Date: 10/6/2001



Death through IGNORANCE and Disunity.

The Sikhs are a fine community in PARTITIONED India. Had the Sikh:Hindu ratio of the population of India had been in REVERSE, there would have been NO Partition or Pakistan. The Evil of Islam would have been NIPPED IN BUD then and there.

But NO. The ratio was right for the indigenous Muslims and they ATTACKED. Hindu disunity, ignorance and cowardice were the best invitation that NONE could refuse.

The result? The world’s largest stampede of human beings heading EAST from Sind, Baluchistan, NWFP and West Punjab, and, heading WEST from East Bengal (the HINDUS from North KASHMIR were to stampede southwards very soon afterwards!).

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s top leader at the time, soon realized the MONSTROSITY of his surrender without enforcing a single condition on the indigenous Muslims. He did something equally despicable and TREACHEROUS. He “banned” the word Partition and, instead, spoke of “INDEPEDENCE”.

The Indians, the whole lot of them, including great scholars, professors, historians, doctors, scientists, Oxford graduates, sardars, sarvapallis, and the billionaires, at once followed suit like a dog following his master.

“What will you do on August 15th. next?”, ask the nearest Indian.

Prompt the reply, “Why? Of course, I shall be celebrating Independence.”

Now you dare say, “What about mourning the loss of Lahore and the Death of a Million Hindus like you and me in the same year?”

You will see friend “Sita Ram Kesri” GONE! You will also see the other friend, Prakash Singh Badal, VANISH.

Then WHO should really celebrate Independence if not the defeated Indians who were forced out of their homes and chased into the world’s biggest human stampede?

“THE PAKISTANIS and the BOGUSDESHIS, twice over.

One, for gaining INDEPENDENCE and two, for CONQUERING all that vast territory from which the Hindus were ousted.”

How do you pass this KNOWLEDGE to the Hindus in Himachal Pradesh who put Urdu above Panjabi and the Hindus in Ludhiana who declare their “mother tongue” as Hindi, and to all of them, as well as the Sikhs, about the loss of Lahore? How?


A friend of mine is a teacher in further education in England. “I teach at three sites since my College has three campuses,” he told me. He then named the three towns which are about 10 km apart. “One of these sites is at St. Mary’s Road, the other in St. Georges Street and the third at Church Street.”

I have been looking for this man’s “counterpart” in Bharat, who could name the three sites of his college, or university, as Sri Rama Marg, Sri Krishna Marg and Mandir Marg.

Think of my Sikh friend in Jalandhar! It would be Guru Gobind Singh Marg, Guru Tegh Bahadur Maerg and Gurdwara Marg.

But if, INSTEAD, I find the names of roads where his own College campuses are located, as Nehru Marg, Indira Marg and Rajiv Marg, then I would wish to explode the BOMB before the Muslim terrorists come down from South Kashmir to do so.

There is silent but equally sinister VIOLENCE against the ignorant PEOPLE of Bharat in the shape of those dirty Dynasty names on roads, schools, parks, universities and stadia, etc.

How can the INDIAN “niggers” of this world aspire to be like the Americans who are reacting to the attack on World Trade Centre in New York on September 11, 2001, in a VIRILE AND MANLY manner right now?


INFORMATION or KNOWLEDGE play a vital part in awakening a nation. But in India we are up against a wall. What if the ruling establishment or some almighty Dynasty perceive the spread of KNOWLEDGE as dangerous?

That, in fact, is the case. No editor is safe and Broadcasting is owned and controlled by the Government in India. Is there any way out?

“Yes, there is, but the 'NISHKAM SEWAK' Sikhs offer the best example of NOT going that way.

“I explain,” continued the friend. “You see that Sardarji coming out of gurdwara in Vancouvre, Canada? He has just had a “free” meal after Sunday “diwan”. It is free to him since he was not charged for it. It was also free for his five guests from Rawalpindi in Pakistan who happened to walk into gurdwara with him. They have known him for long since they live in the house where his own grandfather used to live till 1947.”

The “langar” was free to them but to the congregation it cost about $200. The expense on free meals on four Sundays in every month comes to about $1000.

Now that amount could have equipped at least one gurdwara in their impoverished EAST Punjab with a good computer and Internet connection.

The "sangat" in Canada could well do without a free meal. They are not starving half clad Afghan refugees in a camp near Peshawar but affluent Sardars who came in limousines.”

Our friend was amazed, “You are talking intelligent in the world of Darkness and Jehalat.”

This is particularly hurtful to us all since the Sikhs in Canada are the most advanced, educated and prosperous community from India.



A memorial is a reminder of glorious past when the community went through, and mastered, a period of crisis.

Memorials are erected to the memory of HEROES, not cowards. If you come to London, you will see the busts of Sir Winston Churchill and Bomber Harris near the Parliament and the statue of Lord Nelson in Trafalgar Square. Only Partitioned India does the opposite by erecting statues of “Sarkari Mahatma” MK GANDHI all over, overlooking his cowardly performance at PARTITION.

In an honourable and decent East Punjab one could have seen the statues of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, General Hari Singh Nalwa, Akali Phoola Singh, Baba Dalip Singh, Mata Sundri and so on, even of Master Tara Singh who had the guts to tell Gandhi, “Don’t accept Partition without Plebiscite!”

But these statues would also mean COMMITMENT, to defend.

In today’s Broken Bharat that is asking for too much. Commitment to what?

Commitment to AKHAND BAHARAT, that was readily dumped by Gandhi?

Commitment to recover North Kashmir?

Commitment to defend Hindu life and property in South Kashmir?

Commitment to try Nehru, Gandhi and Baldev Singh for High Treason?

Commitment to change the name of New Delhi’s International Airport?

Commitment to convert Jinnah House in Mumbai to “GURU GOBIND SINGH BHAWAN” for higher strategic studies?

Commitment to RECOVER the Hindu wife of cricketer Azharuddin and the SIKH wife of actor Akbar KHAN?

Commitment to see the END of the trial of the notorious BOFORS CHOR?

Commitment to KHALISTAN if there has to be PAKISTAN?

Commitment to keep the post of President under a committed Hindu?

Commitment to send a HINDU ambassador to Riyadh?

Commitment to raising the Grand Temple in Ayodhya?

Commitment to declaring Sri Amritsar, and AYODHYA, as sovereign city states like The Vatican in Italy?

Commitment to having ONE LAW for all, including the Muslims in Partitioned India?

Commitment to raise the standard of at least one university in India where the children of Gandhis could go for study instead of foreign universities?

Commitment to WHAT?

So, NO memorials to our heroes. No mention of them in our school books. No Victory parades through the streets of India to bolster the morale and image of our jawans who were misused as the mercenaries of Dynasty in Sri Lanka and the tools of Islam in liberating EAST Bengal (that was promptly re-surrendered!") and now bleeding to death in South Kashmir? No victories for them but only stalemates and CEASE-FIRES.

That is our crumbling Hindustan, with defences like gaping holes in the hull of “SS Bharat” floundering on violent seas while looking up to Uncle Sam and Sonia Gandhi for permission to counter terrorism in Kashmir.