Date: 9/26/2001


Many soft Sikh hearts are melting for the well-deserved rough treatment the friends of Taliban are getting in the USA.

"Don't hurt the innocent," they cry, quoting Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Of all the people on earth, the simple Sikh should have kept his mouth shut and gone away to sit SEPARATELY from the Taliban look- alikes.

The Muslims came unannounced and uninvited to India and struck the HINDUS hard. They ran off with their gold, silver and daughters and let the hapless captives freeze to death in snowstorms and blizzards in the wild mountains of Hindu KUSH.

But whenever anyone mentioned retaliation there was an outcry. The man was shunned as troublemaker, as a warmonger, as a heartless murderer.

“Go and catch the killer first. Don't kill the innocent. There will be violation of their human rights and civil liberties. You must not cross the line if a cease-fire has been declared. NO, you must NOT!”

When the Muslims discovered this eternal weakness of the Hindus, they were delighted to discover a gentle people who could be slaughtered like the sheep year after year. To them there was NO innocent Hindu. All were GUILTY of being infidels and were a legitimate target to be slaughtered or converted- man, woman, boy, girl, and babe in arms.

They were mighty encouraged to come again and again, and then again, till the dark shadow of their brutal and repressive Islamic rule covered the entire land of Hindus- from HinduKUSH in Afghanistan, to Hoogly in the East and Hyderabad in the South.

In that tradition of the sheep, brainwashed and conditioned by millions of mahatmas, priests, saints and gurus, the Hindus suffered their worst ever defeat in 1947 (unconditional SURRENDER of five provinces to Islam on one day.). Though the MAJORITY community of land, they were not considered worth the invitation to the Independence/PARTITION talks. India was partitioned without a referendum. What followed was BLOODSHED of innocent Hindus. But it did not register on the Hindu psyche at all. All those kith and kin murdered were forgotten in a day. Can past centuries of slavery numb and desensitise a nation to such an extent?

Come 2001. The Muslims, particularly the Arabs, having discovered their supreme power over the free world of infidels, were bitter and frustrated at the lack of their success in wiping out Israel from the surface of the earth like the worlds of Kafirs, Infidels and Hindus before.

To add to this was their chagrin at the lack of success in Kashmir, Philippines, Sudan and Chechnya.

They then decided to proclaim their superiority in a most spectacular manner, by hitting the most powerful country on earth, in broad daylight, and from the air.

The logic of arrogant brutes and savages is often flawed. Consider India in 1984. A woman, who was so raised & elevated by her subservient subjects as to be called “INDIRA IS INDIA”, decided to hit the bravest of the land, to cow down the rest of timid Hindu world.

“If I crush the SIKHS, the rest will willingly submit to the rule of my coming generations for ever,” so went her flawed thinking. Lickspittle rotten Hindu generals did not counsel her against such a course that could cost her life.

Indira looked as mighty and invincible as Hitler did in September 1940.

So the logic of the World of Islam today. “If we give a crushing blow to the USA by destroying her economy and her military headquarters, she will go down and our own World of Islam will come up.

Having humbled America, Israel and Kashmir will fall like ripe apples in our laps,” they miscalculated like Indira.

Hitler should have recalled the fate of Napoleon Bonaparte in Russia before he ventured out. He would have ended victorious. Similarly the World of Islam ought to have recalled the Christian response earlier when they managed to lift the siege of Vienna in 1683 and also chased them out of Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

The fools thought that given their prosperity and affluence, gambling and booze, the Christians, too, had DEGENERATED into wimps and cowards like the Hindus and would never dream of retaliation. Osama Bin Laden would be the new Master of World and USA would pay homage to Afghanistan. How wrong they were.

America is now saying what the cowardly clueless ever-vanishing Hindus never said, “NEVER AGAIN”.

As a part of that NEVER AGAIN, the Allies bombed Germany relentlessly to flatten her towns and cities below. The dazed shell-shocked German civilians crept out of ruins and deep holes in ground to beg for a morsel of bread. Their blonde women surrendered their bodies to the American GIs for a cigarette or a piece of chocolate. That was the German honour, at its lowest point.

George Bush and Tony Blair and the leaders of European Union have similarly said, “NEVER AGAIN” and are about to show it to the Taliban and their Arab and Pakistani friends.

Of all the people in the United States it is disgusting to find some SIKHS so out of tune with the history, sentiment and mood of their country of domicile.

They are seen rallying support for the Muslim Americans and oppose any action against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“Don’t throw bombs on them. Give them cars and television sets, jobs, houses, running hot and cold water- and even your daughters, to keep them happy. Then there will be NO terrorism coming out of Afghanistan.”

Amazing and preposterous, since such sentiment is not coming from the voice-trained chimpanzees but from the SIKHS who are quoting Guru Nanak for their advice of peace and love.

Who are the Sikhs? Let us see.

The Muslims have regarded them as their worst enemies since the Sikhs were militarised in the 17th century, and since the Sikhs stood tall before any invader in Hindustan. Their elimination means subjugation of Hindustan without any effort.

In 1947 the Muslims CAPTURED West Punjab and exterminated the Sikhs in the most brutal and bloody manner. However, there has been a total clamp down on PARTITION in order NOT to invite the wrath of the Muslims who stayed back after Partition due to Pandit Nehru’s pro Islamic Ideology.

The cowardly Indians FAILED to do to the Muslims after Partition what the brave Americans did to the Japanese and the Germans during World War 2, that is, INTERN THE LOT.

Partitioned India was fully justified in KICKING OUT all her Muslims to their newly created ISLAMIC republic. But she didn’t.

Tamed and brainwashed by the British and later intimidated by Pandit Nehru and his Congress Party, the Sikhs are now indistinguishable from the Hindus despite the most misleading appearance. The Sikh is now a “servant” who will serve free food at gurdwaras to all, would not commend his own religion to anybody, but cry out when he sees the others in pain, ignoring his own widows and orphans.

The Sikhs, once brave and in control of TERRITORY up to Khyber and beyond, are in a sorry state today. Their guts are crushed. For them it is quite normal historically to be made to lie in dust, then be abused profusely and given a KICK in the back. Finally, to forget it all is quite normal to the Sikhs. That is why there is still NO memorial to all their DEAD of the past.

The world doesn’t seem normal to these Sikhs if the Americans now intend to hit the Afghans hard for their crime in New York and Washington. The newly created post of Homeland Security is incomprehensible to the Indians since they do not have one back home. There is NO security worth the name in India where statues of Mahatma Gandhi admonish anyone thinking of retaliation.

Being slaves, the Indians are scared when their Masters go to fight. “Will they still keep the job if the Master does not return from the war?”, is their sub conscious fear.

Those sitting on one platform with the Muslims in America should KNOW that

If there were NO decisive Christian response to the Islamic terrorism, the Muslims would be encouraged to overwhelm and devour all the other denominations, including all the Sikhs. They will attack again and again, and OUR SIDE will become weaker and weaker, with horrendous end result for our cherished freedoms.

The Christian response, in fact, is the guarantee of HINDU/Sikh existence and survival on this planet. The Sikhs of West Punjab and the Hindus of North Kashmir PERISHED in our Hindu India and those in East Bengal became persona non grata while the Muslims in PARTITIONED India remain full-fledged citizens who can make the Hindus stop breathing even in AYODHYA.

Living in a Christian country we are safe. Living in India we would not have been.

If the Christians in North America and Europe get finished off or cowed down and demoralised like the Hindus in 25 States of India, some like Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, larger than Bangladesh, Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Syria and Irak,, then the Muslims would play merry Hell with the rest of the world. Everyone’s daughter will have to be at the disposal of the nearest Khan. Surely the Hindus and SIKHS, with “melting hearts” in the USA, must know to their cost, and muster guts and courage to TELL the world.

Can there be people so ignorant? Can there be communities so imbecile, cowardly and despicable? Yes, just look at the appeasing, conceding, surrendering Hindus at home and the sword-bearing Sikhs abroad who wish to share the platform with the Muslims in America just because they look like the Taliban. And they look like the Taliban because it was the Taliban in the first place who as the RULERS of India in the past centuries, “inspired” the Sikhs to look the same with pride, as the Indian wears jacket, tie and trousers today.



Take it or leave it!

1.. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Sikhs in Europe and America DEFY this maxim and therefore STAND OUT in civilised societies where they have to live and act LIKE THE REST.

There is NO Muslim Master and Hindu Slave in the West where we have come to live, all equal and SAFE.

2. Expatriate Sikhs turned to making money, money, and more money. One can envy their affluence. The Jews who make even more money ALSO climb up the political ladder in the West. They provide many capable ministers, senators, ambassadors, Congressmen and Members of Parliament. The Sikh presence at the political top in the West is zero.

The Sikhs in the United Kingdom feel 'great' by having the likes of Keith Vaz, a Catholic of Goan descent, address their functions.

3. Sikhs, like the Hindus, went into non-violence and Guru Nanak and Mahatma Gandhi. Not one followed Guru Gobind Singh except in appearance. None encouraged the boys to join the United States army. The Blacks in US army served in both World Wars and won many awards and medals.

4. The Hindus and Sikhs have NO collective Head like the Jews or Christians. Each one is for himself or herself. The Sikh leadership in India is detached from their following abroad. At this time of crisis for the Sikhs in America, their political and RELIGIOUS leaders from Punjab ought to have arrived in America and addressed public gatherings to educate the Americans on who the Sikhs are and how they are DIFEERENT from the Taliban.

5. The Sikhs would NOT have been so MISUNDERSTOOD in America today had they paid more attention to PR than 'akhand paths' and 'langar'. Theirs has been a poor performance despite their individual wealth and affluence.