Date: 9/27/2001


LETTER by a wide awake Buddhist living in the United Kingdom to the British media (September 27, 2001):-

“Sir, I am told that $500 MILLION will be needed to help the Afghan destitute survive the winter.

“The news melts my heart in sympathy, in the Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and SIKH way of compassion.

“But for the following three reasons I will not give even tuppence for the starving and dying Afghan refugees.

Firstly, being an infidel, I am their LEGITIMATE target. And it was innocent PEOPLE LIKE ME who were on those planes which were crashed into WTC and Pentagon by MOHAMMEDAN terrorists!

Secondly, I need to know FIRST, how much are the ISLAMIC countries paying to feed these fellow Muslims.

Thirdly, since the Western banks have confiscated or frozen the vast assets of Osama Bin Laden concerns, I wish to know as to why these funds are not being used to feed the starving Afghans.”

We appeal to the British public not to be taken for a ride. Muslim sets fire to the world and then begs and appeals for donations and loaves of bread.

(Name and address supplied.)



Those silent statues of Buddha at Bamiyan in Afghanistan looked down from eerie heights of spirituality and true civilisation at the human sized ants down below with gun in one hand and KORAN, imported from wild Arabia, in the other.

Silently they conveyed the glory of a bygone era when humanity was treated with respect, and equality of genders taken for granted.

The fanatics saw NO light in those eyes and no compasson in those hearts. Their eyes and hearts were black with the ISLAMIC hatred "Made in arabia".

Following the official State edict, they fired their guns at the silent stalwarts. Then they brought tanks.

Guns blazing, they reduced the great works of art and devotion carved out of those rocks with great diligence and care for detail, to rubble.

With every bullet and shell fired, they shouted "Allah Hu Akbar" (God is Great!)

But was their God great?

Little did they know that it really meant that their God was either too SMALL or the SATAN.



Whenever the crushed fatherless Indian “coolies” at home and abroad wish to show heroism, solidarity or unity, the only initiative by the dull-headed morons is to erect yet another statue of “Bapu” Gandhi somewhere.

About 10 years ago one LM Singhvi, the tilak flaunting Indian high commissioner of interminable tenure in London, decided to win favours of the dirty Nehru Dynasty back home by erecting a statue of Funk Father MK Gandhi in a London park.

We promptly wrote our strong OBJECTION to the Borough of Westminster in London.

We pointed out that Bapu Gandhi had FAILED to give a call in 1947 to resist the unprovoked Islamic attack against our India and FAILED to rally his followers to take on the terrorists as the Western leaders have been doing right now since Sep 11, 2001.

It must be said to the CREDIT of the honourable British that they understood our concern and refused permission to this despicable Singhvi stooge to erect the statue.

In the event that bust of Bapu was put up in the foyer of the high commission building in London. Visitors go past it giving a dirty look.

We were shocked again, just a couple of months ago, when some third rate Indian SCUM, living in the world’s greatest GENUINE democracy, wanted to put up a Gandhi statue in Los Angeles in the USA.

Our first reaction was, “Indian COOLIES at it again!” But at the same time a shiver of horror chilled our spine. Why is America giving an inch of its brave soil to the world’s MOST COWARDLY? But the authorities relented and the statue was duly put up.

But having a Gandhi statue in California looked soft, cowardly and “Hindu” to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The devastating Islamic attack on September 11th., was the logical consequence.

The maxim, weakness invites aggression” came true.

The world can reflect on the contribution of ‘Gandhimania’ to the spirit and image of America abroad, especially in the Islamic world.

Dear America, NO Gandhi, NO Islamic ATTACK!

Gandhi to Islam is like the red rag to the Islamic bull.