Please America, give refuge to the FLEEING Hindus

Date: 10/9/2001



“Pakistan and India may both possess nuclear weapons. The guts to drop one will rest with the former.”

This sentence demonstrates two things: The Hindus have NO guts and they cannot recognise the strategic opening (opportunity) in history. Excessive emphasis on NON VIOLENCE has degenerated their genes, making them UNFIT to defend, or recover, territory, principles and daughters.

Soon after Partition, the Hindu leaders had to take stock of their situation. Instead, they dropped the very word “Partition” from their vocabulary and Constitution, and remained stuck in the defeatist mental mould. The Sikhs, instead of stepping into the new era, stagnated in defeat. To most it is holier to DIE for symbols than for territory or dignity. Their territory is LAHORE and their dignity is the rotten status of the only Sikh chief minister in India who sits on “union” territory.

We saw the plight of the Hindus and Sikhs in 1947 and we shall soon see the final chapter close on them.


Given the unrest in Pakistan due to the American bombing of Afghanistan (7 October, 2001), Pakistan has become very vulnerable. Her citizens are restive and she is under the cloud of civil war.

Had it been India in such a predicament, Pakistan would have destabilised her and ousted the Hindus from the top, replacing them with Muslims.

It calls for guts and ruthlessness; both are on hand when the KAFIR or Infidel is the opponent. That is Islam, “Made in Arabia”.

But Hindu Vajpayee, prime minister of Partitioned India has NO such motivation. He is sitting there like a lame duck, neither going for North Kashmir nor sending an invitation to General Pervez Musharraf to annul Partition.

The Hindu just sat and sat when the telephone rang. It was General Musharraf.

He offered India his hand of friendship, which Mr. Vajpayee, only too eager to see even Musharraf’s fingernails, grabbed in utmost cordial warmth, heaving a sigh of relief.

“I must seem important to the General,” he assured himself.

The strategic opportunities of this sort come only once in a century. The fools miss them. Vajpayee is a fool. He is a HINDU, a great admirer of the "Apostle of Appeasement, Concessions and Surrenders", 'mahatma' MK Gandhi, whose surname has become a cover for the rampant corruption and thuggery in Bharat.

Russia had such an opportunity in the last closing weeks of World War 2. All through the long years of war, Japan had remained neutral. But now Russia suddenly attacked her and occupied Sakhalin and the Kuril . The Russians have the TERRITORY while the Japanese have the prayers and the aspitations.

Indian Muslims, too, promptly recognised their OPPORTUNITY in 1947 when the British were about to leave India. The Hindus were planning celebrations, the Muslims were thinking of inflicting a crushing defeat on India to take out one third of TERRITORY and slaughter as many Hindus on the run as they could catch.

Later, when the Hindus were still counting their assets EAST of Wagah, the Muslims invaded Kashmir.

Bold, ruthless, savage, self-serving Muslims with total disregard for life and property of the non-Muslims and no love for secularism or multicultural societies, HIT HINDUSTAN HARD.

Now look at Hindustan. She lay, eyes closed, legs wide apart, to be raped, and had the illicit bastard child called Pakistan.

She pulled back her troops in Kashmir and got stuck on cease-fire line. She never uttered the word “Partition” since that would compel her citizens to notice the MUSLIMS among them even after Partition.

Her prime ministers have indulged in rampant corruption and the BOFORS CHOR cannot be tried or hanged. The present dreamy eyed cuckoo (Vajpayee) was very fond of his samjhauta bus to recite his Urdu poetry to the appreciative Pakistanis. To return with his head in tact on his shoulders gave him a big thrill every time he returned from the tiger’s den in Lahore.

Now Hindustan is again fast asleep. Her Muslims are no more 30 million, but a whopping 120 MILLION.

Though India has offered all facilities to fight terrorism in Afghanistan, America has not taken up the offer yet.

That is for two good reasons. Firstly, the next government in Afghanistan is not to be pro India Northern Alliance but again PRO PAKISTANI coalition. And their "invasion" of Kashmir is to continue.

Secondly, America does not wish to infuriate the INDIAN Muslims to the extend that they rise to kill – not only every American but also every Hindu in India, and as a by-product, every Sikh, too.

Imam Bukhari of Jama Masjid in Delhi and a self-appointed leader of all the Indian Muslims (like Mohammed Ali JINN in 1947), was reported on BBC World service (October 8, 2001) saying, “I want America to disappear from Afghanistan. An attack on Bin Laden is an attack on every INDIAN Muslim.”

One billion Hindu ‘goats’ and “buckrees”, and 20 million “nishkam sewak” Sikh and Khalsa listened to him without drawing any conclusion.

The verdict of history is about to change the power ratio in South Asia beyond recognition. We, the degraded and discarded Non Resident Indians (still minus dual nationality) can only pray to God to let the Hindus keep Delhi if not Srinagar and Ayodhya.

And O’ God, may America give refuge to all the Sikhs about to flee EAST Punjab.

The sound of battle drums is coming faintly to the Hindu ears. But it is already a deafening thunder in the ears of every INDIAN Muslim who is directly linked through Koran to those in Indonesia and Iran.