Date: 9/21/2001



At this time the MUCK of ‘fatherless, godless’ pseudo secular decomposing PARTITIONED India is coming out in the open and falling on our heads across the globe.

India which has suffered brutalities at the hands of ISLAM like no other nation on earth, had to be vocal about her own experiences of Islamic terrorism. In the most cowardly manner she suppressed the Truth about her own Islamic terror at PARTITION (1947) calling it “Independence”. Like a pariah dog that is chased from pillar to post she related to her great cities like Lahore, Dhaka and Peshawar, never once mentioning them with any sentiment. She stood unmoved like a drugged woman who is made to watch her children killed before her eyes.

How was the world to know about the million Indians killed and tens of millions displaced as refugees when the Muslims in India struck their non Muslim fellow citizens. The cowardly Indians could have educated the world on Islam a little bit.

Firstly we need to COMPREHEND the agony of the Americans by imagining that those World Trade Centre towers were in Amritsar or New Delhi and all, or most of those who perished, were SIKH or HINDU, our own relatives and friends.

If such a stretch of imagination were possible, only then could we understand the WRATH of the American PEOPLE against anyone that even resembles a Taliban. The Sikhs from INDIA, with flowing beards and wearing turbans have been subjected to attacks both by American racists and patriots. They had to do some introspection. But coming from Pandit Nehru’s coolie colony of India, they are as disunited and disorganised as the Hindus. Hence there is no effective way of escape from all this.

To add to our dilemma in Europe and America, there are loud ANTI AMERICAN voices coming out of India. The Indian Muslims are on the side of the Taliban.

They are all supposed to be PAKISTANI by the very Act of Partition of India, 1947, but then, given that the Hindus, still mesmerised by their “Mahatma” Gandhi, are the “sheep and goats” of this earth and the Sikhs, now all “nishkam sewaks”, are totally ignorant of higher politics and ideology, the Muslms were allowed to stay back in Partitioned India.

So who was to enforce that Act upon the Muslims of Partitioned India? Pandit Nehru, whose daughter Indira secretly married a Muslim and converted to Islam, had the word PARTITION deleted from his Constitution that had NO mention of the Muslim high treason of 1947.

India, the ridiculous dog, has become a ludicrous monkey as far as America and Europe are concerned. Her ruling establishment is expressing support for the Americans while her 100 MILLION MUSLIMS are threatening to slit the throat of any Hindu in Hindustan who supports America against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

As anyone resembling the Taliban is a suspect in America, anyone coming from India is a “ludicrous monkey”. America is the land of freedom and bravery, not of partition and cowardice.

The world is aware of the 100 MILLION Muslims in Partitioned India who were not supposed to be in BROKEN Bharat at all after India suffered the devastating defeat of Partition when she unconditionally surrendered her five provinces to create an exclusively MUSLIM state on her soil.

Having given them vast TERRITORY, our India then also kept the Muslims back in her, as per Guru Nanak and as per Mahatma Gandhi. The Indians will also get what they DESERVE despite appearances and high moral pretensions.

The Muslims are still there in India because the MAJORITY community, the HINDUS, unlike the majority community in America, could not be moved or roused to EXTERMINATE them, or chase them out to their newly created Islamic homeland of Pakistan.

The Muslims in India were never made to pay for the MISCHIEF of Partition thanks to their friend (and our enemy) Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru down to his grandson Rajiv (the BOFORS CHOR) and the Italian born Sonia Gandhi who inherits the “anti Hindu & Sikh killer” mantle from Nehru..

The PEOPLE of India never realized what happened in 1947 and they were quickly, and effectively, enslaved by NEHRU to prevent a proper enquiry into his treacherous role at India’s ignominious break up.

The American people are wide awake and do not treat territory, interests or DIGNITY like a joke or a cheap "tamaasha" like the Indians. The Sikhs are Indians.

Now we hear that the 100 MILLION Muslims IN OUR HINDUSTAN are angrily up in arms against the United States where many Hindu and Sikh expatriates live.

So what sort of impression is being conveyed by India to the brave and patriotic PEOPLE of America?

Let us not forget that all the people in a country or NATION speak with ONE voice at the time of such emergencies. Today not only America, but the 15 countries in EU, too, are speaking with one voice.

So imagine our land of origin, India, from where a HUNDRED VOICES are coming out.

We are very ignorant or unaware of such things and cry out only when someone throws a stone to hit our head. But the western world is well informed and reacts with great speed, SENSITIVITY and alacrity against any threat from outside.

We, hailing from India, cannot be dear to anyone in the USA if from OUR INDIA a hundred million Muslims are yelling threats and hurling loud abuse at America, giving nightmares to the Hindu "goat" called Atal Behari Vajpayee.

The Imam of Jama Masjid in Delhi has threatened JEHAD against the Americans and the British if their nations proceeded against Afghanistan.

How is it that we are SO WEAK on our own territory that we could not intern him or send him off to Pakistan?

The Indians, too busy earning money and too engrossed in own families, need to see this tragic fact that accompanies us like a shadow wherever we go. We are degraded in the eyes of our own government who refuses to grant us the petty concession of dual nationality. To confound matters, the INDIAN media are in the hands of first class well informed and well trained MUSLIM journalists or in the hands of the clueless gutless third class Hindus who will sell their own mothers for tuppence.

It is the Non Resident Indians’ connection with the collapsed “coolie colony” of India, under the terror of Dynasty and Sonia, which stinks from a thousand miles and makes the Indians, the Sikhs in particular, targets of hate in America. Ironically, the hate is well grounded.

How could we, who carry the degraded Indian passport and share our citizenship with 100 million Muslims, escape hatred or attack in the USA?

Non Resident Indians living abroad have as much say in that HINDU QUAGMIRE, deceptively called “India” and “Punjab” in 2001, as we had in “Mahatma” Gandhi’s AKHAND BHARAT in 1947 over Partition.

We Indians should praise the PATRIOTISM and UNITY of the people of America and their prompt and SPIRITED response to attacks by ISLAMIC terrorists. At the same time we should HANG OUR HEADS IN SHAME over doing NOTHING about Partition, and looking the other way whenever the news of killings and massacres of Hindus and Sikhs come in from anywhere, be it Uganda, Fiji, East Bengal or South Kashmir.

It is time to forget our beards and turbans for a while but GO ALL OUT TO SHOW OUR SOLIDARITY with the people of America and VISIBLY share their grief and even volunteer to donate blood and join the US Armed Forces.

Our “Mahatma” Gandhi should be left BURIED back in his BROKEN Bharat. He still makes the Indians look “rats” among the cats on the earth.