Date: 10/1/2001



The BBC gave the news (October 1, 2001) of the DEATH of Madhav Rao Scindia of India, a confirmed unscrupulous CON(gress) man, in an air crash, referring to him as belonging to India’s Royal family.

They must have an axe to grind. They must have a vested interest in OVERLOOKING the man in the street in India. All the royals in India had been “wiped out” by the TALIBAN (called Moguls in India, who took camel loads of gold and silver and thousands of slaves and maidens from Hindustan, year in and year out), later by the British conquerors, and finally by their own ideological ‘mother’ Indira KHAN aka Gandhi’ when she needed their jewels and diamonds.

The arrogant political “Witch” from the House of another Royal Dynasty of the autocratic imperialist dictator Jawaharlal Nehru, also nationalised the country’s banks to get at their wealth in order to run down the economy, industry and private enterprise in India. Most Indians, hit hard by her nepotism and corruption, and the strangulating rules on economy and "socialism", FLED India during her reign. The Indian coolies all over the world still cannot get ‘dual nationality’ from their own "Royal" government back home.

In this day and age, all the “royal” families of India, even the whole of India itself, are under a “bhangi” (KR Narayanan) who detests the Hindus, Sikhs and the Brahmins. President KR Narayanan being a Christian, is Sonia’s choice. Under her inspiration, he is running down Nehru’s “coolie colony” even further. As the Supreme Commander, when did he visit Srinagar or attend the cremation of his soldiers being killed there?

The word “Royal” coming from such India is more of an abuse than compliment.

Madhav Rao saw the elimination of another royal family next door, that of the ONLY Hindu kingdom on earth, NEPAL, that was an eye sore to his Imperial Mistress from Italy.

What kind of Royals of India were they who impoverished their own subjects to the level of starving Afghans? Their royalty had degenerated to luxurious palaces, holidays in Switzerland and abducting and marrying at Will. One of these Royals had 365 wives and hundreds of bastards- all fed and spoiled at public expense!

They did not notice the abject poverty of their wretched subjects around them but meticulously followed the slaves’ annual ritual of travelling to New Delhi to confer lavish gifts of jewels and diamonds upon the Viceroys on their birthdays.

Has anyone seen the state of schools in India’s princely states? Where did all the princes and maharajahs go for EDUCATION? Where did all the Dirty Dynasty go for education- Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Rahul and Priyenka? Where did “mother of coolie nation” Sonia KHAN go for her education? The Royals of India invested more in the universities of London and Switzerland than at home.

Madhav Rao Scindia was an unscrupulous political dog who did not notice the surrender of Lahore in 1947, nor the absence of East Bengal from India’s maps since 1972. He should have known that they were surrendered by his Party without calling for referendum or challenging the treacherous INDIAN Muslims.

He should have waited to die TODAY (October 2, 2001) to mark the birth of another cowardly traitor MK Gandhi, the Apostle of Appeasement!

In his last days on earth, he did see the American reaction, AS A NATION, to the bombing of WTC towers in New York. How did he react to the surrender of North Kashmir which is the equivalent of a million such Towers? Was he perturbed, seeing his limbless India rot in political corruption? Royals DEFEND but he was the one for surrenders.

Scindia had been the Minister of Aviation, only to give free rides to Dynasty and help them enrich themselves even more. So befittingly, he died in a plane crash. It was God’s way of showing how the Indian Airlines degenerated as the Dynasty’s very own, just like that factory to produce the “people’s” car that had to wait for decades till Sanjay, the son of Indira, could take it over and ‘pocket the profits’.

The man from royal family did see that the Hindus had been crushed into pulp, or a mound of mud, judging by their despicable performance at PARTITION in 1947. So, what did he do to give them spirit and spine?

On the day of his death, the Hindus were still scared of their Muslim compatriots and were mute in condemning the Islamic terrorists of Afghanistan. He heard the Imam of Jama Masjid in Delhi threaten violence in India against the Americans if America attacked the Taliban. But Scindia did NOT stand up to warn the Imam to "BEHAVE, OR GO TO PAKISTAN".

Madhav Rao ought to have realized that all the Muslims in Partitioned India had to be interned or expelled on August 15, 1947. If he didn’t, then he was really the Dog of Dynasty and went along that Act of High Treason just like the “father of nation”, “Bapu” MK Gandhi.

Scindia was India’s “Royal”, but instead of following the lead given by his own mother of great patriotism and courage, he became the poodle of an imported semi-literate female from Italy who cares two hoots for all his Gurus and Avatars. This was some “royal”!

Scindia (Madhavrao) of Gwalior and Singh (Manmohan) of Guru Gobind Singh, both sat at Sonia's feet like servants and did not object to the TWO official visits as State Guest by her Pope though they professed secularism and clobbered their own native pandits and priests.

Third class country- third class Royals. That is our HINDUSTAN. That has been our Hindustan without guts and spirits since 712 AD, when the marauding Mohammedans from Arabia were not routed from Sind- “Huqua”, Camel and Koran.

If we look around, we see Royals of a different kind all over the world. He could have copied.

Madhav Rao Scindia, from the House of Rajputs of Gwalior, did not question Indira Gandhi’s surrender of EAST Bengal after its capture from the “devils” nor did he check her from attacking Golden Temple in Amritsar. Did he ever set foot in Ayodhya?

His death in air crash on October 1, 2001, will be mourned only by all the treacherous thugs and thieves of India who also mourned the death of "BOFORS CHOR" on May 21, 1991, (has his trial for taking Bofors commissions finished yet?) but is a cause of great satisfaction among all the noble sons and daughers of Broken Bharat. Another 'Rajput Mouse' of 'Akhand Bharat' gone!

Good riddance, Madhav Rao.

Had you taken the PEOPLE of your country with you, they would have put YOU in the top chair in which an imported female sits right now to “guide” the destiny of your wayward crumbling Hindustan, degrading all the NATIVE Hindu females, including your own mother. SHAME on your ghost!

We also wanted YOU to visit Srinagar more often? When were you there last?

Your mother, Her Highness Vijay Raje Scindia, was an object of our love and veneration and SO NOBLE that we cannot even call you “Son of a Bitch”.