Date: 10/12/2001


1. The Muslims say, “We produce, YOU feed.”

The world has been feeding the Palestinian refugees by the million since 1948, the Albanians, the Iraqis and the Afghans in the refugee camps in Peshawar since 1979.

Why can’t Islam feed itself, or HELP ITSELF like the Buddhist world, like the Hindu world, like the Jewish world, like the Christian world, like the rest of humanity?

In 1947 there were 15 MILLION Hindu and Sikh refugees, forced out of newly created Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Not one appeal went out to the world to feed or clothe them.

2. The Taliban are complaining bitterly, “Your bombs killed our CIVILIANS!”

We want to ask in turn, “Was World Trade Centre a MILITARY establishment?”

Islam is like the miscreant who sets fire to a school and when caught protests at his innocence or shouts, "If you hurt me, you will be a very bad Christian!"

3. Christian world started advancing only when the cult of assassinations stopped.

Muslim world went into reverse gear of stagnation since anyone who dissents is beheaded or eliminated, leaving the MORONS behind.

4. The AIM of Afghanistan campaign ought not to be short of replacing the Taliban by a SECULAR, Non-Islamic Constitution.

If this Objective is not maintained, the KORAN will pull the country BACK to the savagery of medieval times, threatening the civilised West once again.

5. Those lovely innocent Afghan children, whose photos appear on ‘appeals for food and aid’ will grow up as Taliban.

The next phase in their lives will be the “madrassa” and the mosque where they will imbibe the hatred of America and the Infidels. They will set about destroying the civilised world once again, inviting retaliation.

Then the photos of THEIR lovely innocent children will appear in the media with appeals to feed the Afghan refugees.