Date: 9/22/2001


The following letter to an editor was written in South India in mid September, 2001. Its contents are vital. From it we learn two things-

1. Helplessness of the Hindus in PARTITIONED India (BROKEN Bharat). GOD HELP THEM!

2. HIGH TREASON of All-India Congress Party of “Mahatma” Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in surrendering India's FIVE provinces unconditionally to Islam and also retaining all the Muslims back in India.

Pandit Nehru's propaganda machine tried to give a bad name to the British for all the economic and social ills overlooking all the death and destruction wrought on the Hindus by the Muslims including the ultimate horror of PARTITION in the end.

Today, over half a century on, the power ratio between the Hindus and the Muslims in Broken Bharat is the same as it was in 1947.

Then the Muslim was the BULLY and AGGRESSOR and the Hindu was the "sheep" being further demoralised by the likes of Gandhi, and misled, brainwashed and deceived by the likes of Nehru. The Hindu, just emerging from centuries of slavery, was again crushed by the Congress sledge hammer. Rulers of India went about shunning and avoiding the Hindu mainstream while befriending and wooing their Muslim ‘vote banks’ in full glare of the media.

Today HINDU India dare not be vocal in condemning ISLAMIC terror in the USA, leave aside on their own home ground, especially in South Kashmir. So what is the next stage in the evolution of the Hindu in India?

We suppose mass slaughter of the Hindus and then enslavement or conversion of the rest to Islam.

The noose of slavery is descending upon the necks of those who already hold the WORLD RECORD in slavery (the Hindus).




Sir, When America declared war on terrorism today, in Kashmir, Kerala and Hyderabad the Muslims took out processions and held big rallies to express their solidarity with Bin Laden. They even brought the school children to mosques for today's Friday prayers. (September 21, 2001).

When terrorists from Hyderabad were arrested in the United States in connection with the bombing of World Trade Center on 11th September, the Muslim politicians here were seen visiting the houses of the accused.

Imam Bukhari of Jama Masjid, Delhi, terms the cowardly terrorist attack on WTC which killed some 6000 innocents from all over the world including Muslims, as divine wrath.

A Muslim organization called ‘Islamic Organization of India’ wants to ban the Venga Music concert being planned for the 25th September.

Burqua is being enforced in the Old City area of Hyderabad as per newspaper reports. All these goings on in India indicate that the Indian Muslims are “talibanised”, and out of the 35,000 terrorists of Bin Ladin, many may be very active in India.

In spite of more than 250 killed and more than 700 maimed in the Bombay blast of 1993, and more than 30,000 civilians and 5000 army personnel killed by ISI so far, India is yet to tackle the Muslim terrorist problem in India.

Muslims in India, aligning themselves with the other Muslims of the world, and are not patriotic. We should declare war on the lines of the USA, track down the funding for the terrorists and eliminate them all.

We believe the USA ought to turn to MUSLIM TERRORISTS in India after sorting them out in Afghanistan.

How did the Allies sort out the Nazi menace in Germany in 1945? So should they sort out the Talibanised HINDUSTAN now.