and last year on the border of Bangladesh. It was reported in the media but forgotten in one second by a nation which forgot PARTITION in one second.

When asked to explain himself, he said, ‘Here are a people who are clever, intelligent, dynamic, sociable, generous and secular. These are qualities that should have made them a world power like the British by now. But at the same time they are the people who have been MOST PERSECUTED, massacred, tortured and abused. It is a paradox.’

It is a paradox because they have NO collective head. There is NO original thinking. They are fixed and frozen in ideology that makes them believe that all are friends, all are good, all are the same. This is their undoing.

Who is to tell them that Christianity is racist and colonial in outlook and Islam is totally evil and the Muslims are out to destroy civilisations, kill the innocent and explode flying planes, driven by destructive, separatist impulses coming from their Koran that are diametrically OPPOSITE of those being imbibed from the study of Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

The truth has to prevail sometime and in America it has now become clear. The MUSLIMS invaded India umpteen times and slaughtered countless Hindus and Sikhs. Yet it has not registered on a HINDU mind what a Muslim stands for. A Sikh is an incorrigible Hindu in ideology and core belief. But they are Hindus with a big difference. They look like the Taliban. Why do they look like the Taliban?

The Sikhs look like the Taliban because the Taliban were the rulers of Hindustan. And they were far more SUPERIOR and MIGHTIER than the vanquished and degraded Hindus under their sway. The Hindus were expected to yield their daughters to any Taliban of those days without any protest. They were to pay a tax for their own protection. They were not to be seen entering a temple which forced them to worship secretly in their bedrooms. Those who opposed the Taliban stood no chance to survive. The Sikhs read the countless accounts of martyrdom including the killing in the most barbaric manner of little children and babies along with their mothers parrot wise without relating those accounts to the present day world. Their brains do not connect. There is no light, no revelation, no enlightenment. They follow the Law of Survival to associate with the mighty and feel good or safe.

Now they are also given very dirty looks in the USA. But the Sikhs are amazed and surprised. By mental make up they have never given dirty looks to any Taliban or Musalman back home despite the treatment received at their hands. The Sikhs were forced into forests to survive. Yet as soon as the British conquered and occupied India and turned it into a colony, giving equality to the slaves and the masters, the Hindus thought they were the same as the Musalmans. A Hindu heart melts seeing the Arab terrorists being hunted in the USA. Back home in Hindustan the Hindu is conditioned like PAVLOV’S DOGS to regard a Muslim as his friend DESPITE PARTITION. And since Partition when a MILLION Hindus and Sikhs were slaughtered by these separatist BEASTS, has been thrown out of the psyche of the nation due to High Treason by their top leaders like Gandhi and Nehru, the Sikh (and the Hindu) is an innocent goat once again, ready to be slaughtered.

Many Sikhs are rising to stand up for the Musalman BE-IMAN in the USA forgetting that the Separatist Beiman is in occupation of Lahore. For those who are mental SLAVES and frozen in the mould of slavery, Lahore means NOTHING. Nor does Gujranwala or Rawalpindi. That name, Islamabad, would have been perceived as dirty provocation. When did this city come about? Was it there in 2947? And why haven’t the sheep of this world, the HINDUS and SIKHS, named any city as Hinduabad or Sikhabad to stand up on equal level back home?

Who is to educate the illiterate that A MAN IS KNOWN BY THE COMPANY HE KEEPS? Hence the do-gooder Sikhs in the USA who are now trying to stand up by the “innocent” Muslims will also be picked up by their ears and thrown out of the window.

Here in the USA the former slaves from the Indian Coolie Colony are witnessing the CHRISTIAN response while our own Hindu response has been to get wiped out or lick the boots of the conquerors. The Taliban were the CONQUERORS in Hindustan and the impulse to befriend is very strong in the Sikh psyche despite the fact that the Punjab, the Sikh HOMELAND, is now a Much Reduced Dedh-ab (land of one and a half rivers)- thanks to Islam which initiated the fragmentation process in AKHAND BHARAT or UNITED India.

So what the Sikh “rabbits” are seeing in the USA is the response of a LION that was bitten by a cocky wolf in error. The Hindu “rabbits” in India have been on the run- NON STOP- since 712 AD.

Those Sikhs now trying to stand up for the Muslims ought to reflect on another fact: The Muslims have 54 ISLAMIC republics on earth. In each one, a Sikh is a persona non grata who cannot establish his gurdwara without fear. How many Sikhs have survived in Lahore?

Secondly, the Muslims are CONQUERORS and FIGHTERS by nature and indoctrination. The Hindus are the opposite. They are reconciled to slavery. The Sikhs, too, are Hindus in this respect. How many notice the non-Hindu top in Bharat today? Can the Hindus even move in AYODHYA? Can the Sikhs in Nankana Sahib? We accept the Muslim occupation of West Punjab and East Bengal. Why? Because we are SLAVE BY GENES. The loss of territory and slaughter of Hindus means NOTHING to us. Does the news of yet another killing in South Kashmir cause any backlash in the rest of Hindustan? NO. Who is the killer and who is the killed there? Do we reflect? NO. What will the Muslim do to a Hindu when given a chance as in Arabia and Afghanistan? What will the Hindus do to a Muslim when given a chance? They will embrace the Muslim DESPITE PARTITION and all the horrific massacres that we suffered during the past centuries at the hands of out own Taliban like Aurangzeb.

Let us not forget that the Muslims are in the USA, having established their 43 ISLAMIC republics while the Sikhs and the Hindus either escaped Muslim onslaughts, as in Partition, or Dynastic rule of persecution, exploitation, suppression and corruption which turned India into a beggar’s colony. Most of us are economic refugees in the West. While the Muslims aspire to colonise and convert Europe and America, the Hindus are conditioned to lie low, earning money and doing worship in temple or gurdwara. The message received in a gurdwara is NOT the same as that from a mosque. Yet we don’t know. We forget that we are equal to the Muslims only where the Christian is sovereign.

Yes, it is worth repeating, the Hindu (and Sikh) is equal to the Muslim only where the CHRISTIAN is the master. Remove this masters and there will ensue endless slaughter of Sikhs and Hindus anywhere on earth, including the USA where the Sikhs are stepping forward to stand up for the Muslims. But how are the Sikh and the Hindus to know this, without their collective head? The Jews know this. Hence NO Jew in the USA has said, Let us stand up for the Muslims. The Sikh lives in amazing IGNORANCE.

Why does the Sikh look like the Taliban? For status because the Taliban were the MASTERS of our Hindustan. For feeling brave in a sense of defiance because these Taliban were barbaric who would behead our holy men in public squares.

That was the reason behind that VISIBILITY which is now redundant since the Taliban have survived in Lahore but vanished from Amritsar and Delhi. It is like this: today the Sikhs in the USA wear trousers, jacket and even ties. But will they if the Taliban conquered the USA? NO. Then all the Sikhs will wear shalwar and black turbans to LOOK ALIKE.

That is why the Sikhs today look alike and are being mistaken as Taliban or the friends of Taliban.

They are fixed in this mould by a document called the Rehat Maryada (Code of Conduct) that was first prepared while the British were our sovereign rulers. It enforced the visible symbols from the earlier days of the TALIBAN when hiding and not being noticed by rulers was the order of the day for most Hindus. Such symbols were not necessary under the British when the rulers could be challenged by INTELLECTUAL debate. Yet, in our crushed world we had to look like the Taliban to feel brave. So the symbols have stuck and given added sanctity so that removing the hair means excommunication from community. Yet we are quite safe under George bush and Tony Blair who have NO visible symbols. Such a fixed idea becomes the cause of misery for the whole community. Now it is for the Muslims and the Sikhs alike in the USA and in 1947 and 1984 it was the death warrant for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Sikhs. But how can we take new teaching on board without an enlightened collective head- without a debate on our holy cows?

Thank you, Sikhs, for looking like the Taliban. You don’t have to.

Times have changed though not your thinking and indoctrination. The lands on which you live now are NOT the same as Anandpur Sahib, Mukatsar and Sirhind of those days. We are not hiding in forests now. We are not being hunted all over. It is also up to us now to lay down priorities- KHALISTAN, or a computer in EVERY SIKH home in Much Reduced East Punjab. By the way when Punjab was being cut and chopped and reduced, all the Sikhs were busy with their sacred symbols and none was linked or attached to TERRITORY. Wasn’t that a big collective CRIME of the ignorant (damn) fools? Since 1947 not one second’s thought has been spared to the occupation of Lahore by filthy alien Taliban who rose from our midst to destroy our country just like these Taliban who have crashed FOUR planes with all the passengers on board? Now as a lesson to us, the USA and the UK will RETALIATE AND REACT and blast the bases of these terrorists while we will be moved by the sentiment to befriend the Muslim. SHAME on our collective instinct to be thrashed, beaten and KILLED. The question is WHY DO THE SIKHS LOOK LIKE THE TALIBAN? It is then quite natural to be hammered along with the Taliban. So get cracking you Sikhs, to prove to the world that you are not the same, while some of you will be SEEN sitting alongside the Taliban in a sentiment that is engendered by the despicable history of Hindus and the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, not the Koran.

Today our masters and rulers are not the same. But to UNDERSTAND this and to get it down to the bone marrow and internal psyche, well that will take many more massacres and a lot more abuse.

The MUSLIM enemy if not checked, knows to DESTROY, OVERWHELM, HUMILIATE AND ENSLAVE. Trying to fool the world, they maintain that there are no more than one per cent of them who ‘graduate’ to lethal terrorism. Now given that there are ONE BILLION Muslims on earth, you have TEN MILLION potential martyrs, fanatic living bombs and missiles, who are literally dying to kiss martyrdom. Anyone with an average IQ can see what these TEN MILLION “always-ready to die for Mohammed” Mohammedans can, and will, do to the rest of mankind. That is why far-seeing West, with USA foremost, is so concerned with the ISLAMIC terrorism. If the CANCER is allowed to spread, the whole body of mankind will die like the Buddhists in Afghanistan earlier and the Hindus in Pakistan, North Kashmir and East Bengal (BOGUSdesh) of late.

The simpleton Sikhs, who have forgotten PARTITION and are quoting Guru Nanak and the clueless Hindus who have forgotten PARTITION and are quoting “Bapu” Gandhi, and feel their hearts melting for the harassed Muslims in their neighbourhoods, need to think again. The “rabbits” need not associate with their own PREDATORS but just watch how the brave and manly West tackles Islamic terrorism unlike our own FAILURE in South Kashmir where both Sikhs and Hindus are BLEEDING along with our soldiers in uniform.

To reflect on the dangers of that “friendship” the SIKHS need to read, AND UNDERSTAND the lament and wail in their “Ardaas” (Prayer), and think of the continuing ISLAMIC occupation of Lahore, and the Hindus need to think of their devastating DEFEAT at PARTITION when they were WIPED OUT throughout Western and Eastern India. We advise them both to look at the disgusting map of their own mutilated truncated rump of India and then VOLUNTEER TO JOIN THE ARMED FORCES as never before.

After the towers of World Trade Centre in New York, the daughters of the Hindus and Sikhs are lined up for rape by the Taliban and the Islamic fundamentalists. How many have we recovered from them since PARTITION in 1947?


NB: The Sikhs live astride the traditioknal route of all invaders who came down from the Land of Taliban in the past centuries. Thanks to Guru Nanak and Mahatma Gandhi, they still don't know who their sworn enemy is.

There is a saying that whoever gets Lahore, gets Delhi in the end. In the light of this maxim the Sikhs are lined up for slaughter unless India secures Khyber Pass once again.

Thanks to Guru Nanak and Mahatma Gandhi such a prospect is an impossibility. What is possible and inevitable, is the ISLAMIC flag over Delhi. After getting a 'bloody nose' from America, the Muslim fundamentalist bull will turn towards the soft, gentle and conceding Hindu/Sikh cow in order to affirm its virility.