Date: 10/3/2001



During the centuries long barbarian Muslim rule over Hindustan, Mogul historians, writing in Persian, referred to the natives and their holy men as “sugg” (DOGS).

The despotic rulers resorted to utmost barbarity while forcing the hapless Hindus to convert to Islam.

When they let loose the reign of terror in Kashmir, several Hindu holy men from there travelled down to Punjab to see Guru Tegh Bahadur in order to find a way out.

At this meeting, a saddened Guru said softly, "There is the need of sacrifice of a holy man." His nine year old son, Gobind Rai, promptly said, "Father, then who is holier than you?"

Hearing this, the Guru got up and proceeded to Delhi to plead with the Emperor in person. Upon gaining the audience the Guru pleaded for compassion and tolerance. But the Mohammedan Emperor AURANGZEB said to the Guru, "Islam or death, the choice is yours!"

Upon Guru's refusal to give up his native Faith, the Emperor ordered his execution in a very brutal manner to serve as a lesson to the natives.

Guru Tegh Bahadur was taken to Chandni Chowk, a place as prominent in Delhi as the late World Trade Centre Towers were in New York.

There, while sitting under the raised sword of the executioner, the Guru repeated his resolve to stick to his Faith.

That is when he was BEHEADED. The Mohammedans rejoiced while the native Hindus wailed and cried. Hasn't something remarkably similar happened recently on earth?

How would the Muslims have felt had the situation been different? One has to IMAGINE an equally horrible scene: In Mecca sat a bigoted BUDDHIST Emperor whose majestic throne was flanked by two tall statues of Buddha on either side. He gave orders to his army to go out and convert every follower of Islam they could get hold of.

The natives of Arabia came to their Paigambar, MOHAMMED, sitting in a trance in a cave, like that of Osama Bin Laden, in Medina.

Hearing their wails and cries, Mohammed got up to go to Mecca to plead with the blood thirsty Buddhist despot.

Lo and behold, the Buddhist Emperor gave orders that Mohammed be arrested and offered the choice of “Buddhism or DEATH!”

You know what the Buddhist Emperor did on hearing that Mohammed had refused to embrace his enlightened divine Faith of Buddhism.

Mohammed was made to sit in the centre of Mecca, the executioner raised his sword and with one sharp strike, BEHEADED Mohammed.

Mohammed’s head rolled to one side in dust. In the confusion, it was removed secretly and brought to Medina for proper burial. His body was picked up by another devotee who took it home and buried it in the back garden.

How does it sound, dear followers of Mohammed?

Aren’t you going wild with rage? Well if you concede EQUALITY to the Hindus, then you ought to KNOW that this is exactly how they felt at the time, and have felt ever since.

Once again, “How does it feel, dear Muslims across the globe?”

Well, that is how the Hindus and the Sikhs have felt the GRIEF since 1675. We would also like to point to the PLO chief Mr. Yasser Arafat who is crying for Jerusalem with the WHOLE ISLAMIC WORLD supporting him to the hilt.

We ask Mr. Arafat, “On all those occasions when you visited India to collect rewards and awards, did you ever think of the grief of the Hindus forced out of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Karachi and Quetta in 1947?” Why should THEY not go back to their homes? Why hurting, even KILLING, the non Muslims seems to be “game” for the Muslims? Why can’t the Hindus live freely in Lahore just like the MUSLIMS roaming free and at large in PARTITIONED India?

But now back to Hindustan where despicable HINDU historians are doing the job of our enemies by writing History with the aim of appeasing the Muslims. Here is yet another example;

A history book prescribed as syllabus at secondary schools in Delhi literally DISTORTS history to suit the secularism of defeated Hindus which means appeasement of Muslims. It is published by NCERT.

We quote from a local newspaper, "The book, written by noted historian (SIC) Satish Chandra, was first published in 1990 (Please note: in the reign of Congress "dogs" & BOFORS CHOR) and has been reprinted even in 2001 (when useless Mr. Vajpayee is in "power"!)."

The main objection pertains to the chapter on 'climax and disintegration of the Mughal Empire'. This is what we read:

“In 1675, Guru Tegh Bahadur was arrested with five of his followers, brought to Delhi and executed. The official explantion for this as given by some Persian sources is that after his return from Assam, the Guru, in association with Hafiz Adam, a follower of Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi, had resorted to plunder, laying waste the whole province of the Punjab,” the book said.

The author wrote that “according to Sikh tradition, the execution was due to the intrigues of some members of his family who disputed his succession and by others who had joined them. But we also were told that Aurangzeb was annoyed because the Guru had converted a few Muslims to Sikhism.”


If PARTITIONED India gives the task of writing books to pseudo-secular Hindus who are out to please their Muslim Masters, then her FUTURE is doomed.

It is time to re-write this Chapter and to give the Great Guru's name to New Delhi's International Airport. The Government of India may think otherwise, but the entire Hindu world has the greatest of reverence and devotion to Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji. He is called "Hind di Chador" or Defender of Hindustan's native Hindu DHARMA.

The present, politically profane and filthy, name of autocratic and arrogant "Hindu-basher/Sikh-killer" INDIRA KHAN, aka Gandhi, is an INSULT to nation's dignity. Does BROKEN BHARAT, still writing history books like the poodle of Italy & Islam, have any?