Date: 9/21/2001



2. "Gandhian chicken" HINDU HEARTS ARE MELTING? WHY?

In the whole of India and throughout the millennia of Indian history, ONLY THE SIKHS had the nerve, guts and the MILITARY capability to defeat the Afghans and capture the KHYBER PASS.

The flag of the mighty powerful SIKH Kingdom defiantly flew over Khyber Pass until the British annexed the Punjab after finally defeating the Sikhs in 1849 AD. The Sikh Kingdom, with its seat of power in Lahore, was SECULAR.

What is the status of Lahore today? It has degenerated into savage wilderness. Its true culture and civilisation, soul and spirit, have GONE. Its native Hindu/Sikh genius has vanished and it has become the ideological slave of the Arabs. The language of prayer is the ALIEN Arabic, not the noble native Panjabi.

The man at the very top (General Musharraf) is INDIAN by birth, not Pakistani!

Today the same Afghanistan has become a formidable force to reckon with for the West, as it once was for the HINDUS of the enslaved Hindustan.

The ancestors of these proud and warrior AFGHANS (Moguls) were the absolute and despotic rulers of India for nearly four CENTURIES. They reduced the natives to the level of animals who were ready to surrender Secularism and Lahore in 1947 at any cost, just like the sheep entering the abattoir voluntarily.

It was the time, now very conveniently forgotten by the Hindus and the Sikhs alike, when the Hindu had to open his mouth wide to receive the Muslim SPIT and had to yield his daughter to the Muslim Governor for the first night after marriage.

For nearly one thousand years Delhi never saw a Hindu on its throne. Slavery degenerated the very genes of the Hindus who are still great “Believers” in the suicidal non-violence of ‘Bapu’ Gandhi while shunning Guru Gobind Singh out of cowardice.

Yes, it was the time when Babur, the invader from Afghanistan, imprisoned Guru Nanak Dev Ji and demolished the Grand Temple at the birthplace of Lord Rama (1526 AD) and it was the time of martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji (1675 AD).

Today this information is NOT to be seen in the school text books of the much degraded, reduced, fragmented PARTITIONED India though we find in them chapter upon chapter on Gandhi, Nehru, Indira and the BOFORS CHOR.

The whole Indian race is reconciled to this grand brainwash. Hence we find the American reaction to the barbarity of just ONE attack so puzzling and even incomprehensible.

It is not fashionable any more to talk of our defeats and surrenders of the past because we, the cowardly Hindus AND SIKHS, wish to feel good, feel comfortable, project an image of moral superiority in the whole world through our Maharishis and Yogi Harbhajans, and to feel brave while sitting among the REAL warriors on this earth.

At that unthinkable time of the ISLAMIC Devil’s misrule over India, a new movement arose to do the unthinkable- to CHALLENGE our own TALIBAN of the grand Mogul Era, much praised by Bandit Nehru and the despicable scholars of his J.L.N. University in New Delhi.

The Hindus produced Shivaji, Maharana Pratap and the Maharani of Jhansi while the gentle Sikhs turned into the KHALSA (1699 AD).

The Khalsa had to stand up to the enemy while most Hindus remained invisible just like Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist cells all over the world today. These have gone INVISIBLE due to the superior military might of the Americans. In our case the Hindus had gone INVISIBLE due to the superior military might of the Taliban (Moguls).

The Hindu was ordered to pay Jezia tax, ride a donkey or walk barefoot, and never to be seen entering a temple or wearing a white shirt. It is important to repeat this in these days of cars, carpets, modern comforts and computers and our life style of song and dance, watching films on ZEE TV.

It is important to repeat this because the Taliban have struck the World Trade Centre and thrown the economy into recession, and jobs in jeopardy, and also demoralised the Hindus as a by-product, once again.

ISLAM is still in occupation of our Lahore, Rawalpindi and North Kashmir- not secularism. And there is NO challenge from any HINDU quarter yet. At the very political top in the Hindustan of one billion souls, a woman, born in Italy- and committed Catholic by Faith, is called ‘the MAN IN INDIA’.

It is important to recall how the KHALSA stood up to defy and at the same time, copy.

They defied the Taliban of their day by wearing turbans and growing beards. They defied by doing “Jhatka” instead of eating halaal and beef, and they copied (and still do) by doing the marathon recitations called “AKHAND PATHS” since the Taliban then (as now) read the Koran morning till night until a HAFIZ was created.

They were the rulers and in much settled peaceful conditions of life where one of them had thousands of hours to learn the whole of Koran by rote while the Khalsa could not guarantee peace at any one place for more than 48 hours. Hence the recitations Akhand Path did not go on into thousands of hours non stop, for anyone.

Communities FREEZE in the mould of their original customs and practises, which become part of their religion to gain perpetuity. To challenge any of these “holy cows” is to invite FATWA, excommunication and even DEATH.

Hence these original customs and practices and rituals go on and on and on for centuries- even beyond the point of relevancy and necessity. What about the visible Sikh symbols?

Could they not look at the Akhand Paths and turbans in this light and RE-THINK because their 5 K’s link them to a very dreadful past when they were all delivered to the world’s MOST SAVAGE and BRUTE? Since then their visible symbols have INVITED killings, massacres and abuse not just the current wave in the US.

We should now try to COMPREHEND the savagery and brutality of the motivation of the hijackers, ALL MOHAMMEDANS, to overpower the pilots, then fly the fully laden planes, heavy with fuel and passengers, straight into high buildings in order to KILL thousands upon thousands of innocent human beings and cripple the economy of the lands which gave them shelter and nurture.

Now that the United States and Europe is gearing up for RESPONSE, many a Hindu and Sikh heart is melting in the lore of Guru Nanak and Mahatma Gandhi. To those FOOLS, who forgot their own yesterday, the present is incomprehensible.

We hope the brave West does not suddenly produce a ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ in order to collapse before the brutes and savages as did the whole of secular HINDU and SIKH India before a JINN on August 15, 1947.