Date: 10/1/2001


Land of a thousand donkeys

The news on the last day of September, 2001, was remarkable and significant.

Millions of starving "Mohammeds" were fleeing their land of birth due to imminent American attack since the Taliban rulers have refused to hand over Osama Bin Laden whom the Americans want to try for the death and destruction in New York and Washington on September 11th. last.

UN food aid is arriving in Afghanistan in hundreds of trucks and lorries, while next door ISLAMIC Pakistan and Iran wouldn't spare a loaf of bread for their fellow Muslims. But some areas in the country are so remote and inaccessible that NO motorised transport can get to them. So a thousand donkeys will be pressed into service to walk up the hills carrying the flour bags on their backs.

It will have two advantages: Firstly, to send food to those whom NO Islamic republic would wish to feed, and secondly, to employ a thousand donkey-drivers, that means a thousand Mujahideen LESS for the Taliban army. How clever!

Now while the world's eyes are on the food getting through, our eyes are on the Afghan donkeys.

Afghanistan like the rest of the world has had a thousand years to build wide roads and at least a hundred years to reach every town and village including those on hill tops. But they were busy, year after year, invading 'very soft target' Hindustan, plundering, looting, robbing, raping the Hindus, and bringing home cartloads of gold and silver and thousands of wretched Hindu slaves and maidens. Who would be inclined to toil, constructing roads, when all the paradise had come down to earth for them?

COWARDLY Hindustan did not even ONCE recoil, to hit Kabul, really hard.

If the British could build railways in the mountains to reach Simla, 6000 feet above sea level, and Ooty in the South at similar altitude, then why could the Afghans NOT build even a jeep track up the hills to get everywhere, especially when in muscle power one Afghan is the better of 2000 Hindus from Broken Bharat judging by their performance in the previous centuries, lying under the Boot of Afghans (Moguls), and at PARTITION in 1947 when they fled FIVE provinces without looking back, even when there was NOT one Afghan warrior in sight.

But we forget that in Afghanistan since the fall of the two giant Buddha statues, everything is ISLAMIC- roads, schools, libraries, bakeries and butcheries, and we suspect, the donkeys, too. We were once told by a very pious Muslim that reading "Kalma" while slowly slitting the throat of an animal for halaal makes it MUSLIM, and its flesh is not Kafir or Infidel any more.

Surely then, surroudned by all the mosques and "Mohammeds" around, and listening to the ear splitting "Azaans" five times a day, every day, the donkeys could not remain Infidel, or mere uninspired "lame ducks"!

We hope the new post-Taliban rulers of Afghanistan will also break ranks with another clueless community living unconcerned on the razor's edge, the brainwashed intimidated "nishkam sewak" SIKHS of "Much Reduced East Punjab", where the top man of political power, "in turban and beard", sits on "Union Territory" instead of Lahore, and provide every Afghan family with a computer, telephone and a television set, that any chief minister of an Indian State still dare not contemplate.

Drugs need to be taken out of the Afghan culture, means of livelihood and the "way of life". They would also do well to tolerate a temple and a church in Kabul. They only need to come to England to count the mosques there to feel encouraged.


PS: News just in: To mark his birth anniversary tomorrow (October 2, 2001), Mahatma Gandhi's "very own dear Muslim children" have done what comes naturally to them- exploded a bomb at the grand Legislative Assembly building in Srinagar in South Kashmir that is held by dithering decomposing headless Hindustan. What an appropriate present to the "Hindu God", "Father of Nation", who got them Pakistan and also let them keep North Kashmir as bonus, abetted the massacre of a million Hindus, and turned the Indian Army into "eunuchs in uniform", fit for nothing except cease-fires.

The bomb that exploded in Srinagar was God's justice delayed. But we could have suggested a better target for their valour and courage next time- the "Lok Sabha" (Indian Parliament) where Hindu midgets and Sikh dwarfs sit who dare not reclaim Lahore and North Kashmir, leave aside repeal Article 370 of Constitution that confers a very special separate IDENTITY on Kashmir in India.

Dear Mujahideen, what about the "Rashtapati Bhawan", to save poor, bleeding, dying India from her Supreme Commander, who is also a "BHANGI" by performance!