Date: 10/2/2001




They all went a step too far.

INDIRA: She climbed up the political POWER ladder simply because she was the daughter of Pandit Nehru. It was despicable NEPOTISM at its UGLIEST.

The Indian electroate had been kept at the level of animals who understood only one thing- Pandit Nehru was above all, including India. Hence they accepted PARITITON as negotiated by him instead of hanging him from the nearest tree and then spitting on him profusely. Isn't that what the honourable Italians did to Mussolini, who went a step too far?

The ignorant and emaciated HINDUS of India (majority community!) raised her to great heights and started chanting, "INDIRA IS INDIA!"

Indira was supposed to pay back to her blind following with love. She was to be the champion of free speech, free enterprise and EDUCATION. But, instead, she imposed Emergency on the nation and locked up all the politicians who dared to oppose her.

While she was expected to appreciate the dynamism and the spirit of enterprise of the Sikhs of India, who bore the brunt of all the invasions from Afghanistan and iran, and who could be encouraged to play a key role in the economic development and DEFENCE of India, she decided to give them a "bloody nose".

Instead of encouraging education and scholarship among them she attacked their holiest shrine, the famous Golden Temple in Amritsar.

That was a step too far and the Political Witch of India paid with her own life. What kind of a 'Certificate of Merit' did she get in the end? It was more of a 'Certificate of Imbecility and Bestiality'.

The country suffered a severe SET BACK. Instead of taking a step forward, it fell backwards. Her name is synonymous with vulgar ABUSE in Punjab.

HITLER: He was almighty at one time and gave Germany its motorways and people’s car.

Through affection and love he could have won the hearts of the Austrians instead of marching there with his troops to declare ANSHCLUSS.

Again, with patience and perseverance he could have “bought or leased" the port of Danzig from the Poles instead of taking it by force. By signing his Pact with a tyrant, Marshal Stalin of the repressive Soviet Union, he finally sealed his own fate.

Having taken at least FIFTY MILLION human lives, he doused his body in petrol and set fire to himself.

THE TALIBAN: They were in full control of the land and their "Excellencies" (ambassadors) sat in the capitals of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Pakistan.

They had chased the women indoors forcing them to beg in streets and they ordered the hapless defenceless HINDUS to put yellow badges on dress in public. But their fate was sealed when they destroyed the centuries old giant statues of Lord Buddha who had preceded Mohammed by centuries. The noble statues had witnessed all the brutalities of the Mohammedans including the rape of abducted Hindu maidens being carried off by force by the ancestors of these Taliban, from the hapless, defenceless, gutless, spineless despicable HINDUSTAN, and their eventual death in the mountains known as HINDU KUSH (SLAUGHTER of Hindus!).

Buddha’s teachings are far SUPERIOR to those of Mohammed and in sheer contrast.

The followers of Lord Buddha are not exploding bombs nor KILLING THE INNOCENT like the followers of Mohammed. Thus when the two statues fell, the fate of Taliban was sealed. They had to do something most stupid and reprehensible in order to unite civilised mankind against them.

They committed the ultimate blunder- to blast the 'WORLD Trade Centre' into oblivion.


History tells us that God can help men and women of evil design go up to the top but cannot keep them there for long. That is the BASIS of our own Faith in Him.